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  1. Anyone in Sweden who could pick up an Apple iTunes gift card for me for 100 kronars? I'll paypal you the money!



    Hi Paul,

    I send quite a few boats to Sweden and I am in contact daily.

    PM me what you want exactly and I will get my man to arrange.


  2. Mike, that expression brings back memories... were you per chance involved in CB back in the day (illegal AM naturally)? :huh:

    Apologies for going off topic, but curiosity got the better of me :)


    Not at all James , I never did use a CB.

    Must have been a Freudian slip (from my renegade dark side) instead of using " callsign"

    Mike B)

  3. ' O LUCKY ME !!'

    I have just been through the entire members list and I have added a whole one and seven eighths pages of " friends"

    I am sure there are many 'handles' that I did not recognise and to those people I apologise for not including them.............

    Just goes to show how many people that you can warmly call "friends" through the Esprit brotherhood.

    I am not a 'clubby' person but I have met a lot of real Good Guys and Gals on this forum and at meets , and I thank you all for the opportunity

    to be part of the Lotus association.


    Mike :huh:

  4. I've had 2 e-mails, one from Esprit 350 and one from MKE40 to say they BOTH want me as a friend...........SWEET :P

    I've now sussed out how it works, so I'll be asking everyone to be my friend. :P

    Can someone decline when asked by someone else to be a friend? :P That would really hurt :o

    Remember, a friend in need is a could do without


    Graham ,

    been offered a 916 for track days , and seriously thinking about how to rake up the cash !

    ( Dont tell " Il Dragone" !

    Mike :P

  5. I have chosen both of you as friends, I may live to regret what happens?

    HEY Wayne !!

    Looks like we found our pigeon.

    I'll try him out...................

    " Howard, Could you find your way clear to lend me a few Quid, as I want to buy some new tyres for the car ??"

    Mike :huh:

  6. Bibsy,

    OK, I will accept the change to the forum layout and graphics . But wot about me Mates Innit.

    I am always happy with my own company, but there are a few that I havent bored to death and will still talk to me......where are they and how do we get them on to my list. AND having got a few on the list, how do I not offend those that have not yet become friends but may be on very social terms and right on the cusp of becoming lifetime soulmates...........I would not like to offend thse delightful souls !!!

    Teach Us O leader.

    Mike :unsure:

  7. Welcome to the future Mike. You're now hipper, trendier, faster and more streamlined with enhanced security and a more exciting experience.

    Any more questions?

    Oh, and it's not finished yet, other than the LEF logo and buttons. PS check out someones profile, it's like myspace and 150,000,000 can't be wrong! :lol:

    HOLY S33T MY ASS IS ON FIRE!!!!!!!!!!

    LET ME OFF !!

    MIKE :D

  8. Whats up Bibsy ?

    Got some new toys to play with ?

    I reckon I liked the previous graphics better , seemed easier to read , more user friendly.......

    ONLY JUST... My humble opinion, I'm a boatbuilder , what the hell do I know ?

    Lay it on us Bibs , whats the SP on this one ?

    Innit , just.............

    Mike :D

  9. Sorry if I am posting this in the wrong topic. I just want to say that its my dads birthday today, he is forty six years old and I want him to know I love him and if you would please say happy birthday to him so I can embarress him I would be very grateful ! :D Thank you from Claudia Brewer, age twelve.

    Claudia, We all wish your dad a happy birthday, and I am sure he wont' be embarrassed !

    Mike ,

    Aged [email protected]?

  10. Happy Birthday Mike! :(

    Remember, your only as old as the woman you feel! :(

    Did you ever go out with Diana Dors? :(:P


    JUST remembered Wayne, Dors had a Delahaye drophead ( I think it was a 38 model ....Year not bust size. !)

    this car was outside Broad Oak garage in Heathfeild Sussex in the mid sixties just rotting away , no cover .

    Very sad now .but then I was into Elans . and WHO was interested in old Bangers like that.. IF ONLY I had known.............

    The petulance of youth

    Mike :huh:

  11. Happy Birthday Mike Old Chap!! Can you name that boat - if you can drag your eyes away from the tasteful lady.... :P


    Almost certainly a Riva ???



    You daft B....r Pete.............I saw the boat and thought Riva and on second sight , the names in the bottom left corner !!!!!

    Just HOW old are you Pete..... and I thought I was cracking on .



    happy birthday mike.. the girls were wondering what time you were popping round for.... crumpet!?


    Coor Bigsi ,

    I dont arf fancy them two..

    Are they from The Valleys , Look you ?

    Mike :o

    Happy Birthday Mike! :(

    Remember, your only as old as the woman you feel! :D

    Did you ever go out with Diana Dors? :):P


    I will have you know Dors was top tottie in the fifties !

    ( but YOU already know that Wayne !)


    Mike, many happy returns on your birthday, I hope you have a lovely day :(


    Still out front, one day I'll be able to keep up with you :D :D :D

    Just one flight with those guys would be a lifetime ambition realised.

