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  1. Best one was the last which my old man has up on his wall "For the few who know the difference" I like that.

    AND THERE, ............ lies the problem...........

    No doubt the CEO will agree, 'Does not matter how good the product is ...if the proles dont' make up the sales figures ( Like on Elise / Europa ) everything is for nothing, you can forget beautifully designed and executed flagships. !

    Mike :)

  2. Ok so, it's obvious that anthony (Kimbers) has close ties with you all, but I've noticed a closeness recently that everyone here can be proud of.

    Since Anthony invited me on site here, there's been an amazing transformation both at the factory and amongst the Lotus owning community that has seen closer ties between the factory and enthusiasts/owners and benefits to everyone. Stoneleigh and the up coming January sale of Classic Lotus parts are great examples of how we can help you and how you can help us.

    Your support this year has lead the way in supporting our historical brand and long may it continue.

    I really wish you all a fantastic new year but there are a few mentions I have to make that I am sure you will all understand.

    Mr Betts (AKA Bibs) Great to meet you at least 3 times, a consumate professional and hopefully a friend to both my family and the company. Kato and Alan, as per my birthday message, thanks to both of you. Mr Ian Mayes, bet you didn't think I'd remembered you, but I have some great pictures of the factory visit with you on them!

    Mike Brewer, your daughter asked me for an autograph at castle Coombe 2 years ago. I haven't forgotten any of you and wish you all the joy that a new year can bring.

    Others include, Mike (who's more my age) and who my son tells me is a hooligan who races around London on Tunnel runs, and Rob Cunningham who sent me some fantastic pictures. Wayne from Canada (with a Brummy accent) who is a consumate engineering professional and many others.

    It's been a steadily improving year and here's to a successful new Lotus year

    Thanks for all your support. You are our greatest ambassadors.

    Thanks Mike , for the kind and enthusuiastic words.

    I am sure that I speak for all of us that have a little of the Lotus history in our blood when I say the Helm could not be in safer hands. We all know that you are one of the few people that can keep Lotus looking forward ,staying innovative but never forget your roots.

    We all owe a great deal to everybody that has contributed to the Esprit/Lotus fraternity and that means not just the guys like Bibs ,kato et al , who have done the Lions Share but also everybody that just turned up at a meet or has just posted a few lines on the forum.

    Thank you everybody lets have a cracking 'Two - 007' .

    best wishes to all ,


  3. Very nice shots guys, amazed to see the old man Mike at the Tunnell run,

    Kimbers, ..........The trouble with young people is that they all smugly think that the word 'Old' will never apply to them....They will remain convinced of this until long after the attraction of a few fingers of whisky and a hand at poker has inevitably become the main attraction in life !

    There a few 'Old' people that just wont let go and quietly become pigeonholed as most would like to see them.

    Have a word with the Old Man , he is a good example of still wanting to 'Kick Ass' and 'Shake dat 'ting'

    I would simply hate to be young and have to go through all that stuff that you have to learn as you make your way through life.

    Mike .

    Still kickin' B)

    mike is a top class hoon monster (even though he is a dirty 2 wheeled lover), knows what a 350 is for, its for at one point doing 80 hippos per hour in the west end (on a private road lol).

    remember a lotus is for hooning not just to put in a garage at winter LOL.

    HOW did you get time to look at a speedo Karl ???

    Shocked ....Mike :)

    P.S. Maths Class for the young persons on board .

    Repeat after me...........

    3X V8 are TWENTY FOUR !

    350 Plus Cobra and Mustang behind.

    ( Thats what Old Men do on a Boxing Day )

  4. Mike,

    Many thanks for the kind offer, unfortunately I'm at Heathrow right now and everything is on time (never thought I'd be sad saying that :blink:). There's a coach into Paddington running so we're going to do a quick "hit & run" around London and we leave for LA at 3:10 today.

    Have a great Christmas!



