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  1. Turbo911

    Driving on track in 38 Celsius

    the forced idle code is the ecu stopping you from causing any damage hence no throttle I've had this before, IMO I think you have a O2 sensor down or throwing a code, could be a cat that has started to self destruct or burn away I had similar recently just my opinion ......
  2. Turbo911

    Rockingham Saturday 21st July

    looking forward to this haven't been on track for a while, will be in the exige should be fun round there....
  3. Turbo911

    Elise Cup 250 Engine cover

    so does a standard Elise cover fit on a 250 cup ?
  4. Turbo911

    Rockingham Saturday 21st July

    same ere.....
  5. Turbo911

    Is an Auto Roadster financial suicide?

    I have a IPS exige and i do a fair amount of trackdays its defo not a PDK or DSG quality box but you get to learn how to use it best and I think its mega on track the downshifts can live with anything the up changes are quick enough theres just a slight delay in paddle to change but its easy to drive around it, also there is a brand new software update for the IPS box which mite improve things.....
  6. George is this one of your off springs ???
  7. Turbo911

    Rockingham Saturday 21st July

    i like it there but it can bite you big time the first corner flat in our cars will be arse twitchy i also find it extremely hard as all the infield is very technical if its wet don't go out you will crash 100 %..........
  8. Turbo911

    Rockingham Saturday 21st July

  9. Turbo911

    Rockingham Saturday 21st July

    reverie rear diffuser and infill panel and rear wing just about to buy a elise cup too so mite turn up in that .........
  10. Turbo911

    Rockingham Saturday 21st July

    you been before ???, personally i like it there if my cars sorted i will join you but be aware it will kill your tyres ???? might also have my carbon bits by then so no calling me a copy cat got say again ur car looked awesome the other week .............
  11. Turbo911

    Blip question

    thats part the reason i bought a IPS car.....
  12. did you like anglesey ?, I've been there a few times on bike and car what a mega mega circuit if you catch it right with the weather its a beautiful stunning circuit and surroundings
  13. Hadd to pop out this morning in kidderminster, on way back spotted this nice looking white mclaren coming over the small island just as you enter kidderminster, much to my surprise it was you in your exige your car looks absolutely mega on the road, at a distance it does resemble a mclaren think its the black around your headlights, i was in a GLE amg, should have given you a flash, you should be well proud of your car its the dogs,............
  14. Turbo911

    V6 Cup (R)

    am i right in thinking your running a TVS kitted car ?, if so it shows how bastard quick the mclarens are not really a fair comparison at silverstone get on a twisty track and see the difference ........
  15. i use trofeos and there as good as you get your problem could be how many heat cycles you have put them through they are a track based tyre so this is important, i have tried everything except nankangs not on a exige but there all never as good after a few heat cycles also your hot pressures might be out a tad which is a massive difference..