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  1. Hello all, my rear tyres are up for replacement and I'm just wondering where people have bought them from before? Also do the Cup 430's use a specific variant of the Cup 2 tyre as several manufacturers have their own version? I had heard lotus use BMW variants Thanks in advance, Alex
  2. Great idea! I'll put a pic up shortly but there are many more on my Instagram Just clocked over 14,000 and not a daily driver!
  3. I found going down the other side of the Stelvio was better than heading up (we went east to west). Much more interesting and less busy with traffic, could carry a lot more speed in the straights and the corners as well.
  4. It was, great noise between the two!
  5. As above, I really wasn't a fan of the perforated leather but really liked the alcantara similar to the Cup 380
  6. Hi all, I will get some more pictures up when I get a chance, I've just been very busy! Also something has come up for sale that I have been looking for for a long time, so if anyone is interested in mine or knows of anyone who would be please send me a pm. Many thanks, Alex
  7. @Stewie177 I have a spare rubber lip from my 430 if you're interested?
  8. Thanks Arun, I'm with Adrian Flux for road but they use a third part for track cover and it costs extra. Just wanted to get some quotes to compare, I'll have a look at Moris
  9. To all those 430 Cup owners and other fast Exige owners who are you using for trackday insurance? Also potentially looking to come on 19th, will wait to see what the weather is like
  10. Spotted an orange Exige Sport 350 in Notting Hill this evening. I was in my Cup 430, said hello!
  11. Spotted on the A436 near Daylesford, I was in my Cup 430.
  12. It was too closely priced to the Cup 430 so makes a lot of sense to lower it
  13. Will be there on Sunday, will definitely drop by the Lotus stand
  14. Wow they're really smashing out the special editions!
  15. Looks like an interesting solution! How is it held in place?
  16. Yes chunnelling, will keep an eye out too! Will be mine and a white BMW M2
  17. We are doing the same, arrive in Calais at 10:25am
  18. I hadn’t thought of Rockingham, that’s another to add to the list! Unfortunately I can’t do the 21st July as I’m at Silverstone Classic That’s encouraging, maybe a day could be done @alias23
  19. Looking forward to next week! Will have the Cup 430 down there
  20. I am going to the Isle of Man in September to drive the TT course and have a private track session at Jurby race track. Apart from that I've been very busy so haven't had time yet but I am planning to get booked on some ASAP! Just need to find some tracks that are Cup 430 exhaust friendly, I am thinking of Silverstone, Castle Combe and Hethel so far...
  21. I agree, I think the black ties in better than the gold with all the silver already there and the black on the A/C and steering cowl. Having seen the black in flesh it does work well
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