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  1. When I get the new pads and swap them out I will examine the rotor for a part number and update the thread if I find anything. I know the shipping to the UK wouldn't be great but Inokinetic in the US brought a pair of Ultradisc front rotors to market for the Evora 400. At $1250 USD/pair they are a bargain compared to the stock rotors from lotus. They are also only slotted and not drilled so there is less of a chance for cracking.
  2. I was able to confirm the part # with Essex Parts Service in NC so I wanted to update this thread in the event anyone else runs into the same issue. Ferodo DS2500 Front Pads Part # - FRP3084H Bonus: AP Racing Caliper # - CP7545-106 That might help find pads by other manufacturers that fit as well.
  3. @Seriouslylotus If you could confirm the part number I would really appreciate it. Essex Parts seems to be the closest supplier in the states and they have the pads in stock. I just don't know if they will fit. Their online tool doesn't have the evora 400 in it which isn't too surprising;
  4. Is anyone able to confirm the actually pad part number for the ferodo DS2500? I am in the states so I am trying to find a distributor over here and I cannot confirm the part number anywhere. My dealer only has the part number for the kit with clips and pins which is twice as expensive as just the pads.
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