    Must be like the 350 flat stick , hanging it all out in a quick boat and head down ass up past Johnsons cafe on an open pipe !! :):)


    Happy Birthday Mike! :D



    Sheer Class Fishy,


    Mike :D

    happy Birthday mate :)


    "......One of my faves , got even better with the later collaboration and regularly heard when I have the strength to wind up the gramophone !

    Cheers Paul

    Not the only Good Ole Boy from Sun records.

    Mike :D

  12. Found this review on the web of the V8. I like the statement " wonderfully tossable sports car with the svelte body"

    Could you do better????? :lol::D

    Alex. B)

    The key word here is 'SMOOTH,' get that right and the S350 and the V8 is one of the best balanced cars on the road.

    An esprit , in my opinion is the least ergonomic card that I have owned and driven .

    It took me a long time to get 'Dialled into ' my first Esprit and the transition from the later GT3 to the S350 was 'restrained ' due to horror stories of handling problems , which never manifested themselves to me.

    The Esprit range is most varied and having owned an 85 Turbo ,onr of th4e best ) GT3 to the S350 which I like the most , ther are very different driving approaches needed to get the best out of each series.


  13. Does anyone know where i can get some sort of L shaped rubber to cover the corner of the house so I have to worry less about redesigning the paint work when parking the car?

    Just bought a house where access to the garage at the back of the house is tricky due to the width of the Esprit. I managed to cause

  14. Dont tell me your involved! :)

    Show those young punks whos the boss B)


    As ever Wayne, Quick on the draw with the pics !

    Punks they may be Wayne, but one thing I have learned , there is always a Faster Gun out there with a quicker draw !

    The only hope us Old Timers have is to outfox the inexperienced and know when to back off before you meet the Immovable Object/Cactus !

    The other advantage is knowing when YOU feel scared , thats the time to nail it and rely on experience to get out of a Bushwhacking, the Cafe Racers wont be expecting an old panhandler on a mule to come out blazing away !

    Johnny Ringo :)

  15. tomorrw im doign bugger all!

    and i dont even know why im posting this here at all! just to get it off my chest i thikn


    At times like these you need those nearest and dearest around you even if you act as if you dont love them. Making light of your probs. is maybe just their way of supporting you and not looking on the Dark Side , they need your support also to continue.

    In my time I have done my share of smashing things in my frustration , mostly at my own inadquacies and failures to achieve. Its a natural pressure relief valve used by , I am sure most Male Animals !

    Like kimbers was saying, Liz and I are the same, we have a nice home that people who visit say " You must do a lot of entertaining " , Do we Hell ! After a day dealing with customers and staff solving, or more to the point NOT solving problems, all I want to do is "L.T.F.D." Lock that f........ door, and enjoy the tranquility of my home. The LAST thing I need is Friends calling round , dont mind E mail, dont mind the phone too much , but I wanna be ' IN MY HOUSE' and enjoying a beer as I work. Liz and I ran a pub for 6 years or so and after that life where your home is open to the general public and worse, that is enough for anyone to want to LTFD from then on !

    keep calm Simon, dig your heels in and be determined.

    You will come through , if you have the faith in yourself.

    We are with you, and Yours..............


  16. Hi all.

    I would do this myself but would be seen to be "biased"

    Dad has been criticised in the letter section of Car this month:

    It reads:

    Korea Suicide (Play on Career there)

    I read with absolute Horror your interview with Mike Kimberley (CAR January), where he mentioned that Lotus will be selling a "Version of a fabulous car that our shareholders Proton are making". It's unfortunate enough that Mr Kimberley used the words Fabulous with Proton, His words are to suggest a form of vehicular blasphemy greater than anything the world has ever seen! All previous attempts pale in comparison to this heretic announcement.

    The best part is that Mr Kimberley doesn't seem to think this will dilute the Lotus Brand. Let me just say that the thought of the Lotus badge being stuck onto the nose of a Malaysian Tin Can will keep me away from a Lotus showroom forever.

    I know some think it's wrong but I take this personally and would ask everyone here and everyone you know to write a quick e-mail defending the decision (after all, they would have said the same about the Ford, Talbot and Vauxhall versions at the time if Lotus had leaked what they were doing, but they are all classics!)

    Car can be e-mailed at: [email protected]

    Cheers all. :P

    IT would appear that the letter writer in question is about as blindly biased against progress as any one could be.

    He obviously only looks at Lotus cars through rose tinted glasses , Thank Christ the Mk's six and seven were superseded by the arrival of the Climax Elite, very radical at the time but dontcha want one now ?

    Stuff the Purists I say !

    All the associations that Lotus have been involved in over the years have added to the rich history..

    I for one would love to own a Trabant with Handling and engine tweaks by LOTUS if it could ever materialise. Trabants on the Tunnel Runs ? Yeah Right on let me in !

    Survival for any company in this highly competitive dog eat dog world means looking at any thing that will ensure the survival of our Great British Marque.


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