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  1. How many Attilas were built, Mike? :P

    I cant remember that car, but I do remember Roy Pierpoint racing his Mustang against Jim Clark in the Lotus Cortina. :P

    Yes Roy got to drive some interesting cars . he demo'd a 250 F at Brands one year at the Grand Prix.

    He owned a Galaxie ( not the poofy thing Tony drives) and used to thrash that about the roads. His brother owned a Buick Continental which I got to drive. A 1904 Mors which I mechanically refurbed before the London -Brighton veteran run. Interestingly ,a wheel bearing was clapped and I took it into Kingston to the bearing suppliers ,( it was about 4" dia by around 1/2", only the French could dream up such a bearing)

    any way I slapped it on the counter , I dont suppose...................

    They had one in stock !!!

    Val Dare - Bryan was almost daily in the factory and he was always setting up various production saloon race cars, A40,s and For' Danglers for the top drivers of the day by modding the suspension mounts etc.

    Also in the stable was a well tweaked Cortina GT and a Lotus cortina ! Then the Ford USA Team took up residence at our works to develop the first Mustangs for the Monte in secret, these were exciting times for an auto freak in the sixties.

    One easter weekend I had to drive the race transporter ( A Ford 10/12 forunner of the transit ) to Aintree for the first race of the Atilla 3 , got to the gates after an 8 hour drive knackered at around four in the AM

    had to sleep in the cab, felt terrible all next day of the race.

    MK 3 started well amongst the Cs and D types ,Astons and all sorts of exotica. The car lasted a few laps and a wishbone broke. end of race . then on to Mallory, got a bed in a pub that night that was luxury.

    At the meeting on Sunday we are parked next to Lotus' transporter , quite a smart affair (its still doing the rounds at classic meets even now ) The new Lotus 30 , same 4.7 engine and setup as ours was rolled out and went out to practice with Clark on board.

    Comes the race Roy gets the holeshot and he is away with Clarky in hot persuit. Both cars are like GONE, nothing near them Val and I are really thinking we were made, every body will want one !

    Eventually the 30 sneaks ahead with a typical " I'm taking this corner" move from Clark who went on to take the win.

    Did demonstrate that home built specials with the right design can work.

    We pack up and back on the road to Goodwood for the final race of the weekend , bit of a disaster as Roy flushed with sucess of the Mallory blast, tries a Clark move and takes a whole third of the leading field off in the first turn !

    We pack up and head for home with a whole gang of other racers, stopping at an up market pub /restaurant near Midhurst wher I am introduced to my first lesson in Hotel /Pub wrecking. There WERE trout in the pool when we arrived I am sure, but maybe not when we left.

    Two of our party were standing in the bogs at the wall when a stranger joined us in the middle to enjoin with nature, when there was a scream of "Ill get you you bastards" from a girl in the party that we had just splashed in the trout pool , who rushed in with a bucket of trout water and drenched the poor well dressed unfortunate standing in the middle ! I escaped the manhunt that ensued by perching on the roof of the pub untill things calmed down ! Happy Days !

    Got home well knackered after a somewhat busy Easter.

    Mike :):):P

  2. It's almost as good as the sex/religion/politics in one thread number you started recently! :)


    I think your threads are like " Loose cannons ", O aquatic One

    What happened to 'Peace and Love,' man ?

    Ageing Hippy with head still on the Isle of Wight 1970.

    ( some festival that !)

    Mike, :):):)

    Must get the bells'n' beads and kaftan out again . Ooohhhh, I just remembered the purple Loons I wore !!

    ( Must have looked a right prat ! )

    but the mood was great while it lasted !

  3. :P

    Morris dancers from South Wales! :)


    OI Fishy , You sure they are not from Fiji ??

    Oh S... Me and my big mouth! Now I have upset the Fijians!

    Oh Well ..

    NOBODY loves the British ...............We interfere everywhere but really we mean well.

    Give those Yanks a BIG kiss Fishy or once again they will be Over annoyed, Over fired up and Over here. AND after you !!! :):):)


    Keeping a Low Profile at Hethel !

  4. Mr.Ring, I never travel anywhere without my flock. :o

    The tasty one on the left is called Blossom. :o

    Shes quite a Goer ! :D

    I like her eyes.

    I am very attracted to her.

    Thank you Wayne for the introduction..........

    looking forward to meeting Blossom!!

    Mike :(

  5. OK,

    Starting to get things moving for my winter overhaul of stuff (lots planned)

    Any way starting with the easy stuff that I am not doing my self i.e. wheel refurb does anyone have a spare set of wheels for a G turbo they would be willing to lend me while I send mine off.

    I don't fancy leaving the car on stands for over a week outside!

    Cheers in advance.

    I will of course help keep the lenders glass topped if they are at the factory meet.

    Glyn , Cut some discs (wheel sized ) from 18 mm ply and you can push the car back into the garage !!

    Mike :D

  6. (yet)

    Im flying to Hethel with a newish outfit called Zoom.

    Fingers Crossed :D


    I am becoming curiously attracted to your woolly friends, I do hope they will fly with you , We should be able to fit them into the 350 somehow.

    Perhaps we could arrange a Fivesome one evening ?

    What is the name of the' Little Charmer 'on the left ???

    Mike B)

  7. 1997 GT3


    Wiper Delay Timer

    Transmission Tunel Pocket

    K&N Air Filter

    Ram Air mod

    S/S De-Cat pipe

    S/S X180 Rear Box

    Electric chargecooler pump

    S/S Braided Clutch line

    Battery charge port to transom

    S300 Rear spoiler

    S/S Sill plates

    V8 Leather comfort seats

    PNM brakes upgrade front & rear. Carbon pads on front

    Aeroquip brake lines

    Kenwood flipover cd/radio

    Fire extinguisher

    ... And a Bailey BOV and PUK Chip to go on when the time is right :)


    Ben , that list still makes me smile when I read it !

    Mike :) Have Fun !

  8. Sorry Mike for some reason I thought you had a Giugiaro Esprit (probably because your a fine gentleman) :)

    Any chance of selling it and buying a nice S3 Turbo before I arrive? :)

    Does this mean shankses poney for Wayne ? :):):P

    You are quite right I did have an 85T . I loved it but was seduced by a GT3, then the S350.

    I could have taken you in this Gentlemens carriage a few years ago but I progressed into Esprit ownership !



  9. Congrats Simon :P

    Model is perfect and the colour :lol: That's like a supercar's colour should be :P

    I love my 350 but my old 85T in Calypso/ Magnolia still haunts me..............

    Mike. :):(:) ( Maybe I will have to buy another one......Had promised myself a Climax Elite first. )

  10. Mike,

    Should we bring a couple of ewes back with us from the North Wales run on Sunday B)


    Ewe can speak for yourself Graham .

    Maybe its time to Ram Bam and thank you M'aam,

    On second thoughts its " Dag if I do and Damned if I dont..........."

    Sheepishly ,

    Mike :rolleyes:

    I know , there is no need to tell me...... it's sunk to a new low.....

  11. same here.... although i spent several 'happy' hours removing the Cats from the pipes....

    How do you find the volume? I've got a the Lotus sports exhaust, and the combination is very loud! :rolleyes:


    Will , I would like to hear your exhaust setup as mine is totally std and sounds a little short of 'Supercar'

    I will catch up with you at Hethel if not before to compare notes.

    Mike :lol:

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