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  1. Simon, You and your family just 'keep on keeping on'. You know we are all rootin' for you Big Guy. Mike
  2. Chris, Seems that you had a lucky escape. I hear what you say about the Fusion thing. I have damaged and broken my neck progressively over a thirty year period by continual G forces compressing the 2 and 3 vertebrae while powerboat racing. What was 'electric',shocks across my shoulders in the seventies turned into being paralysed temporarily across the top of my body twenty years later. Result was a slash across the throat to access the front of the spine and a piece of my hip bone being used to fuse two verts together. Sounds awful but saved me from beng in a wheelchair for the rest of my life! Rock on , keep biking, keep boating and keep the throttle nailed in that 'Sprit never know when the Grim Reaper will decide that you are having too much fun and cash in your chips ! Some of us are leading a Charmed Life... Touch wood ! Mike
  3. Jeez , Chris that Blade is in a mess . I hope you did'nt suffer too badly. Mike
  4. ??......since '67 Rats are nice...... Bikes are nicer !! since '56 . LEF Bike Club is nice , (Karl can be President ! ) Snake pass is nice idea pissed is nice, hangover def. not nice at all !! One product from the toybox that you are welcome to.......!! Mike
  5. Opening Toybox..... Sport 350 Truck Harbour Rat for messing about on the river.. or harbour Building myself another of these sportsboats, Its a Disease ! My best bike ever , '06 Speed Triple My plane ? Full Scale ........ I Wish ! Mike
  6. Nah, I couldnt possibly consider 'Interpreting ' the rules , You gotta move into a Bigger League......... What about a P1 boat for 2008 or a Round Britain rig , a 36 footer and a pair of big banger Mercruisers 800 plus horsepower will help........ Mike
  7. That 21 is a damn fine looking craft.................... Mike.
  8. My apologies to the redoubtable Mr S.....I thought the avatar was that of the novelty music chappie and part - time steeplejack . Would the real 'Fred' , please stand up ? ????????????? Mike
  9. AN Anglo Saxon riposte to your facetious remarks....... Would get me slung off the forum !! Mike
  10. Yeah Adrian , That avatar looks pretty damn camp to me.......... Wotcha doin on here, anyway ? Those Nobbler boys got nothin to say ????????? Dontcha just wanna 350 again ......And all yer mates? Regards , Mike
  11. MY DEAR Antipodean , The chavs will Simply Adore it , So therefore it is just as well that the cream of british sportscar aristocracy is NOT represented ! Mike
  12. You cheeky Young B'stard Bibs.......... I was expecting a bollocking as the reply was from you, stating that this subject had been already covered so why dont you lazy sods check beforehand before posting............ ........And what do I find ? some Smart Arse ..............going for a Cheap Shot ! Is that a 'W' Anchor that you are implying , it looks like a Bay Palm or large Fishermans , certainly not a Plough or Danforth .........Or would YOU know the difference?? Shame on you Bibs. You should have respect for your elders .........or at least a constructive reply. " Your name has been noted, There WILL be a Reckoning " Mike
  13. Hi Guys, Has anybody upgraded the discs on a Sport 350 (rear discs are shot) . Advice on upgrade pads also req. (I will not track the car but will fully use the performance on the road) Thanks in advance.... Mike
  14. Going back into Dinosaur mode , I f I remember right, 50s and 60s cars were susceptible to clutch judder and snatch if the engine and gearbox mounts were sloppy, so there is reason to believe that this could be a contributory factor to judder on a later car as the Esprit................ Just a thought ..... Mike
  15. Well, He DOES like pink also........................ TWO WHEELS IS RIGHT, RIDE ON TONY ............ Mike
  16. Wayne, Your violin looks very nice............. Thats all very well but has it a fully stamped service book .......? Otherwise I really could not make a decision to purchase such an item. I mean ,, really , Just who has been working on it and were they fully apprenticed and trained by Stradivarius himself ? I am becoming all neurotic about buying ANYTHING after reading this thread. P.S Paul ... Do you buy your own Creme Eggs or would you trust Vicki to pick them up with the weekly shop ? ( With certification from Cadbury Of course !) [Mod: Paul C, Actually, every day for the past two months, my apprentice has brought a creme egg for me on his way to work...] Mike
  17. Ben , I still have pangs of regret for selling THAT car ! Enjoy it Bruvver ! Mike
  18. Jono, You just answered your own question. These cars are never going to sell to other than an enthusiast....... Forget taking your car to a main Lotus dealer that will put the Junior to work on your pride and joy cos 'Its an old car' and we dont want him learning on these new Elises ! Cooking car rules DO NOT apply here . Would you trust the AA to advise you whether to buy ? Of course not , you would take into consideration all aspects of the cars history and the apparant present condition and at the end of the day we are talking 'Bangers' here in current modern day buyers terms! Who ever would pay 10 or 20 K, or even MORE for an old car ? ( I have just answered my own question ! ) I rest my case........ Gotta go now ........ The Viking Carlsberg calls.......... Mike
  19. Well Fishy , I was feeling it , but I was out on the A303 ,sun was out, was warm and I had to take my new truck for a run with a 36 behind. Must admit that I took some mellow sounds with me ! Nina S , Lady Day, Ol Blue Eyes, Sassy Vaughan, AND Jackson Browne Accoustic 1, also Dylans 'Modern Times' good laid back album that! Just suited the mood of a Nissan Patrol and 3 tonnes behind............Got home late but not TOO late to get into a beer or two (NOT that you would understand the pleasures of 'Mashed flowers stewed in water ' Fishy ) Mike Looks like the beer hit me earlier than normal !!!!!!!! Mike
  20. MKE40

    Vulcan Meet

    IF any......... of you guys had just got out of nick at Ford prison West sussex ( been a few famous faces and heroes done time there ) you would have walked past , ( with your government train pass grasped firmly in your hand) a rather perfect example of a Navy Hunter on a pole as a gate guardian. It was past this WW" airfield that Neville Duke first broke the sound barrier (level flight over the sea) a few hundred yards South in the fifties in a Hawker Hunter. Just thought you might like to know that. I used to build my boats in the old Photo-Recon buildings that are steeped in our glorious history so readily rubbished by todays ungrateful leaders of this once Great Britain..................... Many a clandestine flight into Occupied France by so many very Brave Souls took off from Ford. My heart bleeds for the future.......................... Mike
  21. MKE40


    OOOOOOoooooo If only MY wife looked like that.......... Mike
  22. MKE40


    THINK POSITIVE .. Tone, We are all rootin' for yer. and we will forgive this small transgression..........BUT You'd better get your sorry arse to the the next meet or there will hell to pay........... YOU can do this................ 'On yer ead'.......... Mike
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