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  1. For me, in the US (Boston, MA area), I pay about $1200 USD for insurance. A set of 19/20's (Michelin PS4S) is about $1600 installed from my research (will get a set in the Spring).
  2. I've seen you guys mention this before but what is the story w/ the 'white vans' in the UK?
  3. I can't say (since I'm in the USA) but the size is 'Group 48' size.
  4. I just ordered the rear lights this morning. I got the amber/euro version. Also had to get the cup holder
  5. Thanks Bravo! I did scribble something and the obligatory photo
  6. Hi All, I've been on LotusTalk for a bit and recently discovered TLF. This Spring I picked up a '12 Evora IPS/NA with only 5500 miles on it. I've been wanting one for the last few years, well, longer really but REALLY after my first drive in an Elise. The planets aligned and it was an offer I couldn't refuse. I've already put 6000 on it this season alone but winter is coming and it's in the shop for some flying debris damage repair (gash on the front bumper) and the away for the winter. Already working on CAI, decat and some other goodies (have you seen: https://www.greg
  7. Greetings from a new US member! I've had all the same experiences so far I was taking my new-to-me '12 back from my first HPDE/track day at Watkins Glen racetrack in New York and got caught by the local state trooper doing approx 95MPH (in a 55 zone). That sort of speed is worthy of a $600+ ticket. Officer: That is a gorgeous car (as he walks up and down it 2-3 times) Me: Thank you, yes, it is. Officer: What do you do for a living? How much was it? (clearly wanted to see if he could afford it ) Me: An engineer; Not as much as you'd think Officer: Do you kno
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