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  1. Traffic calming I think is the official term for these annoying humps,

    I enjoy going over these 'calming' humps at the legal limit 'calmly' towing a really rattly and clanging trailer,

    Invariably these humps are placed in the road after requests from local residents irrespective of others that are inconvenienced by them in their journey home.

    Just my little attempt at a futile protest.


  2. MY Dragon ............(Quote)

    "If you think I am getting in that 'Car ?' and riding down the road with my arse dragging along the ground you have another think coming .......Lets sell that stupid thing eh? and get another Range Rover "

    This from the woman (when we were a lot younger ) who I had to fight tooth and nail to get the keys to drive our S2 Elan.

    In my opinion, Older Women just want the safe but boring Same Old ,Same Old and are most certainly 'Not Up For It ' No adventure in their souls. If you are worried about being 'compatible' with your partner when you are young , just wait until the pair of you get to late middle age !! :):o

    Having said that, we have such differing likes and dislikes we get on famously :o

    The older I get the more determined I get . to pack more into my life before I run out of time!


  3. Jackson Browne : Running on empty

    The Who : Who's next

    Joni Mitchell : Hissing summer lawns

    And no, I'm not collecting a pension yet :(

    PENSIONS, are not SSssooo bad............... Mind you, they are worth nothing.can't buy much with them....

    Anyway, you have reminded me of major contributors to my collection. Gonna play some Joni now also Browne.........feeling a little mellow and laid back as its Fri. Nite and the beer is beginning to become more important than working .................

    See you on the other side.

    Mike :):)

  4. OMG!

    I just totally had a "lost Boys" moment! :)

    I was eating my lunch when I saw a small (2-3mm) bug walking through it!!! :)


    Looked again and it was a perfectly inanimate bit of slightly burned potato! :)

    Note to self: SLEEP MORE!



    This Forum-Clock issue is causing hilarious mayhem!

    Your reply arrived before I posted!!! :(

    It thinks my post was done at some time in the future so in order to even be able to post this I have had to Edit my original post as every new post comes under flood control!

    Barking! :)


    Psychologically ...... you ARE a Meat Eater !!!

    You imagined a tasty bug and were salivating/halucinating just at the thought of blood !

    Vegan My ass !!!!!!

    Mike :):(

  5. INNER CITY?!?!?!?! :(:):(

    Have you SEEN where I live?!?!?!

    :) :) :(

    I'm amazed the little flockers got past the armed guard! :P


    Quite Simply...........

    Just plain , Over-privelidged , Thats you !!! :P:)

    Where do you garage the Lotus ?

    Members carpark ??

  6. Well Halloween can now kiss my bumkin!

    Three pikey little t0ss rags just chucked god only knows what at my (day) car when I was fetching my rabbit home from the vet. They scared the cr4p out of her. I leapt out of the car as they were scarpering but couldn't give chase due to said bunny... and it's a bloody good job I wasn't in the Lotus to boot, or I'd be arrested now :)

    I dont quite understand you Robin...........

    I have known you for about 4 or 5 years , consider you a friend, but you are also an unfathomable enigma !

    You are a caring and kind person, yet you are willing to do damage to these poor underpriveleged youngsters, who at the utmost , only wish to defile your property as a 'divertissment' from the humdrum of Red Ken's inner city, no more than that !

    They are only looking for a little 'Inner City' fun to pass the time, just who do you think you are you to deny a moment of passing innocence ?.

    Shame On You Fishy. :):):(


  7. Hi all

    Am a little drunk but need to get something off my chest........I'm sure I'm not alone with this.

    Why oh why can I not work hard and spend my hard earned money on something I really want (i.e. a nice car) without some absolute Fkin Tw*t coming along to spoil it?

    My Boss called me in the office and said that I was doing so well that I could chose my next car.....anything I want. Working for Honda it has to be one of them, but a good mix of performance and low company car tax decided me on the Acccord 140psi Diesel (awesome 50-70 speed) in Blueish Silver metallic with Pimped out windows and 18inch Smoked alloys. Beautiful!

    One week later (yesterday) I walk out of my house and guess what! Keyed all the way down both sides!

    Tonite at just gone past 12 I get a phone call on my mobile saying...we know your car and it's history, don't bother fixing it cause it, like you, is history.

    Well I say bring it on, cause if I catch them You lot need to petition the PM to get me outta jail cause I will kill em!

