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  1. I finally got a few minutes to rip out the old O2 sensor. Looks like a bit of a hack job with a bosch 13030 connector and a different ACDELCO sensor. Also interesting, a slight tug on the connector and one of the wires came out and the sensor was only hand-tight in the manifold. So, I ordered a Bosch sensor and will report when installed. I have a feeling that it will run much better when complete. For the record, the ACDELCO AFS93 is not the correct sensor (for all you future searchers out there)
  2. Gents, Does anyone know if the O2 sensor for a 89 GM injected non-SE is the same as the SE version? The one installed currently is an acdelco afs 93 and I am locloking for a replacement. It would seem the AFS 93 has a different connector. I currently have a non-SE Turbo. Thanks!
  3. Hello All, New to the forum here and wanted to put some feelers out for a 1990+ Esprit. I am in the market to pick up an Esprit, budget around the 20k mark. I have looked at a few around my area and frankly, they all have been over-hype and under-deliver. Most were pretty mangled by previous owners with limited UK automobile experience. I at least have restored a couple of MGs and a Delorean. I am not looking for a show car or an low mile car; just a nice esprit that i can drive and not have to completely rebuild. If any of you know of a good esprit that can go to a good home please PM me. I live in Washington State, so the closer to the PNW the better. Thanks!
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