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  1. I can confirm that dropping the headlamps at Mach 1.6 feels like an afterburner is lit up.......... Do you like my 'Impressionist' photography ? OUR excuse is the Pave on the champs Elysee and trying to dodge Algerian yoofs in bangers that were determined to try and outdrag us from the lights which even when red, Parisians and S350 drivers tend to ignore. Its so easy to go 'native' , seems to come naturally to me ! "Je suis une Ooligan" Mike
  2. Not at all my dear karl. Merely testing Uncle Colins products to confirm that they are 'Fit for purpose' Mike
  3. That was a terrific smile on your face Si, sorry I was not there . I was in Paris next Sunday AM. I think, Therefore I will/was/am away into the future ! Bibs , let me tell you a question, did you taking lots of pics of Si in the restoration that you posted next week ?? Mike. brain damaged
  4. Ahh, .......... The BBC Eh? No political motivation there then ?. Mike
  5. [quote name= Why can't they make an effort?
  6. AND FOR THOSE THAT DID NOT GO.... Apart from the copmpany and the entertaining and informative lectures/talks you missed out on this !! The food was pretty darn good. ( Mind you at one time I thought that was 'A long drive for a salad' when we suffered a power cut ! ) Y'All better come next year ! Mike
  7. ONLY.......... after Gordon has bled the English white with additional taxation and then scuttled back to the safety of his constituency......... The same taxation does not apply to Scotland in many cases. I consider it must be revenge for all the swashbuckling and derring do of the sixteenth century ! Mike .
  8. Hippies dont or wont realise that some of us are obliged to run vehicles because of our occupation. I do not even begin to understand what makes any one want a People Carrier, why not buy the real deal and get a Transit which is one of Henry's finest achievements ( after the GT40 of course) If I had a choice, I would favour any hot hatch rollerskate that handled well. Economy, performance,parkability and fun to drive. This trailer would look pretty damn stupid behind a certain politicians Prius. Mike
  9. Just one small query......... Are we OK with alloy unions ( Threaded male fittings ) going into an ultra hot iron ( steel ?) turbo housing ? Or should we be looking at SS fittings for compatibility ? Any metallurgists out there ? Mike
  10. Thanks Simon for your very kind offer , Problem is , I dont have the patterns to be copied , they are still on the car! Mike
  11. Too Right Howard, Still some good stuff coming from these guys........Stills 'Man Alive' a recent recording shows what an enduring and ecclectic musician he really is . Check also David Crosbys 'If only I could remember my name' Not recent but showcases the compnent part of the quartet. I will put those CDs into the car this very day..... Mike PS. Ahoy Bibsy , What about a 'sampler ' facility so we can upload soundbites of our faves ??
  12. Right On Wayne, ( Thats sixties jargon to you young poeple!) Cannot top that .......ONLY by the other two magicians being present, Stills and Crosby. What an inventive era the seventies were . Is Coldplay really the natural successor to the the heights of musicianship and songwriting ? Perhaps I just dont understand the poor dears, it all sounds too wishy washy and poncey to me . Maybe I should be shootin or snortin something in order to get me depressed enough to listen to the genre. Mike
  13. Bang on target again Gunner Williams. Your perception of social manipulation by our employees at Westminster is as sharp as ever. Do you have insider information.... by any chance ?? Mike
  14. I had V8 leather comfort seats in my GT3 and found them very comfortable although an 'acquried' taste. but as I loved the car I learned to live with them . When the first stirrings of interest in the sport 350 came to me I studied the seats and thought I would have to change them for the type I had in the GT3 after Dave Oneshot kindly let me sit in ( not drive ) his 350!! Jeeez I thought, I will never be able to get in and out of this car over those bolsters let alone live with the vice like grip across my ass and thighs. But again I wanted that car so badly that I was prepared to swap the seats for non standard. In time I again learned to live with the seats and they became 'Normal ' to me . and yes there may be a little stiffness of the back after 3 or 4 hours in the car but what the hell there aint no drive like it and I may look a little geriatric getting out of the car ( I am probably the oldest 'Old Git' on the forum ) car cos it it aint easy over THOSE bolsters . I spent 5 hours at the wheel apart from a fuel stop yesterday and after the initial 5 minutes felt ok. Perhaps back strengthening / loosening excercises would help those with back pain? I certainly lead a very active life and I am sure this has helped me. Mike I
  15. Hi Guys, Has anyone replaced the turbo oil feed and cooling pipes with s/s items? It seems a simple thing to do but as yet it would appear no one has them tooled up. Pete at PNM was going to have them available last year and after a few reminders still no word from him. Geoff at Esprit Eng. has asked his local supplier of Aeroquip to make some to a set of pattern parts . result zilch in the progress dept. Looks like we could do with a friendly aero engineer / V8 owner to pattern and tool up these items. who do we have 'On the Books' ??? I am rather loathe to replace them with the standard short life plated items. Mike
  16. Jono, let me explain to a young man about seamed stockings ........................!!!!!! No forget that . ............................................ Schneider Trophy races held inthe Solent in the thirties were very hotly contested by many technically advanced nations especially those wishing to gain a military advantage in the air. The Italians and Germans were very keen to compete. I wonder why ? Also in the Solent area in Southampton Water a few years ago the only Cat in Europe made a bad landing and unfortunately killed the mayor of southampton amongst others. I understand the cat involved is now flying again and maybe the Greenpeace cat that has been mentioned. Actually I think I misinformed you , it was the Princess and Empire flying boats that had those 'Hostesses' Sighhhh ! As far as elegant flight is concerned , the interface between air and water that is bridged by flying boats , floatplanes and amphibians is just so beautiful , so elegant , so intrinsic as to defy description, spesially as I feel a dwunkon evring about tu kreap up on me, Thank you Mr Carlsberg , for your fine medicinal products ! Mike .
  17. Amphibians. Now you are torkin' Jono.............. Surely the most graceful of all aircraft ? Schneider trophy class, Catalina, Spruce Goose, Sunderlands . Real Hostesses with seamed stockings ??? The mind Boggles. Just love those steps........ ( Thats on the hull, for you land lubbers !) Mike
  18. MKE40

    Mot Today

    Took the 350 for the MOT today and the Old Barge sailed through, One point of concern was the trouble the MOT guy had to get the emmissions readings for the Lambda. It ended up with an assistant shoving the probe indelicately up the old girls pipe and caulking the straight through tail pipe ( no box) with an oily rag. I could hear the revs climbing and when I looked it was if her Knickers were on fire , with clouds of smoke from the back end luckily from the oily rag which was putting out a smokescreen that Alistair Campbell would be proud of ! It turns out that with 'Big pipes there is not enough back pressure to get an accurate reading and register a 'Green' Any one else out there experienced this phenonema !! coughing....... cant wait til July the first ............ Mike
  19. That is good ...... If I may say it owes a lot to seventies Jeff Beck in particular the album recorded by George Martin 'Blow By Blow' which has some fabulous string arrangements that are so at one with the laid back feel. Any other Jeff Beck fans out there in addition to Mark Blanchard and myself? Reminds me also of Justin Hayward and Lodges 'Blue Guitar' ( which I can never play just once , always have to repeat that one ) Mike
  20. Hi Guys, I have to re insure the triumph speed triple and the 350 this month . Does anybody have a joint deal with their insurer for bikes and cars ? Renewal on trumpet is
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