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  1. IF the restoration has been done properly , then buy the one that the PO has ' Blown their brains out' and spent fortunes on and cannot complete the task in hand as this should take you some way into a perfect car. You will have to analyse your budget and .............'HOW MUCH' do you want that model ?. Also, are you going to keep it ,or are you on the way up to a later type, in which case hang loose and pounce when you find your dream ! Mike
  2. TWELVE HUNDERD MATE ...... Thats CCs not horses ! Mike
  3. I DONT EXPECT ........that sort of remark from you Howard ! Mike
  4. Stuff the Loti What about the Alfa's ? ANYWAY , I Have always wanted a Metropolitan............. Just My Little Joke Wayne ! Mike
  5. OK you Baskets, Top this one ! (The Austin A40 Somerset was a current car when I learned and took my test !) AND NO I am not proud of this ! Mike, ( thought you lot would like a larf and take the p..s )
  6. THE CRASH WAS CRAP............. But I love the avatar ... Guess what I will be wearing to Donington ??????? Pinkie......... Can I borra yer flashers mac ? Mike
  7. YOUR name would not be Teigan any chance ? Mike
  8. GOOD, to see you tapping out messages again Lisa Mike
  9. Well done Alan, That must be a relief its completed. I enjoyed your previous effort , which I own. Looking forward to buying the follow up as a diary of a busy Lotus year .!! Mike
  10. It wasnt so long ago that the nutters were predicting the demise of the planet through burning the Brazilian rain forests, must have got bored with that subject and moved onto cars. :crybaby: Probably not long before they move off transport and advocate euthanasia for the over forties! You never hear talk of an International Brigade to wage war on the Chinese industrialists on their home turf ! Mike
  11. Rallying to the cause. Pete has a small business with limited staff supplying a HUGE SERVICE to all and sundry. Yes.......... I have waited for parts to manifest themselves from PNM, but what the heck, do I wanna pay ripoff prices or can I possibly be patient with a small company run under duress dealing with a lot of guys with big egos demanding Top Dollar service but not prepared to pay for that service. I wont list the companies that you COULD try to deal with.......... Put up ...Or shut up. Pete's been good to me........ Mike
  12. ... I thought I could get an Esprit to perform .................. And I feel more 'at home' on a bike But, STONE ME !!! Forget Respect ..............this deserves adulation... Mike :crybaby:
  13. " SHOW US YOUR BOOKS !" Jeez, You had me worried there ..................I Thought it was a Revenue inspection ! Mike
  14. Hi Mike , It will be good to see you there. Dickie Soans is requesting leave from 'She Who Will Be Obeyed' to attend ! Will bring him up in the 350. Mike
  15. AND A HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU WAYNE. From the other half of the "Old Fart " track team at Hethel . YEAH, Right . any other pensioners wanna take us on !!!
  16. NOT EXACTLY, a sailing man myself Wayne but in this case I might be persuaded to 'crew' with Ms Ekberg !! Mike
  17. Anytime......... Thats what we are here for.............. Mike
  18. MKE40

    Great news

    AND from me ! Congrats, Mike
  19. Agreed, by even mentioning the name you are giving credibility ..............I move that once someone has been that much out of order to get himself banned then his name should never be mentioned on here again,no matter what subject he may lead in with. Barred ? ........ Then keep out of my pub because you will eventually re-offend. As an ex Licensee, I speak from experience......... Mike
  20. Its YOU that has to learn about 'THAT' gearbox Graham , cost me
  21. DONT. Stay at the Holiday Inn at the bottom of Wrotham Hill..........the food is crap and the service is worse.............. Mike :crybaby:
  22. TWAS all in one piece last year Howard.................just one part was ever so slightly detached !!!!!!!!!!!!! Mike
  23. TO: Forum moderators, For a person that for many reasons has been barred from this forum , we are spending a large amount of time discussing his misplaced theories. In my opinion we have given the word "Teigan" quite enough audience. Can we now , not just flush him out of the system and put the manhole cover back on ?? Mike
  24. Bibs, I will be up on the Sunday and as you will no doubt be doing your act as Short Order Chef in the Family tent,( with Pinkie as commis chef and waitress) I would like to place my order for Double Egg'n chips and a large cup of strong tea . Thank you. Mike
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