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  1. Hi all , I have been offline for a couple of weeks or so, Thanks PC World ! After my tussle with HM gov. re. importing my new GT3 I had a meet last weekend with The Fish and Dave Mac. First proper run in the gt3 ,goes well but I am driving like an old fart at the moment, Not dialled in again yet .. have just done around 30 k in my diesel truck! Sorry to hear about Jonathans mishap, mail me offline Jono. F, D and I were talking about a meet in Town straight after Xmas before new year No cars , arrive by train and meet up midday and hang out till late, any takers? Also discussed was a wings wheels and water day next summer, Dave may be able to arrange trips in a Kite, you have the cars and I could sort out the powerboats, say in the Lyimington area. Make a weekend of it in the new Forest ,maybe this would make a story for a mag?? Come back on this one and we will see what we can fix up. Mike 40
  2. Come off it Fishy , You know that I am easily led .....and you ARE the Prince of darkness when it comes to Esprit matters. It is fully documented , all the evil things that befall an Esprit pilot when you are in the vicinity. I need not name the other unfortunates , but feel free to bare your souls and recount your experiences at His Evil Hand . You owe it to the brotherhood ,that all should be made aware of the risks. MIKE40 GT3 VICTIM
  3. Fishy, You need therapy. You MUST get this Lambo monkey off your back , you are beginning to affect those around you . Ergo . even I have a Diabolo model on my desk in " Gorgeous Norfolk Mustard" You are making us lust after things that are out of our league, I still havent forgiven you for encouraging me to show off to that black Countach this year on the M40 when every thing in the engine bay turned into a Turkish bath at Mach 1.35 and left us with an AA lift home! MIKE40 GT3
  4. Amen to that!! Jim you are an amazing fount of knowledge.. Welcome and I hope you enjoy our sense of humour ! Mike GT3
  5. MKE40

    Hello Guys

    Hi there Splashy ! Photos as soon as I can get round to it, maybe at Stone Me. Good in ere innit ? Tell your mates!! Cheers Mike.
  6. Luke , Well Riddle ME , What do you know about KnN that I ought ???????? Mike.
  7. Hi Lucas , Thats the way my filter was fitted to my gt3 . Makes sense as you dont want the element sucked into the turbo. But ........, Why change from the KnN ? Mike
  8. MKE40

    Hello Guys

    Hello there every one! Just logged on and what do I find ? All the usual suspects!! is there no hiding place? I will navvy around and Chekkit, Innit. Mike 40 GT3
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