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  1. In order to solve this problem, it would help if somebody knowledgeable could explain how the boost gauge works... Does it read boost pressure from the ECU, or is it analog directly from the intake manifold ? Thanks for the explanation!
  2. Are there any Lotus Esprit owners in Greece that frequent this forum ?
  3. Not relevant to this thread.. Just a cool photo I found... Not my car.. But looks amazing and it is winter photo !! Hope you enjoy !! (moved from 'Serious Trouble V8' topic)
  4. Exactly, that's what I thought !! My mechanic brought in a car electrician and he put this switch on the central tunnel right next to the tank opening button and alarm bypass switch... It is a simple on/off switch and I believe he did his electrical work inside the front trunk where the relay/fuses are...
  5. What you are saying is that the override switch can cause damage to the engine ECU (ECM is ECU right ?) ?
  6. Finally I found the solution to the overheating issues of Lotus Esprit V8. My mechanic installed a switch to turn on manually the fans. So whenever I am stuck in traffic, or right after spirited driving when I slow down, I turn the switch on and the fans start operating cooling off the engine !!
  7. I wonder too... It happened March 2019, all of a sudden at low speed driving in 1st-2nd gear coming out of a roundabout, a little aggressive on the throttle... As soon as I heard the noise and resistance to rotate, I knew something was wrong and loaded the car to the service truck.. My mechanic say "who knows what the previous owner did to the car"... We could never really understand why it broke Now that I installed LSD torsen differential, we believe loss of grip will be more progressive, as opposed to before where you would get sudden loss/regain grip due to open differential
  8. No damage to paint !! When the hood was unlatched/without safety engaged the pop-up light both went up normally !! As soon as I put the safety lock for the front trunk, apparently this would tighten / slightly move to hood down and to the front of the car and it would hinder the normal operation of the right light, which would pop half way. Now all fixed !!
  9. You are right !! My cars drives so well now, that I don't want to mess with it... I've see this video... hillarious !! very unlucky dude !! BTW my mechanic fixed the pop-light, it turned out to be the front hood that pushed against the right light not allowing it to go up all the way !! some adjustment and it is all set !!
  10. Here are the photos of my broken CWP from March 2019 and the weak gearbox of the V8
  11. To be honest I also managed to break the CWP in March !! The problem with the Esprit it that it handles and grips very well !! Whereas on the slippery roads in my neighborhood my Ferrari 360 Modena will drift nicely at aroundabouts, the Esprit just hangs on and hangs on until something breaks... I upgraded to LSD , but I think the CWP is still the same factory code... My mechanic blames the previous owner for the CWP failure
  12. I only do it in 1-2 gear... and not really violently... You are probably right. I just miss those small explosions similar to Ferrari F40 Yes, why mess with something that works... But besides all of the above, is there any other disadvantage / risk I am missing of running rich ? Does it hurts the turbos ? What about temperatures ? Oil lubrications of cylinders ?
  13. So in theory let’s say I wanted to replicate the old conditions when my engine would produce explosions/flames at the back, I could install a remote control to activate/deactivate MAP sensor... When under throttle at 4500+ rpm I would lift off, the throttle body would close, the Blow Off Valves would release boost pressure to the atmosphere, and as soon as I hit the gas pedal again the ECU would only look at throttle position and deliver excess fuel which would blow up as it would hit the turbos !!! Sounds like a cool trick... (I know the pros and cons of running rich mixture.. it cools down the valves and turbos, but it could wash off oil from the cylinder walls, gas could get mixed with the oil... I have no catalysts so no worries there!!
  14. Could it be that the old MAP sensor was broken/malfunctioning so for safety the engine relied on ECU maps that were richer for safety, and so there was excess fuel dumped at the exhaust and flames... And now that we replaced fuel pressure regulator and MAP sensor with new, it is reading properly and giving the appropriate fuel... Experiment : if I were to disconnect the MAP sensor... what would happen ? This question is theoretical to get a better understanding.... No rocks, only flames !! Lol
  15. Thanks for your reply !! Great link !! Already told my mechanic and he is happy because this seems like an easy fix !! I also told him about the exhaust explosions that I am missing... He jokingly suggested to change the timing.. Do you think it is really the timing that make my car create flames, only when I let the gas off abruptly at above >4000 rpm and hit it again ?? Anyway we can replicate this cool effect (please no rocks at me- this time it is me to blame !!! Hahaha) / No rocks, just flames !!! Hahaha
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