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  1. ITS BEEN A SORT of P...head evening.The Dragon has just come in and said "YOU are on that Lotus site AGAIN ?"

    "First timre this week " I say ...Dont think she believes me..... had a few beers now and I dont care any more, WELL until I get downastairs and start looking for the evening meal .

    HOPE , its not in the bin... Cos ... Women are like elephants ( not drunk ) but with memory , Like it always comes back and bites your arse when you least expect it ......


    We had a young lady architect round recently to do some calcs. and drgs. for the extension ( she was young enough to be my grandaughter ! )

    She was a lovely girl and I remarked to the resident dragon after she left " I think I am in love, what a little darling SHE was ! "


    Be warned all you young fellers out there .....Honesty does NOT pay.

    This evidence has resurfaced many times since and always when I am at a disadvantage through a minor misdemeanour !

    Without doubt the female mind is a very complex thing, unlike us thicko ,laid back , short memoried males.

    If we want something we take it . game over ...on to the next thing.......

    They have a different agenda, These creatures......... which ensures they take EVERYTHING !!

    Probably why the divorce rate is so high !

    Licking my wounds,

    Mike :D

    I have done 43 years, so there is absolutely no hope for me. :D:D

  2. Thank Allah ,

    There are a few guys on the planet that are prepared to live life to the full !

    I think this should be a training course for all Members of parliament in the UK, Cant hack it ? ....then dont bother telling me how to live MY life.........Carry on with your campaign for breastfeeding in public places !

    Mike. :D:D B)

  3. So when they indeed find it, I guess it will make you think again...

    "Karl the Unbeliever,"

    Come down to West Sussex karl, I have enough arks to turn you into Billy Graham !

    Bless you my son.


    Boatbuilding Rules..........

    ( Spent nearly forty years , 'FORTY YEARS ! ' doing it !!)

    Its the Cowsh. I cannot stand , and as for the Iguana droppings.......... Highlight of the week is looking for the Golden Eagle as its Friday coming up.........................

    Pic of a Nark.

  4. Guys,

    My coolers left aluminium sections in the steel ends of the pipes - slow solution but effective is to get a very very strong solution of sodium hydroxide (caustic soda) in a glass jar and leave the ends in there - all the aluminium was gone in 4 days - and the steel was lovely and clean.

    Note the reaction gets quite hot and I managed to hole an old coffee jar during the reaction..

    Its quite entertaining to watch it fizz.. if you have some time to burn..

    Quite clever lateral thinking Simon, but what happened to the idea of using a die...........?

    Mike :lol:

  5. Mike - thats one hell of a memory you've got :):P

    Every car/bike a drama, excitement or a lucky escape never forget !

    But I have remembered one or two that I have left out !!

    59 Norton ES2 W/L 500

    83 Ford Escort 1600

    54 Triumph Tiger 110 (iron head) 650cc

    Mike :lol:

  6. From Doomsday !

    Bikes and cars as they happened along ...

    37 Wolf 125 cc

    53 BSA Bantam

    54 matchless 350

    39 Standard Flying 9 ( flew through a shop window 1 am. !)

    52 Austin A40

    58 Standard Van

    54 Norton dommie 88

    57 BSA shooting Star.

    60 BSA DBD 500 Gold Star

    61 AJS 650 CSR

    39 ford E93 A van

    56 Ford 100E van

    58 BSA Dandy70 cc

    61 Austin Mini

    59 Lotus Elite

    63 MG Midget

    66 MG B

    68 MG B

    66 Lotus Elan S2

    69 MGB GT

    58 Commer Cob

    65 Humber Sceptic

    59 Hillman Minx

    70 Ford Capri

    71 Ford Capri 2L

    72 Range Rover

    75 Range Rover

    77 Range Rover

    75 Suzuki 175 Trail

    60 Triton 650cc

    85 MG Metro

    86 Alfa Boxer Gt

    88 Alfa GTV

    48 Riley RMB

    58 AJS 350cc

    87 Rover SDI

    73 Norton 750 racer

    54 Norton Dommie 88

    58 Norton 350 F/B

    82 Moto Guzzi LM2

    80 Ducati Hailwood Rep.

    82 Ducati 860 GTS

    73 Norton Commando

    77 Norton Commando

    82 Sanglas 350

    88 Range Rover

    59 BSA 650 A10

    56 Norton Dommie 600

    57 Norton Dommie 88

    54 Enfield 500 Bullet

    56 Triton 500

    86 Ford Sierra est.

    54 Norton Model 18 600 cc

    54 Norton Dommie 88

    56 Triton 650cc

    80 BMW R100 RS

    75 Norton Commando 860

    80 Lotus Elite 501

    94 Triumph Daytona

    98 Nissan Terrano

    96 Triumph Sprint

    85 Lotus Esprit Turbo

    00 Triumph Speed Triple

    01 Nissan Terrano

    78 Moto Guzzi Le Mans

    97 Lotus Esprit GT3

    04 Triumph Daytona

    03 Nissan Terrano Sport

    06 Triumph Speed Triple

    97 Lotus Esprit Sport 350 #11

    ............and a lifetime of boats on

    I'm sure I have left something out, but I can't remember what !

