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  1. Bob Rickner in Vermont has NOS inventory, including trim. I believe he bought out someone's NOS inventory for Elites/Eclats and he has about 7-8 cars in sheds. [email protected] 802-310-2172
  2. I have a source if you're still looking. PM for details.
  3. "Jonathan Kay" on the Lotus 7 forum may (or may not) have the original luggage set: Not sure how to reach him, at the moment.
  4. Somewhat close to you is a guy who built Delorean body pieces using Stainless Steel and a wooden buck: As a one-man effort, it might work:
  5. Front: $40 Rear: $30
  6. There are three other videos on 3D scanning and printing automotive trim pieces on Jay Leno's Garage. I wanted to add that if it were me, I would have the trim piece scanned, printed with a composite material, and then covered in a plastic-chrome material. That might be the simplest and easiest way to produce a trim piece that does not expand or shrink much, looks accurate, fits accurately, and is inexpensive to produce.
  7. The guy I bought my Elite from was a machinist. He has a big barn with a lot of fabrication equipment near Altoona, Pennsylvania, and he had expressed an interest in doing any fabrication I needed for the upcoming restoration. He works on small scale fabrication. My window trim is complete, but dinged up, so I've often thought about replacing it if pieces became available, or seeing if a metal worker could remove the dings. If someone is interested in providing the templates, I'd be glad to send his contact information so someone can see what the cost would be , provided he's able to do the work. One other option is to 3D Scan an existing trim-piece, and then to upload it to to get a quote from a supplier. I don't follow the Additive Manufacturing process too much, but I would assume there are 1000s of suppliers out there with the equipment and putting the project up for an RFQ should be free. 3D Scanner: I believe Iralco is the original manufacturer of the Type-75 chrome trim bits, according to Oliver Winterbottom: I'd be very curious to see what Iralco did with the original stamping dies. Sometimes, manufacturers just move the dies into the corner of a factory or warehouse, indefinitely, because they're costly to move and dispose of. Sometimes, they got pushed into Ards Bay, Galway to be used as Fish net boundaries. Windshield trim bits seemed to be in short supply, even during manufacturing:
  8. Third option: Ray seems to have his pulse on where you can get odds and ends for the Elite. He knows where I can get Windshields, Rear Windows, etc., in the States. If you run into a dead-end, I used to know where there were 2 cars being sold that were only good for parts. I can try and find those cars for you, although they may not still be on the lot.
  9. Joe had some windshield trim parts for sale: You can also try Derek at Sports Car World. He had Lotus Elite trim parts when I reached out to him last year.
  10. I've always been fond of the Tartan plaid interiors that come on the Esprit. I'm not sure what type of tartan fabric would have a vintage look, but I know the topic has been discussed before. It's not OEM to an Eiite/Eclat, but it would be period correct.
  11. For those interested, an aspiring designer has posted his interpretation on what a modern Type-75/83 might look like, using the "current" design elements.
  12. PedalSpeed

    Elite chassis??

    I knew of a 1980 State-Side with a galvanized chassis that was for sale from a couple years back. I still have the owner's contact information, along with pictures of the chassis (no idea if he still owns the car). If you are interested, I can send you all the details.
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