    Good collection of cars on the meet. General mayhem trying to navigate as well as drive , would be easier just to get lost and scrub the route and head direct for RV points !.

    Managed to take some pics , so if you PM me your postal address I will post a CD of the stuff I took.

    Hope you had a good trip back ,


  5. mike (oh sorry you cant your in a ghey 350, not a proper gt3 bahahaha

    You Just watch it you young Whippersnapper, or I may forget The Season of Goodwill ! :blink:

    Anyway, I have fitted the straight through pipes from the cats and the Tool is sounding twice (8) as nice ! Nothing like a poncey 'Rev my ass off' Buzzbox GT3 !! :)

    Har Har! :)


    0 to 60 = V Quick ( I have the gearbox parts to prove it !!) :o

  6. Mike,

    Many thanks for the kind offer, unfortunately I'm at Heathrow right now and everything is on time (never thought I'd be sad saying that :)). There's a coach into Paddington running so we're going to do a quick "hit & run" around London and we leave for LA at 3:10 today.

    Have a great Christmas!


    Shame about that Paul,

    Like Karl was saying ................

    Us '007' Numbers have a Covert meet tomorrow,

    We will take some pics and if the day turns out like I think it will you will be pig sick you wernt there !

    Shame we could not hook up .

    seasons greetings, :blink:


  7. We're in the final stages of our SE Asia expedition (more on this later) but we'd like to wish everyone a big merry Christmas and best wishes for the New Year! We'll be in London Christmas day for ~8 hours if anyone wants to get together (or cook a nice turkey dinner :))


    If you find yourself in London on Boxing day due to delays , get yourself along to central london in the AM and I can take you on a tour of the sights in the 350.

    Mail me before too late on Xmas Nite and I will give you a Tel No.

    If not have a good trip back home.

    Mike :blink:

  8. When one removes festive lights from ones christmas tree and from other locations around ones home, they are checked and packed away VERY carefully ready for next year.

    Next year comes and they are gently removed from their packets, only to find that they are all in a completely tangled ball with half of the bulbs missing, wots all that about!!!! :blink:

    You only THOUGHT you were sober......... :)


  9. [quote name='esprits4de' date='Dec 21 2006, 07:

    OSMOSIS !?! Obviously when humidity crawls into the fibers of the body, it will lead to fouling ( or sort of fungus growth ) and is irreversable.

    Has anyone ever heard of this, encountered it orfound a cure ?

    Is he just BS-ing me ? <_<

  10. Mike, dont forget to put at least 10% on for me :)

    Those bloody foreigners can well afford it! :D

    Wayne (no rest for the wicked, mon) :)

    Which foreigners did you have in mind Wayne, They are a mixed bunch .....Singapore, Tunisia, France, Belguim, and Sweden on the go at the moment .

    Now let me see , If I put 20% on those quotes for ME ....I could run to a Lamborghini by Easter !!

    Dream On !

    Mike :D

  11. Just doin' a few quotes here for export and feeling a little laid back with a few 'canny' friends of mine of five percent , the music is playin' with a sedate Nina bridging into Joni and then into Quadrophenia ( where did that line of thought come from ?) I have just run through Page and Plant ,into some vintage Clapton and wound up with a manic Stevie Ray Vaughans live rendition of 'Superstition'

    Gotta go now, to make sure that the Spag Bol sauce has enough Cinzano and wine reducing in the saucepan........

    Mike,....... dazed :D

    Need a rest .

  12. Proposals from outside yes, but it's the nanny state that accepts them!

    Any normal sane person would surely read the report and say, nope this is too much like controlling peoples life, crikey whats next? Feeding them on Soylent Green? (for those that don't know it's a film about a society that has "faceless, oppressive crowds; sheep mentality; the corrosion of the soul, of imagination, of collective memory.")

    Steady On kimbers.

    WE, have had to live with Social Engineering ....and Multicultural Ideology

    (Almost as bad in reverse as the Third Reich in the thirties............)

