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  1. Love the Mustang I had the new Mustang last year, that was good fun, I won’t post a picture because it was grey
  2. You need to make sure that new wing is adjustable as it will make a difference to the on track handling. Too much wing and you get high speed under steer, too little and the back end will step out on fast corners. The wing can also knock off upto 5 mph at the end of a long straight.
  3. Ken

    Wanted 2-11

    My 211 GT4 spec race car is for sale
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  5. This l is one of Ryan’s laps, I think it was in quali, 2.37.5
  6. Another video, this time I’m driving the car at Spa, very exciting first lap of the race
  7. Jack 1. I can’t answer your question as the whole modification was done at the same time on my car. One useful thing about the pedal box is that I have the ability to adjust the brake bias between front and rear. I have driven Exige V6 Cup R’s with and without the Bosh ABS, it makes a massive difference and cuts down the braking distances. Most the the Exiges in the race series had the Bosh ABS but I don’t think any of them had the pedal box. I don’t think your really need the pedal box on the Exige. 2. The car is tuned to run within the Lotus Cup race regulations. From
  8. The yellow 211 is my car. The story is: I bought it in about 2012 as a rolling chassis, had it built up, raced once at Spa and hated the standard gearbox after I missed a shift and blew the engine. I had it rebuilt over the winter with the Elise Parts sequential box, standard engine, charge cooler with a HKS supercharger. The car was developed over the next couple of years and the engine now has forged steel parts with various other upgrades. In 2015 the car had another rebuild on a brand new chassis. In addition to the above spec, I had a Philbeam pedal box and Bosch M4 Motorsp
  9. The conversion from LHD to RHD was more difficult than anticipated. The main issue was the roll cage, it made getting the dash out and back in again quite tricky.
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