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  1. Hi to all !! I recently changed head gaskets on my V8 (used OEM to be safe) and also replaced water pump, thermostat, Idle Control Valve, Oxygen Sensors, Spark Plug Cables, and all gaskets relevant to intake... My car starts easily when cold... but will hesitate (crank but not start) when warm... I am thinking it has to do maybe with corrosion around the battery terminals... It is the easiest thing to change... IF that doesn't work, what do you think i should do next? MAP sensor, fuel injectors, secondary fuel injectors, etc ??? Thanks !!
  2. Just to double check, what are the correct torque figures for ARP head bolts on the V8 with OEM head gaskets ? Is it 115 or 122 Nm ?? Thanks!!
  3. Also you might want to check you Idle Control Valve... I just ordered a new one for my 2001 Esprit V8 TT
  4. I finally decided to go with new bolts ARP !! I guess it is better to be safe than sorry !! The car is 18 years old, so who knows if 1 bolts snaps when torque is applied !! No reason to take chances !!
  5. Do you know if the alternative head bolt set offered by a certain online lotus shop (that starts with [email protected]) are indeed ARP? Thanks
  6. I don’t really know, I will ask my mechanic. But the gasket is toast, needs replacement. I got to decide about the bolts soon. Maybe I got with the alternative bolts which are 500 GBP instead of 1100 GBP for the genuine...
  7. The problem apparently is on the 2nd picture at the top cylinder... It leaks coolant in the engine...
  8. Thank you for your reply !! My car only has 31,000 miles. My mechanic told me that the pistons & liners are in great shape. The problem with my car was the overheating, which was attributed to bad cylinder gaskets. Based on the forum and Youtube videos, I ordered the OEM gaskets, even though they are more expensive, because they are the right ones for my car. I asked my mechanic to measure the bolts and see if they actually need replacement. I will let you know what I do...
  9. Help !! i am currently replacing head gaskets due to coolant leak in the engine (leaks about 2 liters after every drive) i am using OEM head gaskets. My mechanic told me to replace the 20 head bolts with new, because he is afraid that the old ones will become “plastic” once he tightens them and will not hold the required torque Is it necessary to replace bolts? They are very expensive about 51 GBP each !!! Another mechanic from a Lotus Service center in the UK told me that the bolts are good for 2 gasket replacements. He always checks the length compared to a new bolt and it must be within 10/1000 of an inch. Certain online shops offer alternative bolts for half the price but still expensive. Your opinion ? Use the same bolts, buy original new, buy new alternative ?? Thanks
  10. This is my new exhaust setup for my Lotus Esprit V8 shooting flames all the time !!! Love it !!!
  11. On my 2001 Lotus Esprit V8, I have the the annoying noise behind the driver and passenger seats. Based on my research, it must be the plywood that is not firmly secured and the metal supports need to be shortened and tightened. I read that I must cut 2 holes to access those bolts. 1) Will shortening those bolts fix this issue for sure ? 2) Is there any other way to access those bolts besides cutting the carpet behind the seats ? See attached photos from my driver and passenger seats, and the photos I found on the web regarding the holes I need to make. Thanks !!
  12. I just bought a 2001 Lotus Esprit V8 with a custom exhaust setup and I wanted your opinion about. Basically my car was sports-cats and a racing exhaust. I was thinking of replacing the sports-cats with test pipes. Once I took my car to an exhaust specialist, he didn't like my muffler, because he said there was a kink in the pipes. (see photos) Furthermore, he suggested to do an x-pipe between the 2 sides and use V-band connectors to make the test pipes easy to replace with cats. Do you think it is worth fixing this exhaust, or just build a new one like the exhaust-guy suggested ?? (hehehe) From my understanding, X-pipe has to be as close to the engine as possible to take advantage of scavenging effect. So the muffler should be moved after the X-pipe, right ? My goal is : strong power, nice sound (not VERY loud) and flames poping outside the exhaust tips !!
  13. Can anyone help me find Lotus Esprit V8 OZ Saturn wheel center "Lotus" emblems ?? Many thanks !!
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