    So, what is so bad about a little Soylent ....give the chavs what they want and keep control of the state.

    Mike :D

  13. I'm all alone in our house on whole weekend :) ...with two cats :)

    Thinking for somekind of party...just get for present 1liter Ouzo and I haven't opened those two bottles of Baileys which I took from airfield :P So who's catching fast plane and take a visit to Finland :P

    TOO damn cold Jussi,!

    My pal in Sweden tells me that is is cold and has rained for a month .........and YOU are a lot further North !!

    Stay indoors and get plastered !

    Mike :P:(

  14. Stuff all the Take that / Williams nonsense.....I really thought I was going to see you in your nappies as a 6 month old...I feel cheated,........... Go On Paul, show us some pics of you as a baby!

    Mike :):):P

    .......Need a larf right now...........

  15. As ever I sart by making it clear that at no point am I advocating their position when explaining what's going on / how thigns are going to work etc - I think road pricing is a hideous intrusion.

    Thanks for the insight Fishy,

    Its nice to know we have a 'Mole' inthe House. I/we are so used to this Cynical government screwing more tax from us it is easy to blame the exchequer and Herr B.... for inflicting more misery.

    I suppose there really are 'people' who do believe they know best for us ......I guess they are called Members of Parliament . It has never occured to me to spend my lifetime telling people that I know best for them and use my day trying to impose my will on others.

    I feel that congestion is a 'good' thing in a way and is certainly self governing . Drive in London ? You must be joking , I can hardly get through on my motorcycle!! I just keep out of the place . As for any one who owns a car ( or rather tries to drive in central London) they are as barmy as the Hippies !

    Carry on Boating , Powerboats rule !

    1000 Horsepower equals 35+ GPH ! ( only used by special Forces you understand to defend the Realm !)

    Mike :)

  16. i think bikers all wear leather and are homosexual with heart shapes cut out there trousers, but i still talk to mike LMAO

    karl,......I DRAW THE LINE at that statement.........................

    JUST STAY OUT of my wardrobe !!

    Oooohh !!! You are Nice..........Mwahh ! Mwahh !

    Mike :)

  17. s car v g car is easy

    ppl like fish own a g car,,,,,need i say more LOL, good luck all the other owners of trying to win this argument lol.

    Karl ,Your persona is beginning to grow in my estimation !!!

    God rules.......... Or does it ?

    I would be interested to know how many of our friends and fellow owners believe inthe existence of a god.

    Nothing has 'Manifested Itself 'to me other than a few unexplainable supernatural happenings.

    What have others experienced?

    ( this is not to denigrate religion.... Some need it ......some do not )

    Mike the Unbeliever,

    But there may Something out there ! :)

  18. Robie tried and failed to emulate the big band era singers a couple of years ago, he does not have the voice or presence to match up to sinatra and co.

    who are take that? did victoria spice sing with them?


    You have Educated Ears ............... The boy may have the name Williams but could never be more than a squeek ...........when compared to Joe.

    Mike :)

  19. Well...

    These guys are about my age and still can do the whole dancing

    and singing thing, tonight they were even proper breakdancing and

    spinning on their backs and that.

    I'm finding it very hard not to respect them

    Am i on my own here????


    You ought to get out more Paul, Try a case of two dozen Creme Eggs or some other therapy.

    Surely your keeper Vicki can help get you through this worrying time?

    Dont worry Paul ........We are here to help you. You have done a lot for us all , we can help to get you into a nice warm sanitorium for rest and quiet.

    Did anybody see Emmerdale this week ?..................... :D:D:P

    Sad Person , from Worthing.

  20. Mine caught me having a long Kodak moment with an attractive lady at a wedding 6 years ago. :D


    Never lets me forget about that one ! :P


    ..............Those memories .

    I'm damm sure I wish they would lose them sometime !!!

    MIke :D

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