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  1. Thanks for the offer on both counts......erm, maybe the first may get more interest, perhaps.....but maybe thats justme :o

    Kimbers, you just dont want to get your hands dirty !!

    It must be an easy life selling cars !!! Just driving about to country pubs and taking clients to lunch. :)

    I suppose its exactly like we have it in the marine trade.................A bit like Howards Way on land . :)

    So you dont wanna do GRP. Can I interest you in two tickets for the Paris Salon Auto show, Its on 30 September until Octobre the 15 ?

    You could auction them online NOW to start the ball rolling . They must be of use to SOMEONE on the Forum.


  2. Kimbers,

    If it is of any use I have an Esprit S2 workshop manual I could donate. perhaps you could get it signed by some of the guys at Hethel that worked on the series Two ?

    How about a day or a weeks 'Hands On' course in GRP boatbuilding ??

    At least you will get dirty doing something useful AND learn how to use glassfibre in a practical way.

    Mike :o

  3. Roger Becker has been invited but his attendance will of course depend on his health. Some other figures in the Esprit's history have also been extended invitations :(

    Lotus policy is that no cameras or mobile phones are allowed on site, we'll roll with that and if anyone breaks the rule it will be dealt with by Lotus security.



    Perrhaps' Blossom Baa Baa' should stay in CANADA, I quite fancy the the regimental goat!

    Mike :D:D:D

  4. Been Ahvenisto yesterday (where else :lol: ). There was Alfa Romeo club, so I took couple of photos:

    ANYTHING pre-war there Jussi ?,

    I just love the styling of those early ' Mafioso' thirties Alfas. SOooo much style .

    The Forties are pretty neat also.........

    The 'Bullethole' stickers that you could get were Made for Alfa's .........


    Also in love with the " Lancheee'a ".........


    Mi beena invitori to testa driva the latest Ferrari modela in'a da Paris. around the the salon celebrazioni.

    Du Yousa Guys Theenk I shoulda go ???

  5. I think if you get pulled and they have you bang to rights there a lot for going for a pass in the 'attitude test.'

    They are real people doing there job and your attitude can help your cause or piss them off and make there decision to book you that much easier.

    Yes, half the time the decision might be made before your get spoken too. The other half depends on how you react and talk. I think looking a bit sheepish, acting respectful, not trying to deny the obvious and doing your, 'good kid who was unlucky to get caught with his hand in the sweet jar' act can go a long way.


    Thats how I always handle it Jeff.

    This approach didnt work on the water, I was 'cruising' in my race boat barely on the plane in uncrowded water in Langstone Harbour ,every so often we dropped off the plane to look at something then carried on at a 'considerate to other boaters' speed without making any wash.

    this small boat with a little feller at the helm drives straight at us waving his arms , then I see that its the harbour master , so I stop thinking I can take a from any one, say I am sorry , wont do it again etc. and be on my way. This bloke carries on as I if had just set a speed record across the Harbour.

    Upshot was

  6. I would like to hear which instruments the factory would reccommend to install ( and where ) in late type instrument binnacle cars.

    I feel that an Over and Under twin turbo boost gauge for V8s ( Smiths used to make this type of instrument )and oil pressure are vital to monitor well being.


  7. A few years ago I was returning from a day at Brands WSB meeting. The last ten or more miles are along the eqivalent of a motorway by passing the outskirts of Brighton.

    As you do , you are reluctant to stop riding and so the last few miles are usually completed at a steady trot.

    As I swooped down one incline I topped the magic figure with a few more knots I see a Bike cop with hairdryer raised , too late to scrub much speed so I concentrate on a relaxed cornering style, knowing that I am now being followed and my riding is being scrutinised. At the next exit cop pulls in front and signals me to follow . stop , remove helmet and prepare for the bxxxing which duly follows , ( I suppose these guys DO have some pretty nasty stuff to deal with) "How fast do you think you were riding sir?"

    Not knowing quite when I had been clocked I suggested 75 MPH ? "A little more than that sir just a touch over 110 Mph", showing me the evidence on the radar , " You do realise that you could lose your licence if I report you ". etc."

    After a chat about my machine and how he would like one himself, cop suggests I take it easy and tells me to be on my way. I have recieved sympathetic treatment from motorcycle police before this occasion.

    So you see , in my opinion not all coppers are B....rds.

    My experience of bike traffic cops is positive , they truly like to ride and feel they are making the roads safer unlike the average slug sitting in a car because it is an easy life and an easy nick.


  8. The other thing is that if you're getting wheelspin because you're on a bad or bumpy road and keep the accelerator nailed so that engine revs without your roadspeed increasing, then when the wheels touchdown and regain grip it places considerable stress on the driveshafts, gearbox and clutch in bring the engine rpm down to the road speed. Kind of like dumping the clutch but in reverse.


    I dont think so as the road surface in both cases was good, neither did I get any sign of axle tramp, seems like power alone . however this has only happened a couple or so times, just have to drive round the problem.

    Thanks Howard, I will check the wastegates .

    Dom, I have considered the upgrades but for now will settle for the repair to the box , if problem persists I will reconsider.

    No car on Sunday so went out on the bike twas a joy to nail it in all gears with no fear of breaking gearboxes !! :unsure::lol::D


  9. I would concur with Neal

    Thanks for the input Neal and Dave.

    I havent had a problem with wheelspin in 3.4.or 5. it was only in first and second, and I have only maxed the car in those gears a couple of times and never 'dumped ' the clutch.

    Mind you, I dont know how the the car has been used by previous owners (This is not applicable to you Renu !) as the clutch had been changed at low mileage.

    So I suppose some Gentlemanly driving with care and consideration for the poor gearbox is the order of the day !


  10. Without wrecking it!

    The transmission that is. My car is now in the shop to have the second gear replaced. Or thats what I think!

    could be a lot more than that and so I am keeping fingers crossed.

    What concerns me is that this is a performance car that you dare not use the performance fully in the lower gears.

    I have never built the revs and dumped the clutch, that seems suicidal in any car, always fed in clutch and then floored it changing up as smoothly as poss. It seems almost impossible to avoid wheespin as the torque maxes in the lower gears.

    It would seem that there is just too much torque for the box to handle as I now hear that No 2 gear does fail in the S4s as with surprising regularity.

    Input shaft to the box suffers with exceptional wear to the splines that the driven plate is located on.

    Does this wear occur with clutch take up or is it the roll on rolling off of power when shifting that causes the failure?

    I can see that the synchro assy 1st to 2nd is either not man enough or that is is made from suspect material, now I know this , I can drive round the problem and avoid full power in first , only driving hard from second and up.

    This Achilles Heel of a box really detracts from the driving enjoyment as neither my turbo or the GT3 ever gave cause for concern and I drove both as hard as it is possible.

    Perhaps the V8 is just a motorway cruiser after all even with its very 'Planted ' roadholding being excellent on A and B roads , but this is just where you really need that rush in first to clear the mobile roadblocks that are getting ever more frequent day to day .

    Any thoughts on this...........

    Mike :o

  11. mike - cant belive you never picked up on me going to a 2 wheeled vermin shop on saturday to try some bike mirrors, saw you had replied and i thought oh shite lol


    There is a certain feeling of empathy towards you young folk that try hard to achieve.

    One tries NOT to put you down too often as it may have a negative effect upon your endeavours which, in the main are commendable!

    Mike :o:):P

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