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  1. Gunter,

    I am afraid that Lepsons are the only people to answer your question as they are the specialists and made a very pretty job of the wheels. The technicalities I leave to them as I am not ever likely to strip and bake a wheel myself!

    Speak to Scott Joneson 01793 887222 I am sure he will be able to help you.



  2. Was driving a Climax Elite at 24 an S2 Elan at 27 then Whoops !.... Daughter Melissa arrived. Next Lotus late nineties , now its an S350 in a Lotus career spanning 45 years, so I guess that makes me THE old fart !

    Anyone fancy relieving me of the title ?? :whistle:


  3. Lepsons Swindon branch Mike :)

    I took my wheels to Lepsons today and met Scott and his assistant Mike.

    Most affable guys and pleasant to deal with. The company is in very modern premises and has a considerable amount of equipment installed with which to refurbish all types of wheels. After stripping/blasting the wheels will be etch primed by Dymag and then refinished at Lepsons.

    The chemist who works for the group will take samples of the original paint and organise a source for same.

    Costs are as advertised at

  4. Rodger , Kimbers and Laura .

    Thanks for input its the sort of constructive comments that helps to point us in the right direction.

    I think it will be an Elise as Melissa has now had a good look around one and the comment was Gorgeous !

    So its interesting that you advise to stay away from an S1 Kimbers and go for the S2, thats the info I am looking for . As a side note I am not interested in selling the 350 as to my mind that is the Gorgeous one ! But to a young(er) person the little 'Roller Skate' appeals and I dont need conviincing how nimble the Elise is , its just that I love the long legs of the 350 and the laid back grunt , its like a trip in the Post Office Tower lift from basement to top in one relentless whoosh !

    Laura, your offer to be an adoptee is flattering but one child is enough in the household and I am told if I dont change my ways and stop acquiring toys I may be looking for alternative lodgings !

    And yes , two Raids a year at the sales in Sloane Street is threatening to curb the buying power of Toybox Inc.

    Be good fun though, with father and daughter mixing it up the A11 on the way to a Hethel bash .....


  5. Hi Mike hope you're well.;o=q&pc=

    start here and work your way down...

    Thanks for that tip Dom, quite a list of available cars.

    But what I want to know is what is the best buy for say 8 to 9K and for 12 to 15K are there any particular models / hi mileages to keep away from ?

    I have never even sat in an Elise let alone driven one but I do understand that they are one hot roller skate! So I am sure that Melissa would not be dissapointed.

    Keeping well but so busy atm . Out all this week with the Police in boats and tomorrow with Suzuki ( 5.30am start ) on the Solent ferrying journos to Cowes for a new bike launch/test rides and some fun and thrills on the sea with the 950/2x 300 hp Suzuki outboards. Good fun but I am knackered!


  6. I had the same with mine , I put it down to trying to shift from first to second too quickly ( being used to bike shifting) a small piece of the dog chipped off and was trapped under the cone and exactly the same thing occured.


    Quick times are for journos to set when they dont pay for gearboxes !


  7. Hi Guys ,

    Just back from the Sat/Sun Pistonheads thrash to Paris, great fun and a great gang to be with. Cut to the chase and this is my problem. I took my daughter Melissa with me as she is somewhat intrepid I thought as a surprise for her I will put her on the insurance and she will do a few miles. She was not too interested in mixing it with the Trevors ,Noble R8 , Motorsport Beemers etc. etc so I waited until we got back to Folkestone and then swapped over.. Poor little thing ( app 5'3") just could not reach the pedals far enough to get the clutch down . Bummer! So no co-driver in the family for the 350 and not much point leaving it to her when I croak.

    I got to thinking, my daughter ought to be a Lotus person to keep the marque in the family so perhaps I should get her an Elise. Which one to go for , will she fit in it, what are the pitfalls etc.etc.? Any advice out there, I was thinking poss. a series 2 for

  8. Let me get this clear. This is an LEF fishing day. If you want an LEF Jet Ski day then please start a new topic (so there!! :hrhr: )

    Mike's offer however, sounds fun, I missed out last time and don't want to this time.

    Glad to have yer aboard young Kimbers, me lad.

    Has yer any idea when the day will be and which port these swabs will sail from?

    I needs ter press a few into service on The Black Pig, fine craft she is, doubling up as the Revenue Cutter with Andy at the helm. :D

    We also have in the flotilla the Ranger 25 / 300 Verado to cut a fine dash. (Watch the wall me darlin' while the Gennlemen go by.... ) If the glass is set fair and the winds kindly then the Harbour Rat/ 'Zuki 140 can be a'snappin' at yer transom .

    We only takes Blackguards, thieves and rogues as crew as asks no questions , so we doan' need no edumacated Gentry aboard wot cant handle Navy grog.

    Black Spot :P

    Commander , Solent Esprit Flotilla.

  9. Not particularly keen on stodgin around all day rockin 'n rollin in a haze of rotting mackerel but if its gonna be on the South Coast / Solent area could possibly bring along a couple of slightly quicker boats to get tangled in yer lines ! :P

    Whaddya think Cap'n Bibs, skipper , Sir ?

    (Mind you these boats would prob. be too quick for the old feller from Norfolk that bottled the last sea trip. ) :D


    ' Solent Esprit Flotilla'

  10. Just to put the record straight Kimbers, my pink freind....

    I did not 'blag' my way in as you charmingly put it in your 'criminal' parlance as I contributed to the event with the purchase of two genuine tickets from Bibs. :P :

    Perhaps you may be referring to my 'losing my sense of direction and becoming disoriented ' as I passed the main gates in Potash Lane.

    In advancing years one has the tendency to return to places for sentimental reasons and I am sure that I had entered the Hethel site through those very main gates before and could vaguely remember that this was the way to all things central to the events of the day.

    I did explain where I wanted to get to , park/display to two very nice security gentlemen on bicycles and managed to take a circuitous rout to the LEF area whereupon we abandoned the vehicle PDQ before questions were asked and sauntered off whistleing 'Dixie' just before being 'apprehended' by MJK ! ;)

    Lovely day out. Missed the crowds and the jams on the A11 by going to Norwich and attacking Hethel from the jungle in the East.

    See you at the next one !!


  11. To put the record straight , My car # 11 has been withdrawn from sale as I have decided that after considering all the other cars that I could afford there was absolutely nothing to compare with the unique ride and handling let alone the exclusivity of the 350 and apart from that Lotus and I go back a long way and I am happy to say she is staying. We are head over heels in love again and looking forward to happy hooning times. :)

    So that is another happy story where everything turned out well in the end ! :)


  12. Mike

    If you fancy coming up with us lot then let me know will probably leave about 7:30 ish to be there about 8-8:30. The more the merrier if not catch you there.


    Jeez Glyn, Whats the matter with you lot..... insomnia ??? : B)

    To early for me on a cold morning .. I will look forward to meeting you there !



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