    Brain hurting now,

    Mike :)

  7. IMO there is but ONE Mustang...........

    The Shelby version was good but...

    There was no more charisma than this car had. What a way to sell a car to the public................and the soundtrack by Lalo Schrifrin was SOOOoooo cool..

    (AND the first 'Stangs in the UK were prepared at our workshop for an assault on the Monte by Alan Mann for Ford USA in secret)

    Happy days........

    Mike :D:):)

  8. I agree there Mike, there seems to be no 'standard' for what is acceptable in terms of punishment.

    I'm still trying to figure out what 'reasonable force' is while confronting a knife wielding intruder in your home.

    My answer to the police diktat " You will go to jail " was " Lets have a dead villain first "

    Seemed to go down quite well with the law !!!

    Mike :)

  9. My point was that in a human environment these bollards are 'unusual' (and I had not seen them before.)

    Accidents will happen and some innocent person will suffer a greater punishment than they deserve for a simple misdemeanour or lack of awareness.

    I fully agree with those that say they got what they deserve IF they tried to 'Jump' the timing mech. , however when my factory was broken into for the fourth time and I remarked to the fuzz that I will wire up the recently fitted window bars to the mains,

    "Oh no you cannot do that sir, that is a criminal offence of knowingly harming someone, you will go to jail !"

    Fitting a bollard that can knowingly harm a person is not showing a " Duty of care" to which we all as employers and citizens have to adhere, that is quite simply the point I was making.


  10. Ok so back to the original thread. What piccies you had? What deals have you done? (Mr Ring, I know you've been busy negotiating a block deal!)

    O.K. Pinkie,Me old Mukka,

    I have made a purchase of a couple of pics of me and the Guvnor, leaning on the Old Barrer an signing me book ! Stripe me Guv, wot a gent he is an no mistake....most erbligein' geezer an' only made a small charge ( for charity of course) :P 1250 +1252

    Dogs not runnin' terday , so I took the old Grey Mare dahn the track at Effel ( Them Huns ave got a place in the mountains wiv the same name) so I let er rip. ............. Stone me !! the rozzers ave got a copper wiv a camera ter do some dodgy shots that they are trying ter fit me up like, fer speedin on the A11 ! Summat abaht outrunnin the helicopter ? Not me chief, lots of silver cars out there , are yer shure it wern't a Onda !

    I had ter cough up for the picture so I dittent do no bird in the Norwich nick.!! 3641

    Bleedin Ellfire , if this is the way Lotus are going abaht drummin' up some business I will come next time wearin' one of me Aliases ! :P

    Mike :lol:

  11. IF that is not the most dangerous WEAPON that I have seen on the road, then I dont know what is.

    I find these videos far from amusing , it just shows the stupid hare brained depths our car hating council leaders are pushing us into.

    A perfectly innocent visitor to the town looking for the correct street........ inadvertantly takes a wrong turn.......... elderly passengers............. a death ? ( The van passenger was thrown to the windscreen in a violent manner. This accident was not speed related,but still someone was badly hurt.)

    Not thought out, typical local planning dept lack of intelligence. In our town the main A road through it is reduced by 'traffic calming' bottlenecks causing cyclists to wobble into the gap. How many deaths are needed to stop these tree hugging nutters creating hazards ?

    Mike :)

  12. pic one

    F1 Driver , Me ............. :(

    (In the car park !)

    Pic two.

    " All you gotta do is ...One foot in front of the other and stay upright "..... :(

    Thats one powerful looking hangover ..............Pinko !.

    Mike :D:(

  13. They were serving something, but to descibe as bacon butties may be infringing trades descriptions!

    I found the food passable but I had problems understanding the local dialect / patois ! :blush::lol:


  14. I shall set my alarm and keep the obligatory can of Red Bull by the bed...

    Just so I can bring this...



    Diss-claimer: Don't deny it, you know you wish they were all like this! da Party!

    THAT , is one cool looking rollerskate Nicko..................

    There is only one I know of that looks better........................SHUDDUP ... Karl !! :blush::lol::o

    Yeah I had to slap the anchors on at 90mph and stop in 30 yards to get that shot! :)

    Are you meeting us at 8 Mike? (Does that time sound right? Allowing an hour between the M25 and the Pohl Pot)

    Looks like I may be joining the SILVER Freight Train !!

    Mike :):P

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