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  1. @Turbo911, ads go on Thanks.
  2. That’s spooky, i also have a 620R with aero screen which i also drive to track days, i wear a ski helmet to drive on the road with one of them flick down front visors looks pretty trick and fits the bill....
  3. Not been on here for a while but looking for advice as i feel i have a itch to scratch, and looking to get a 311, the 311 thread looks a bit dismal as i guess there’s not many around i would use it as a occasional Sunday run out car and half a dozen or so track days a year does anyone drive there cars to track or is trailering the preferred way of commuting, any mechanical issues i need to be aware of, i have read lots of reports but looking for owner feedback on how they behave on the road, thanks...
  4. IMO, the blipper oh the dreaded blipper, Fab bit of kit i had it installed by a specialist and its easy peasy to set up and it works superbly i dont use it on the road much as there is no need unles you were realy pushing on if i bought a new manual lotus would i buy another yes I would you never know but lotus might introduce one on its manual cup cars in the futre like on the gt3 porkas.........
  5. apologies i must bring this up to date, I have reached a agreement with lotus and i,m happy with the result,😎 I modded as i knew through experiance the brakes wouldnt be up to it and the nitron shocks are IMO a must have as for the blipper i cant heel and toe due to a back injury so either go with this or just slam it down and hope for the best, not long and i will be back on track again woohoo.....
  6. Had conformation from dealer today that the warrenty had been rejected due to modifications to the car and that i had over reved the engine due to a missed downghange 😫, Lotus have looked after me .... ,
  7. I don't really know if it is or not i would think lotus have a relationship with the dealer that there is some kind of ethics or bond where the dealer and lotus work together to supply there customers with the best experiance they can, both the the dealer and the lotus are aware of this issue, yet another day gone and still no responce....... its funny that you mentioned that as the cv boot issue was solved with there are no boots avaialble so lotus have replaced the whole drive shaft, strange IMO....
  8. I,m pleased i posted this on here, perhaps having no responce is that something is happening in the distance i might even get a call on monday saying were extremley sorry for supplying you a car thats not registered not taxed and we have let you and your wife drive it around on puplic roads with no valid insurance and we apreciate your loyal custom so we would like to offer you a new gearbox for your £54k elise and hope you enjoy the rest of your ownership, 🤔 HMMMMMMMMMMM
  9. I'm sorry but I totally disagree with your opinion although I'm in a position in life to enjoy taking exotic cars on track I would disagree that I took the car to its or my limit I'm closely connected to the uk racing scene and if the car was shed with slicks a proper racing seat and full cage then perhaps so,
  10. Thanks for your post, perhaps in hindsight the first time it jumped out of gear I should have called it a day but being honest my decision on the day was lets adjust the cables it could be incorrectly set up and when stressed pulling it out of gear every time we adjusted I would go back out and think wicked it's sorted then after 4 laps when up to a certain temp bang it would pop out again, my decision to carry on that day was probably down to just spending £54k on a track based car and parting with another £300 to be at donington, in my earlier post it does kinda read that I just blasted around all day holding it in gear this wasn't the case, If and when I hear form the dealer or lotus ( and yes another day as gone by with nothing from either) I will keep the post updated, Bottom line here for me at the moment is I have a brand new £54k car been sat in the dealership for pushing onto a month with a broken gearbox THIS REALY REALY IS UNACEBTABLE NO MATTER WHAT THE OUTCOME IS
  11. Well, Thanks thanks thanks so much for your post this realy is just what i needed i,m realy not a bad person and i belive Lotus hopefully will/should do the right thing i dont want a fight with anyone and it realy is hard for me because despite all my recent resentment of Lotus i absolutly love the brand 😶
  12. Sorry I disagree, i buy a rolex watch open it up change the hand altering the weight and the workings from the mecanisam of the workings put it back together with no knowledge of how it works and this is the same referance as to fitting a electronic blipper to a car that canot over rev the engine, I agree with your thinking i openly added the blipper which was / is differant to OEM, lets change the scenario im a real deceitful guy my new car has a issue at donington with the gear box I've read and heard they can be a issue I think shit get the car home and remove the blipper then insist lotus replace the faulty gearbox, lotus dump the ecu info and come up with this guy is a driving god he obviously heel and toes to absolute perfection sorted !!!! Tim missed your post gota say mines sorted it drives like a bastard im well pleased .........
  13. hi Tim, my exige is sat in the garage I had some issues with the upgrade and randy at Hoffmans helped me out no end I can't use it at the moment as I put the hard top on my Elise as this was a rag top and it's been at the dealers since the fault so I got a exige with no roof I do enjoy opening the garage and looking at it tho !!!!!!!!!!
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