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  1. My card would bounce right now mate........whats latest date, need to wait for the money want one though!

    You Spendthrift... ...

    At least if you dont run your own business you do get to KEEP your wages !!!

    Mike :)

    Suffering from Government Clawback......... :)

    On second thoughts

    WE ought to buying YOURS !!!

  2. Alan

    Give me a shout if you're free we'll have a pint at my local.....or 2....3....are you strong enough to carry me home? :D

    Kimbersh ...

    Yer are supposhed ter be a 'spectabull Honda man, I dont fink yoo shood be torkin like this.

    If you wear the Honda regulation underpants you should'n be aktin like a pishead. IIIIIIIIII'm glad I am taykin Wayne in my carrrr cos you would be leedin me from the parves of righteousnes.

    Get yer sorry arse down ter Sains. and buy up all the red in the Wobbly bottles...........Its good stuff . Innit.

    Mike :D:P:P

    ( not drivin ome ternight from the office. I'll walk. iF I can make the nine feet to my bed)

  3. I wish, I could do with some sleep. Still have the carpet pattern on one side of my face from last night....don't previous post (drunken ramblings) will answer everything! :(


    Fear not . for you know not what you do , only that you keep doing it. This is known as a Rite of Passage.

    You are still young, there will be plenty of time to repent and lead a sober and upstanding life when you become of age!

    This change will creep up on you, but you will not notice this change until one day you will wake up in your own bed and realise its more comfortable than a Privet hedge.

    This will be the New Dawn and a watershed in your life. Congratulations, you are halfway to becoming an Old Fart !

    Just dont ask me how I know !!



    Ex licensee of a public hostelry.

    (and purveyor of alcohol beverage to some right tossers in my time !)

  4. Mike , astonished a man of your stature would still wish to be associated with a pariah like me! :D

    So I guess I had better book a flight on some sort of aeronautical contraption (or cling to the undercarrage) :P

    Wayne ,

    I think that you are confusing me with someone that gives a F... for popular opinion !!!

    We renegades , pariahs, black sheep , etc have gotta stick together.

    Anyway , we are the sort of people that have the crazy ideas that work !!

    Mike :o

  5. Makes sense (to me) that the new car will carry the great Esprit name. B)

    They did just resserect the Europa name too! :P

    Thank god I say, last thing Lotus needs is another daft name like Elise or Exige :D

    So NOW you have re-appeared !

    I have your Tu-tu washed and pressed and I am ready to meet you at the airport with a big bunch of flowers...........

    Mike :o:P;)

  6. Always had bikes, been a disease all my life.

    I love my Esprit , its the only car I am happy to spend money on but if push came to shove and I could only keep one toy , the Lotus would have to go , I just cannot live without a motorcycle!

    Current machines.

    Mike :D

  7. ooeerrr :lol:

    Not trying to subvert the cause or anything, I just noticed someone saying they were camping thats all!!!

    Camping ???

    NO Mark,

    That'l be Karl !!

    Probably where he will park his Harley............ And its pink ! ( Full DRESS , of course)

    Mike :D

  8. Guys,

    I offered to collect Wayne from the airport ( and he accepted) when the Hethel day was first mooted.

    At the start of this current hiatus I mailed Wayne to encourage him to continue with the forum. To date , no reply and I have today mailed again repeating my offer of a lift to Hethel.

    If I dont receive a reply to this latest mail then we can assume that he will not manifest Himself among us and I am at liberty to offer the same collection from the airport to another member from abroad.

    Mike :P

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