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  1. Been reading your Global Warming Swindle quite sometimes. Surprised all your rebutal

    are conservatives agenda. If this post originated in the US, guarrantee you will be swarmed by Al Gore's disciples.

    U.S. polluted the environment for centuries, used up every kind of natural resources...then point

    fingers on China & India.....ha!ha!ha!ha!

    Yes sir! No one are allowed to progress....except (we), stupid!

    My beloved USA run by a bunch of tree spikers.

    Huggers wants you dead. One tree u cut, one coffin 4 u.

    Left millions of spikes in the tree trunks

    like millions of land mines left by the communist in Laos.

    Haven't heard the huggers since IBM Mainframe replaced by Mr. Gates.

    Our forest grown like Don Kings Afro hair. From N to S, E to W nothing but trees.

    Paper business are closing. Toilet papers? nothing to worry we can supply the world for 200 yrs..

    Huggers no longer interested with trees.

    Time to fabricate another apocalypse.

    Yes! they go Global, speak spanish? Si, El Nino senor!

    YOUR name would not be Teigan any chance ? :)

    Mike :)

  2. Hello all, sorry for the absence, as dave has already said i,m on dial up here and i,m using my mums computer (bless her) which should have been put in a museum a 100 years ago :o , (the computer that is not my mother) :P , any way onto clutch problem, firstly master cylinder was replaced last year, had no probs with it, ex hubby changed not garage, I only had clutch changed as car was going to have cam belt change and various other bits and bobs sorted out, clutch wasn,t slipping at time but it was biting late and reverse was getting hard to engage. Anyway I picked car up just before the lotus factory do, and it was fine, since then I,ve only done about 300 miles, about 700 all told, then clutch starts slipping, it goes back to garage and I,m told that the rod in the master cylinder was not set at the right length. What I dont understand is why was it ok to begin with and before new clutch was fitted. I suppose the main question is was it the responsibility of mechanic at garage who fitted clutch to check rod length in master cylinder, hes saying that it wasn,t, not part of schedule for fitting new clutch :o . Any way guys thanks for all your advise, I,m off to pick car up tommorrow and hopefully will be at donny. Going shopping tommorrow for new laptop and hopefully bt should be fitting broadband on weds, but i,m not gonna hold my breath this is the second attempt at connecting broadband, this place is like the dark ages, I have to travel 50 miles to get to the nearest decent shopping centre ie next, river island, animal, tesco etc, I mean what is a girl to do :sofa::P:o

    By the way bibs cool smileys, :P:P:)

    See u all next week :):):P

    GOOD, to see you tapping out messages again Lisa :thumbsup:


  3. I thought we were all blaming the cows for farting methane gas for global warming at the moment :)

    Martyn :lol:

    It wasnt so long ago that the nutters were predicting the demise of the planet through burning the Brazilian rain forests, must have got bored with that subject and moved onto cars. :crybaby:

    Probably not long before they move off transport and advocate euthanasia for the over forties! :)

    You never hear talk of an International Brigade to wage war on the Chinese industrialists on their home turf ! :)


  4. Rallying to the cause.

    Pete has a small business with limited staff supplying a HUGE SERVICE to all and sundry.

    Yes.......... I have waited for parts to manifest themselves from PNM, but what the heck, do I wanna pay ripoff prices or can I possibly be patient with a small company run under duress dealing with a lot of guys with big egos demanding Top Dollar service but not prepared to pay for that service.

    I wont list the companies that you COULD try to deal with..........

    Put up ...Or shut up.

    Pete's been good to me........

    Mike ;)

  5. All things being equal I will be there with Tony. I look forward to reacquainting myself with many of you.

    Hi Mike ,

    It will be good to see you there.

    Dickie Soans is requesting leave from 'She Who Will Be Obeyed' :thumbup: to attend !

    Will bring him up in the 350. :thumbsup:


  6. I couldn't agree more Bibs. It appears from reviewing the post, that it has only made teigan more popular and notorious, in a weird, twisted way. Everyone is @ odds here, and he is probably sitting back laughing.

    The post should be deleted in it's entirety.

    Agreed, by even mentioning the name you are giving credibility ..............I move that once someone has been that much out of order to get himself banned then his name should never be mentioned on here again,no matter what subject he may lead in with.

    Barred ? ........ Then keep out of my pub because you will eventually re-offend.

    As an ex Licensee, I speak from experience......... :P


  7. My Ticket arrived today. :)

    Anybody know of a good place to stop near Brands Hatch? Might save me long journey back in the evening?



    DONT. Stay at the Holiday Inn at the bottom of Wrotham Hill..........the food is crap and the service is worse..............

    Mike :crybaby:

  8. TO:

    Forum moderators,

    For a person that for many reasons has been barred from this forum , we are spending a large amount of time discussing his misplaced theories.

    In my opinion we have given the word "Teigan" quite enough audience. Can we now , not just flush him out of the system and put the manhole cover back on ??

    Mike :animier:

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