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  1. Update : Some nice blue flames I've been enjoying the car since the engine rebuild... and the other day my friends asked me to rev the car and see some flames.. I know it is not very good to rev the engine without load, but I did it when the engine was warmed up, and for a little bit... So here are some nice blue flames..
  2. With the available torque of the Esprit, I think the 5-speed gearbox suits it better.. So I am interested in strengthening the standard gearbox.. Any idea where I can find the upgrade parts and cost ? Thanks
  3. @cweeden Your explanation and comparison was enlightning and I thank you.. Do you remember the source of the 1st and 5th gear upgrade and what about the cost ? I think you are right, if I go with the RED, I should also upgrade the gearbox.. Any suggestions for upgrading the gearbox are welcome.. My goal is to keep the standard 5-speed, but strengthen its weaknesses (which appear to be 1st and 5th gear).. What I particularly liked about your explanation was the part about making the Esprit feel like a genuine supercar...
  4. @cweeden I find everything.. no matter how old or wel hidden.. So with your upgraded gearbox, do you prefer the S350 or RED mapping ? (with regards to breathing I have K&N and straight pipes with deleted cats, so running rich does not create problems to me)
  5. @cweeden As I was looking around for information on the S350 vs RED chip, I came across one of your posts from 2018... You mentioned that you have a Red ECU from Marcus but you felt that it is often a bit rich (it used to get though cats - including metal ones - fairly regularly). What about the driving experience / power delivery / reliability issues with transmission ? Did you have the S350 chip before the RED, or did you go straight to RED ? Did you keep the RED ? Thanks for you reply.. Makis
  6. @Barrykearley Thank you for your offer, but I am good for now...
  7. I went for a drive last night with my Esprit and to be honest, I realized that there is not much point in having more power/torque in first gear... Each time I would step off the traffic lights I would smoothly accelerate till 4000 rpm and shift to second gear.. If I had more power in first, maybe something bad might happen to the transmission.. Starting to warm up to the 350 Sport mapping..
  8. @mike_sekinger I have to admit, that before buying the Esprit V8 and I had no idea what I was getting into.. All of my previous cars, Porsche 993, Ferrari 360, Mercedes SL 55... had been trouble-free mostly.. The Lotus I found as a bargain, and I thought I was getting a gorgeous looking, James Bond supercar, mini-F40, with pop-up lights, rear wing, and turbo performance (I never owned a turbo before)... I bought it from the UK sight un-seen... I just looked at the photos on the website and wired the money... I figured, I am best friends with my mechanic and we will sort everything ou
  9. Besides the Lotus Esprit V8, I also own a Ferrari 360 Modena.. And the closest comparison I can make between Lotus Standard vs 350 Sport vs RED Racing is : Ferrari 360 Modena standard ECU vs 360 Challenge Stradale ECU vs 360 Challenge Race Car ECU Clearly the 360 Challenge Stradale is a nice upgrade , while the 360 Challenge Race car ECU might be too extreme for street use.. Track only Still doubts about which one to get..
  10. @mike_sekinger Doing my research I came across this website : Basically it says about the Standard vs 350 Sport vs Race mapping : Standard ECU has a calibration that produces 350 BHP and 400Nm (400Nm is only available in 5th gear, other gears have progressively less to suit Gearbox limit. This is done by reducing boost throughout the rpm range in each gear to reduce torque to match the gearbox limits. Sport 350 ECU has a calibration that also produces 350 BHP and 400Nm. 400Nm is available in all gears exc
  11. @cweeden Your idea is very good... And it could actually work the other way around too... Slightly more expensive maybe, install the RED mapping first, wait and see if anything breaks, and then install the 350 Sport mapping.. I am starting to be curious and intrigued how powerful the Lotus V8 engine really is if it can break a gearbox with just a mapping... (or how weak the Renault 25 gearbox is...) ? The Esprit V8 should become a beast with RED code... It is actually growing on me.. LOL
  12. @mike_sekinger @Barrykearley Anyone know of any Esprit V8 owners with long term experience of Lotus RED mapping with stock gearbox ?
  13. @Barrykearley The funny thing is that I already damaged my crown & ring on my Esprit.. But I think this had to do with a bad installation from previous owner.. The must have been a lot of play / tolerance and/or the previous owner abused it.. Now I installed a Quafe LSD and new Crown & ring.. The streets in Athens, Greece are pretty slippery, so any excess power just spins the wheels and relieves stress to gearbox / differential.. Furthermore, I believe the LSD helps reduce stress as torque is evenly spread, rather than the sudden movement of torque from open
  14. @mike_sekinger Hi Mike, my objective is to make the car more powerful in all gears and throughout the rev range.. With factory chip right now, in 1-2-3 gear the car is building very little boost before 5800-6000 rpm.. I want a car that feels faster and it is up to the driver to “tame” the power and control the wheelspin.. I want to make the car a more visceral driving experience.. Something that you fear and respect.. The turbo boost power should be shocking and make a lasting impression even hours after the drive.. Plus I want the proper sound and fireworks from a turbo s
  15. Hi guys !! So I am in the process of choosing a power / torque upgrade chip for my 2001 Esprit V8 with forged CP pistons, Rebuilt Garrett turbos, new oil and water pumps, new ignition coils, cable coils and alternator, new fuel pump, and of course K&N filters and straight pipe exhaust without cats... also Quafe LSD... My choice is between the 350 Sport and the RED racing chip.. From what I’ve read, I favor the RED racing chip.. After 10+ years of experience since this thread started, what do you guys think ?? @toyroom @Paula&Marcus @e5pritV8
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