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  1. :devil:

    And by Mercury, I assume you mean a couple of 496 C.I. big blocks cranking out steamroller like torque. None of this sissy outboard stuff :)

    Actually, I have a Merc 4hp 4stroke for my dinghy

    Put these sissies on yer Dinghy........

  2. Blimey Kimbers !

    it sounds THAT good I might just get one myself !!

    Just pop' over to France Yeah, Right.

    Reminds me of a Cross Channel race I did in the seventies in a 20 footer.... took 41/2 hours it was so rough ( only 3 boats completed the race ) The course and rescue boats even turned back !

    I can tell you Life comes quite cheap out there , there is a lot of sea and very little help if you are in trouble........


  3. Thanks for your concern Guys ,

    I had SOooooooo much trouble staying hooked up to LEF that I just could not be arsed with the continual resetting passwords and all that nonsense.

    I mentioned this to Bibs at 'Bash 40' and he has since talked me through the intricacies of the cookie system and hey presto all is on line again.

    Thanks Bibs, you are indeed a fount of knowledge and a source of amazement to me . 'So much to know and so little time'

    Thanks again ,

    Mike :respect:

  4. "as for competing with lew its ridiculous to think that, Bibs should be free to add what he likes to this forum in any capacity, if he so wishes to add a for sale section and wanted section how are we to say he can or cant? its his decision at the end of the day "

    Exactly so Simon, its not our place discuss the way someone should run their affairs or their business. We are more than capable of "voting with our feet" Too much interference from us is like the tail wagging the dog and we should be more than grateful that there are people like Bibs and kato that can provide two separate and excellent services to the esprit following that they do so well .

    Bibs and Kato..........Good on yer and thanks !

    Mike :lol:

  5. I was at my marine trimmers today collecting some boat trim and was shown some full hides in Magnolia that were bought in for a super yacht and the owner changed his colour scheme. This sort of thing happens quite often when dealing with the the Super Rich!

    Anyway, there are some very high quality hides in Magnolia and one or two in black which I saw today and that can be bought very reasonably and I can thoroughly recommend them to anyone considering a retrim.

    If interested please contact the trimmer direct as I have no angle in this other than passing his name on to you deserving people.

    The items offered are strictly legit. and Chris Bramble is a Good Egg ! :yes

    Tel no 07754 101040 Or, at [email protected] ......... (Yes the sad bugger rides a cruiser !) :(


  6. You must be so high on adrenalin after a race that you can't sleep for a week. :)

    Thats the least of the problem, you feel so battered on Monday, just about come back to life on Wednesday and try to run the business to make some money to go racing again.

    On Thursday you are checking and repairing the boat and motors for next weeek ends race !! :)

    You would not believe the number of businesses that go under because the owner has discovered a lifestyle that is so addictive that it will take over the remaining brain cells that are still functioning !

    Mike :crybaby:

    Oh, and I have just remembered the hotel wrecking and late drinking and standing in a small boat rocking about with a massive hangover while the diesel fleet fired up...oh my head hurts and we havent raced yet !

    Windermere records week is something else........

  7. I would never do that sort of thing again without seat, straps, calm water and a rescue boat on standby. V dangerous water , high speed and big impacts.


    Its the quite considerable G forces onthe neck and spinal column that did for me, by the end of the seventies I had done approx ten years of racing in small boats and feeling 'electric' shocks across my shoulders in extreme G force conditions, thought nothing of it until the end of the eighties and during one really rough Round the Island race and in the lead off the Nab we fell into a hole and I was paralysed for about twenty minutes !. it must have been some impact in a two ton boat as the engine , a big block was hanging off its mountings in a drunken manner !

    Not the first time for drama in boats for me , nearly died from hypothermia when the boat I was testing prior to a world champ event was 'Submarined ' after too much enthusiastic driving was last seen passing the Needles with only the pointy bow above the water !

    Happy Days !

