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  1. Thank you everyone for your comprehensive replies. I'd like to go original but then that will make a significant dent in to the 'recommissioning budget' I have for the car. However if all original A/C parts are available, or as close to original as possible then it may well be worth making this more of a long term project. I really like the look of the Car Builder Solution's kit and I'm sure I could get that to work. But would this hurt the value of the car?? Do I care?? Would I sell it??? My third option is to recommission the car with a view to selling it for another one with air conditioning, but the chances of finding another Dry Sump let alone with air conditioning and very slim. It doesn't have to be a Dry Sump but they seem to get the most love and those Compomotive wheels are just the bees doo-dahss.
  2. Hello, Through a family friend I've got first dibs on a 81 Dry Sump Turbo that's been off the roads for a few decades and needs paint etc but is a good car. However it does not have air conditioning and that's a big Must Have for me. Me and heat do not get on well at all!! I'm sure some people will say it's not worth it for the 4 days of summer we have a year but it's pretty much a deal breaker and having sat inside the car I reckon it could get quite hot very quickly stuck in traffic etc. It's really putting me off cementing the deal and the guy selling doesn't need the money so he's not going to make the deal any sweeter. So can air con be added to the car? Are the parts available? Are they silly money? Maybe a later Stevens Esprit air con setup from a crash damaged can be retro fitted? This will be my first Esprit so I'm not clued up on them like I am on other cars I've owned in the past. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  3. Thank you very much for all of your replies. You have confirmed my fears. I don't really want to chop up or hack to pieces a perfectly good genuine car just for a rear spoiler. I will go to look at the car again but I think I will probably look for a Turbo instead. Steve
  4. Thank you John, I think the most damage is probably going to be for the rear spoiler I reckon you'd have to drill holes into the bodywork for that. Leaving the Louvre on wouldn't be the end of the world. It's a lovely clean car and I'd hate to 'ruin it' I'm very much into originality but I just love the look of the Turbo.
  5. Hello, firstly apologies if this seems a really silly question but I have been a long time admirer of Esprits especially the S3. I now have the chance to own one. It's the N/A model and I'm not bothered that it isn't the Turbo for performance reasons, however it's the 'visual extras' that the Turbo had, the side skirts, rear window louvre and most importantly the rear spoiler that I desire the most. So my questions are: Can all of the visual Turbo 'bits' be added to a N/A car? Are the bits available? Could the car be returned to N/A spec if needed at a later date without any permanent damage? Many thanks Steve
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