    Whats worse is that the respray comes out of my department. Part of my commission is based on bottom line profit, so this comes directly outta my pocket.......

    Any contributions are gladly accepted :rolleyes: If not please chat to me at Stoneleigh cause I am mighty depressed and in need of some support right now!


    IF should ever get another call from this 'Deprived person' . Invite him to key you , not some inanimate object that cannot bite back .........

    No Bottle these 'W' Anchors.

    One thought ......

    Get it resprayed Pink....You know it makes sense , it will look like some Girlies car and less likely to attract the Cretins !!

    Mike :D

  8. What a day!

    I shall post more when I have some time :D

    Good to hoon with you Mike :)

    YO , FISHY, Innit just ???

    Just LUURVE those slicky roads, all you need when you get out of bed at 4 AM for a meet !!!!

    That 350 is SOOOOOoooooo well balanced..!!!!

    ...getting to love that Mutha !!

    Mike :rolleyes:

  9. what about a "champagne palace" (sunseeker) but more bling lol

    think there great, dont know much about boats, but i was amazed they vacuum pack them in the winter, really strange to see.

    gangsta rap is the way to go in boat style i think lol


    You cannot Out- Bling the A Rabs !!

    Mike :rolleyes:

  10. It seems that my Lotus days are over :(

    For this year :(

    Forecast for next week is about -5 to -10celsius and small possibility of snow :D

    Took the car out today. We made some last fixes, I have now spare cables for opening the engine bay (in case original brokes). Washed the car, checked fluids, put leather cream for interior.

    Feel very sad now, it's like selling the car. Next time driving it would be some april 2007 :rolleyes:



    Photo taken today.

    Jussi :(

    Happy Hibernation Jussu,

    Stay on Forum and we look forward to you coming over next year if possible.

    Mike :)

  11. the fez looks amazing i have to say, thats craftsmanship

    mike - with your expertise and my "dont give a crap about the bearded ones" attitude lets mod a boat LMAO, the trailer has got to be on at least 28"s to start with lol.

    YOU ARE ON ....... Karl,

    What do you have in mind...............???

    is it power or 'Styling' ??

    We could use wheels supplied by John Deere for the trailer...........Big enough ??

    Mike :P:blink::D

  12. I was thinking of one of your Wooden boats.........or is it?



    AND!!! If OAP's buy Honda's, these days they are cool Grandads and Grannys


    NICE, ter see yer rising to the bait Kimbers !!!

    I would not like you to be dozing off just because its the weekend ! :D:P

    That timber craft is far too smart for anything that I would have designed , one critism, helm position should be to Starboard anyway.

    As far as the Old Boilers are concerned they are far too young for me ( ON the Q.T I think they may be related to Karl )

    Come to think of it, did Karl mod the 'Dugout ' Fez ???

    My felicitations to your good self and 'The power of dreams'

    Mike :P:blink::D

  13. Cheer up Kimbers, we ain't all grumpy old sods :D I had a good peruse last week and came up with a list of photo numbers as long as my arm, so I chose a set of three 'ego shots' (one of the car on track, on of me in a group in the factory, and one of the group photos with me in it somewhere) in the large size to see how they come out. I have a nasty feeling they'll come out gorgeous and I'll just have to buy the rest of them :P


    Yeah, Kimbo ,

    We will all get round to ordering in due course !! :blink::D:P


  14. My pint of Hook norton copper ale cost the same tonight as it did on tuesday night.

    Although i think salt and vinegar McCoys might have gone up.

    Anything else is a bonus to me.



    Its a good job you dont have to buy stainless steel sheet, Running at an average increase of 10% per MONTH, or so my supplier tells me. When you use 2 grands worth of S/S in one fuel tank , how can you quote ahead for export deals that can take months to close.

    All is not well with the economy......

    Mike :):(:(

  15. Is anyone convoying to Stoneleigh?

    If so when and where. I will be coming from Norwich, so A14 across to M6 on the Sunday morning. Anyone?

    Watcha Gonna be drivin' Kimbo .........??

    One of grandads Ondas ?

    If you are desperate for company , I could bring the truck to make some competition for you ...... :(:(:)

    Mike. :(

  16. Ok so back to the original thread. What piccies you had? What deals have you done? (Mr Ring, I know you've been busy negotiating a block deal!)

    Not Yet 'PINKIE'

    But I have one of you , you young Hoodlum..........

    I know how Honda get sales from the Old Folk..................

    Not a pretty sight....................



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