    AND then there was the time that ......

    I wont go on, dont want to bore you 'Motoring Types' !.......... Shall we talk Insurance ?? :wallbash:

    (Did anyone catch the powerboat P1 series shown on SKY last night ?)


  8. This is what we do for 'fun' :wallbash:

    Its fun Tony all right .......

    Been there doing it for over 20 years, Got the broken neck AND had the vertebrae repair op to prove it...............

    I will only go fast in boats now when the sea is relatively flat !

    Mike :welcome:

  9. We are building a Ring 25 sportsboat at the moment with a Mercruiser 6.2 (some 440 hp) this has 'Silent Choice' underwater and open 4" pipes through the transom , will be interesting to hear how this 'new ' sreries of engines sound.

    Mind you , for general performance use in the UK with high fuel prices I think the new series of 4 stroke outboards will be the way to go much as I love the sound of a Big Block.

    I have some scribbles on paper now of an intended 30 footer with 3X 350 outboards.

    The sea is going to be the last place you will be able to 'Go Fast' legally unless you have access to a warbird!

    For your boat you could look around for a 'switchable' exhaust system, you might find someone that is removing a Silent choice system, maybe in the states.


  10. A boat that you know Tony ?

    That certainly aint Windermere !!

    I guess they are not 350 Magnums so are they 454s or 502s ??

    The sound of a pair of Lambos with open meggas in a class one boat on full chat as we were overhauled slowly during a race was unforgettable !


  11. And when organisations like the BBC who really ought to know better do shockingly poor things too.

    But who is surprised any more?!

    ^^ (D'ya see what I did there?!)

    I have also heard BBC TV news pr :beer: esenters claim that something WREAKED havoc! :D

    ...and it's I could HAVE done (x,y or z) NOT I could OF done it! The slang is I could've or could 'ave not could OF! (Sorry - that one kinda bugs me lol!)

    But who would of known?! :ice:

    Oi Fishy !

    I remember standing next to you when you asked of the counter assistant.....

    " Could I GET a cola ?" or whatever it was that you wished to order. :rofl:

    Or is that now Cool streetspeak ?? an i dont geddit, innit. cos imer old git? :wallbash:


  12. ;)

    I'm in my tent at Le Mans, the atmosphere is great and we're having a lovely time. Beers are chilling, BBQ is warming and if only you could hear the noises from the track!

    Might post some pics later ;)

    You cannot kid us Bibs. ;)

    We know that you are getting a right hosing down. Its hissin' down here [left

    The coverage on Motors TV was really first class, excellent commentators and good intervews. Even the camera work was in the main very good .

    AND Bibs , make sure that the LEF tent is nice and clean before we need it again ! ;)

    See you at the next exravaganza.............


  13. Well I haven't gone to either.

    Just trawling through the interent trying to find things for the workshop. Looking for suppliers of consumables who don't wish to be found. Trying to find good prices on tools. You know exciting stuff. If I don't sort out a unit soon I think my head will explode.

    I didn't make plans for SCS as I have had a stomach bug all last week. With BigSi's car and this bug I have lost 9lb. I have however found the lost lumps in my stomach, last seen some years ago. So I suppose it's not all bad.

    Wot yer lookin for Troy ?

    I may be able to help .

    Mike :huh:

  14. Heh - I was driving up a lot of the Autoroute with my only my sidelights on as you're not supposed to have your pods open above a certain speed... eh MIKE?! :whistle:

    I can confirm that dropping the headlamps at Mach 1.6 feels like an afterburner is lit up.......... :o

    Do you like my 'Impressionist' photography ? OUR excuse is the Pave on the champs Elysee and trying to dodge Algerian yoofs in bangers that were determined to try and outdrag us from the lights which even when red, Parisians and S350 drivers tend to ignore. Its so easy to go 'native' , seems to come naturally to me ! "Je suis une Ooligan"

    Mike :)

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