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  1. Stuart - thank you, my son plays rugby at wymondham so quite often that way - il drop in one evening over the coming months, be great to actually met some of you guys. regards mick
  2. chipp you're a star thank you .. good idea, do you think people are interested in its progress - i just didnt want to bombard with loads of photos. its been really helpful on here already mick
  3. well spotted - yes its a DB9 bought it new 2007 but rarely drive it ... im hoping the lotus will get more use though
  4. heres a couple of pictures of the car - this was about 2 months ago and this is where im currently at - im really pleased i chose an esprit , im have a great time working on it
  5. hi mike thanks - i see my cars listed on the document above this thread - does i mean its the second jps made as i cant see number 2 on there? mick
  6. Hi Guys, id like to introduce myself im currently working on a JPS restoration project ( no3 ) which has been stored since 1994 - although the car is 100% complete its a total nut and bolt project. im sorted for engine which has just been completely rebuilt by historic lotus racing (first class job) ive also got my eye on someone to paint it (body off chassis) but im a little stuck on the interior - does anyone know/recommend anybody - im especially on the hunt for the original gold cloth which ive heard still exists? its my first lotus restoration and thoroughly enjoying it, learning as i go and meeting some great poeple on the scene any help greatly appreciated mick
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