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  1. I visited my mechanic to see the progress... Apparently the sleeves were badly corroded... Previous owner put water?? in the engine ? Who knows ?
  2. I have no idea... But I will ask !! Hope he did it correctly !!
  3. Update : Hey I just got my crankshaft back from the machinist !! Apparently the aging machinist suffered the heart attach mid-September so my build was delayed by 3 weeks... (at least that was the excuse from my mechanic, hope he was not lying for something so serious) Below you will see photos of the polished crankshaft installed on the block and the assembled pistons with conrods... Now the final part of the build begins...
  4. Yes, I think he is a little crude about this work... He also doesn't give too much attention to tolerences (he say 1 gram difference is ok, when I asked my mechanic he said we are doing it at a few hundredths of a gram)... I believe this must be a small block V8 or low revving pick up truck... Thus he doesn't care much... Just guessing...
  5. Thanks guys !! I will need all the good luck for my rebuild to work, even though my engine is in good hands !! Funny part, I called back my mechanic and asked him if he sent the flywheel to the machinist, because from what I saw in the video, the crankshaft is balanced with the flywheel... His response was hilarious... : "You are telling something that others have been doing for over 50 years now !!!" Apparently, my enthusiasm in my new knowledge is not shared by everyone !! At least my mechanic has a good sense of humor... He added, that I am a good student, but I will be top student when I am able to set the timing on the camshafts of a Ferrari 360 Modena with the minimal amount of tools !! (It is an inside joke between us, it started 2 years ago when I took my Ferrari 360 Modena with messed up timing - previous mechanic's fault - and asked him to fix it with degree wheel & dial indicators. It took him just 1 day and minimal effort to fix it... My guess is that he has special tools from a perfectly timed Ferrari 360 Modena and he applies it as a template to fix the timing... so no need to use all the tools... however he will never tell me his secret !! LLOL)
  6. I personally don't have much experience from rebuilding engines.. This is my first car that needed total overhaul of the engine... So I watched this video on Youtube that explains very well the process. Later I called my mechanic and asked him if the machinist is doing all the steps described in the video (weighting the conrods, pistons, pins, rings, removing metal from conrods to make them equal , balancing the crankshaft with holes, etc etc) and when I mentioned to him "within 1 gram tolerance", he told me that our machinist is doing the matching for much smaller fraction of a gram !!! He said he is trying to make the crankshaft perfectly balanced and the machinist is going to guarantee the longevity and smooth running of the engine !!!
  7. I spoke yesterday with my mechanic. He told me the machinist where he sent the parts has the forged pistons ready with the conrods installed. The machinist was having some trouble with the crankshaft... He is trying to make it perfectly balanced.. My mechanic told the machinist to get it perfect, because he does not the engine breaking anytime in the future...
  8. I am also rebuilding engine... and since I had overheating issues before... I might as well upgrade radiator (I think it was never sufficient in the first place) The triple core is a must, and aluminum would be light and less prove to rusting... Probably more expensive... I was thinking about this one.. Provided they build the intercooler kit with separate radiator that fits next to the water radiator... So I am waiting for now...
  9. So you are saying that the first link is not triple core? Are you suggesting to ask for their triple core model ? What material is it made of ? Is it, in your opinion, the best solution ? Any overheating issues after that ? Thanks !!
  10. I agree 100% ... coming from an owner of an Esprit V8 that had a sticking oil pressure relief valve and the oil pressure gauge came on too late... I am now rebuilding the engine with +0.25mm bearings and new CP Carrillo Pistons... Plus I am rebuilding the oil pump with new parts... I also found coolant leaking from the piston sleeves, so I am using Hylomar 3400 to fix this... But lets face it, even with a VDO oil pressure gauge, if the car is unreliable there is little likelihood you will have time to stop the engine and avoid expensive damage !!! Lets hope after the rebuilt (by now everything is new in the engine) I get to enjoy the car
  11. Amazing work !! Congrats !! And great to hear that your car went to another member here that is enjoying it, steve930 !!
  12. That's amazing !! So if you don't mind me asking, can you tell us the story... You bought the car new ? You did annual fluid change and belts every couple years ? Any upgrades or serious problems over the years ? When did you realize you needed bearings ? Thanks !!
  13. So even after a good rebuild, the 918 engine is destined to break again (normal driving, no tuning) ? Somebody told me that these engines were not designed well and everything is "weak and insufficient" (including oil pump and cooling system) Anyone with good reliability record here ? Any tips ?
  14. It is a good ideal to use distilled water. One thing to bear in mind, I believe that the glycol also works as a lubricant for the water impeller I think... maybe.. Furthermore, it would be interesting to know how the Hylomar sealant works with just water / mix of coolant and water. P.S. Irrelevant question : How many miles / years do you think a good Lotus Esprit V8 rebuild should last ?
  15. Hi to all !! Can you please recommend an OBD2 scan tool (probably one that works with iPhone) that allows for reading errors and also viewing extra information (my car only had water temp and fuel gauge) Where does it connect ? In the back next to battery or inside cockpit ? please recommend something that you have tried and it works !! Thanks !!
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