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  1. 1. Paul C

    2. Vicki

    3. Peter (Pitstop Pete)

    4. Robin (Evil Dr Fish)

    5. Howard (esprit350)

    6. Ben (ansellb)

    7. Ben's wife, Debbie

    8. Troy Halliday

    9. Caroline (Troy's bit on the side)

    10 Pinky Kimbers...I like me a bit of mexican feast!

    11. Dad Ring :D

    Cheeky little basket Fishy,...........Thank Allah I'm not YOUR dad !!!

    Mike :D

  2. 1. Paul C

    2. Vicki

    3. Peter (Pitstop Pete)

    4. Robin (Evil Dr Fish)

    5. Howard (esprit350)

    6. Ben (ansellb)

    7. Ben's wife, Debbie

    8. Troy Halliday

    9. Caroline (Troy's bit on the side)

    10 Pinky Kimbers...I like me a bit of mexican feast!

    OH, All right then , You need an adult with you to be allowed into the bar.................

    Mike B)

  3. Its all been said earlier......

    But , what a lovely atmosphere over the weekend and a sense of belonging to a great crowd of enthusiasts, and thats not just the owners of the cars.....

    MJK , Avril, Les Girls, Brian ,Jeff , kimbers, (Bibs already a freind and all the staff on production no one could have been more pleasant or helpful. I just needed more time to get to know the circuit better........

    My ownership of Lotuses goes back to the early sixties and I have always felt that this was the ultimate British sportscar manufacturer and one that competed at world level with success was the reason to be proud of the Marque.

    It comes as a shock to me to feel a strange bonding that has never manifested itself before.........

    I left for home feeling a different afinity for our brotherhood.


  4. Alex , there is one main consideration are ok.

    I have been in some nasty situations and I dont mind admitting the conditions were frightening. You feel so vulnerable and not in control.

    I dont know where you live but if you need a lift to any event , you only have to ask.

    Onwards, Alex..........


  5. I have been on some terrific days out, but the most outstanding thing about the Hethel Day was as Lisa said 'The Esprit People' What a lovely crowd you all are and the Lotus staff are equally as nice.

    To be in the company of approx 170 people for a weekend and not one cross word, bad manners or any signs of an 'ego' , speaks volumes for the this fraternity ...... Thank you all .

    As for Bibs, Laura, Kimbers, and the Leader (who should be knighted for giving life to Hethels finest road car )

    I humbly add my thanks to the growing list for everything that was done for us.

    As for the Lotus girls , We cannot thank you enough for the effort you made , you were brilliant.

    Annettes gleam in her eye as she uttered the immortal words " Lets go shopping" scared me rigid as it reminded me of my Dragon and our daughter getting out of the car in Sloane Street during the sales........ :D

    Thanks also to Brian and Geoff for their never ending enthusiasm.


    " I'll be back "

    Mike :D

  6. No rain on Sunday chaps but leave the shorts and T shirts at home. Anglia TV forecast for tomorrow

    says temperatures down to 7 degrees in Norwich, so it'll be 'king freezing on Yarmouth seafront!


    Tel I think your forcaster left the 1 off the front as BBc give it as 17 deegs for Yarmouth...


    now where is that bear suit.......Oh I forgot Wayne will be wearing it ! :lol:

  7. Wayne / Mike , latest........

    I spoke with Wayne last night and as he will be cooped up on a flight for up to 7 hours he will need to eat something subtantial. Therefore we will enjoy one of Clackett Lanes finest breakfasts.!

    This will delay us a little so we could follow on on our own, however Wayne may clear the airport sooner than expected so there may be very little delay through the breakfast stop for us.


  8. MMMMmmmm, good and bad in one hit then, so they are also going to attack the rx8/tt/type r market aswell it seems,,,,,thats a gmble on the pedigree me thinks. will be a big sucess, or massive mistake.

    Karl , how much more 'shopping ' car could a Cortina be. ? you may have been weaned on Rice but there was a time and its still current when you can fire the imagination of the proletariat into believing they are someone special.

    First you gotta earn money , then you can play , and make no bones about it the Esprit is all about Play and Ego , The finance 'bread and butter' comes from the like of the Elise and a Proton Hot hatch which we could all be attracted to cos its got Lotus badge and it drives like magic.


    I know this because I have to spend fortunes to tool up for a new model that you really never know will sell in enough quantities to show a profit before its sell by date.

    This year I was dragged kicking and screaming into an alliance to run a boat in world series P1.. I had to use a commercial hull because we could not afford the tooling to take a gamble.......result a fifth place in the results at world level running against boats that were funded with five times the budget.. Nobody is calling me to demand a Budget boat to race, so if I HAD invested there is no guarantee that you will reap the returns from sales.

    Not easy Out There.........

    Cars ..........Boats......or BIKES !!!


  9. There seems to be so many memorable albums, these are a few.

    Jeff Beck , Blow by blow

    B Springsteen ,Nebraska

    KD Lang ,Hymns of the 49 th parallel

    Leonard Cohen, Songs of....

    Joni Mitchell , Don Juans restless daughter/Both sides now

    Neill Young Harvest

    Steven Stills ,Manassas

    David Crosby , If only I could remember my name

    Jackson Browne , The pretender/ JB remastered

    Frank Sinatra , In the wee small hours

    Pink Floyd , Dark side/ Wish you were here

    Joe Williams ,A man aint supposed to cry

    Jimi Hendrix, Are you experienced

    Stevie Ray, Vaughan The essential

    Free, Heartbreaker

    Neil Diamond ,Hot august night

    Who , live at Leeds

    Johnny Cash , Folsom/Man comes around

    These are just some that come to mind. I havent even thought about the classical stuff that I have enjoyed overe the years.

    My brain hurts....I want more Kronenbourg.......... Give me........

    Going in search....................

    Mike out.


  10. Hi all.

    One last posting before I go off line till the event. I have a 10 hour stint showing the local council how great our hybrid is tomorrow, 26 cars to sign up Thursday, with a 5Am start and 1PM finish, Friday so full I can't fit "eat a sarnie" into my diary and a 10 hour stint at Snetterton launching the new Legend on the Saturday.

    So my point is.....................

    Great Idea. Who works for comapnies who are interested in sponsoring an auction item? So for example " A signed Esprit Print by award winning Rob Cunningham sponsored by Mike Ring Boats" etc. I would suggest a small donation of

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