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  1. 1979 Lotus Elite Hoping it finds a nice home.
  2. Thanks for helping to make this a proper goodbye.
  3. Thanks Richard. I appreciate the reply. I do own the book and it's lovely. I often wonder what happens to many of the sketches the designers put together. I'd be curious where many of the original Type-75 sketches wound up.
  4. Hello, I was interested in original Lotus sketches, including the Europa or and Type-75. Does anyone know where I might purchase any of Oliver Winterbottom's original sketches? Thanks, David
  5. I'm sorry to hear Oliver passed away. His work has always had a big impact on my life and influenced what I thought was attractive. Perhaps, not necessarily aerodynamic, but memorable and emotive. As a designer, he was always the anti-Luigi Colani. When the wedge designs became trendy, he took the trend to the pinnacle of what the wedge could ultimately become, and did so, on a shoe-string budget. I always thought his only rival was Jerry Wiegert, both sharing a similar design philosophy at the time, and both having to get their hands dirty with engineering work, too. They came from an e
  6. SJ Sportscars has a list of bolts by "component group" for the Elite S1, provided you're searching in "Front Suspension" and "Rear Suspension" as the top-level drill down. It's possible one bolt is Part Number A075W2061Z. Along with the following for the front suspension: Bolt 1 Bolt 2 And for the rear suspension: Bolt 1 Bolt 2
  7. Hello, I was on the ground, detailing my 2005 Elise, when I looked up and noticed that between the roof and the rear window, - there appears to be a trim piece missing. At the very least, the wires are exposed to the elements, which doesn't quite seem right. Can someone tell me if I'm missing a trim piece and if so, perhaps the name of the trim piece and/or the part number? Thanks, David
  8. Hi Jerry, There were some very well maintained Eclats on bringatrailer that were listed between 10k and 11.5k. I would argue that the Galvanized chassis, 2.2 upgrades, and Riviera trim offset the RHD nature. If you can enumerate how much works and how easy it would be to title/register in another State by engaging with a potential buyer in the comments section of BA
  9. Bob Rickner in Vermont has NOS inventory, including trim. I believe he bought out someone's NOS inventory for Elites/Eclats and he has about 7-8 cars in sheds. [email protected] 802-310-2172
  10. I have a source if you're still looking. PM for details.
  11. "Jonathan Kay" on the Lotus 7 forum may (or may not) have the original luggage set: Not sure how to reach him, at the moment.
  12. Somewhat close to you is a guy who built Delorean body pieces using Stainless Steel and a wooden buck: As a one-man effort, it might work:
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