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  1. Come off it Fishy ,

    You know that I am easily led .....and you ARE the Prince of darkness when it comes to Esprit matters.

    It is fully documented , all the evil things that befall an Esprit pilot when you are in the vicinity.

    I need not name the other unfortunates , but feel free to bare your souls and recount your experiences at His Evil Hand . You owe it to the brotherhood ,that all should be made aware of the risks.



    VICTIM :blink::D


    I think I did you a favour! By giving into YOUR OWN desire to show off, the water pipe went earlier, while you were still in my company. Otherwise it would have gone after you had dropped off my handy AA card and I!



  2. Fishy,

    You need therapy.

    You MUST get this Lambo monkey off your back , you are beginning to affect those around you . Ergo . even I have a Diabolo model on my desk in " Gorgeous Norfolk Mustard"

    You are making us lust after things that are out of our league, I still havent forgiven you for encouraging me to show off to that black Countach this year on the M40 when every thing in the engine bay turned into a Turkish bath at Mach 1.35 and left us with an AA lift home! :blink::D



    I hope you took him up on that offer!!

    (It's deffo Sant Agata Classics in Salford, Manc. btw!)


  3. Amen to that!!

    Jim you are an amazing fount of knowledge..

    Welcome and I hope you enjoy our sense of humour !




    keep on this board and give us the benefit of your technical experience!!!

    I have read your tech posts on PH and that kind of knowledge is invaluable.

    Enjoy the forum!!! :blink:


  4. Hi Lucas ,

    Thats the way my filter was fitted to my gt3 .

    Makes sense as you dont want the element sucked into the turbo.

    But ........, Why change from the KnN ?


    I replaced my K&N today with a WIX paper filter but I was unsure which way it went.  Its seems from Kato's site that the "veins" point away from the engine and out of the airbox, but this is counterintuitive.  Which way is correct?




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