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  1. A certain online Lotus parts shop offers the kit for GBP 99... Which sounds reasonable
  2. I actually installed a new sender unit... and the results were the same... I ended up putting back the old sender unit.. When I knock with my finder on the fuel gauge sometimes it will work... so my guess is that it is probably the magnetic coil inside that is faulty... Let's hope changing the gauge fixes my problem...
  3. I tried everything.. I think its time to replace the gauge for my 2001 Lotus Esprit V8 USA spec. Anyone know where I can find this part ? I contacted Steve from a well known company in the UK that specializes in Lotus and he said it has been discontinued.. He will try to find it.. Just in case he doesn't find it, this is the part number.. Any suggestions ? 05b Fuel Gauge, unleaded graphic VDO, calibrated for smaller tanks USA ‘00 MY on, non USA ‘01 A082L4336F Thanks !!
  4. Update : I went to my mechanic and he checked the cables behind. He said the cables were ok and most likely it was a problem with the fuel gauge. He played around with the cables a bit, and the gauge sort of started working. After a road trip the gauge is now showing completely zero. If I knock it with my finger a bit, the needle will move and show something, but this will go back to zero soon. Could it be the fuel gauge that is faulty ? Thanks !!
  5. SCCDC08251HA10316 2001 Lotus Esprit V8 , Black / Magnolia US Model, LHD Originally delivered to Orlando, Florida, USA Imported to London, UK in 2007 Bought by me in 2018
  6. My 2001 Lotus Esprit V8 today !!
  7. My impression is that the paint on the fiberglass panels of the Lotus is more resistant than on an aluminum/steel bodied car.. Since the fiberglass is more flexible and can absorb impact better, there is less hardness on the surface, the surface is more elastic, so there is less of a chance that the paint will come off/scratch on impact.. Just my opinion
  8. One last thing that is a big advantage for the Lotus Esprit if you plan to use everyday, is the fiberglass body. When I go someplace I am always worried if I go with my Porsche or Ferrari, because their aluminum doors and fenders are very sensitive to the slightest ding or scratch... You gotta be careful all the time where you park because the bodywork car easily dent / scratch. With the Lotus Esprit I am much less worried, because the fiberglass is very resistant... You can almost kick the door and nothing will happen... LOL And the paint is equally more resistant compared to aluminum/steel car bodies..
  9. Hi Andy and thanks for your reply !! Before the service, as you mentioned the fuel gauge was just slow to adapt to new fuel levels. During service we had to remove the dashboard and after service now the gauge is behaving strangely. Even stationary, the gauge jumps around I will take it back to remove the dashboard and see if a connector is loose
  10. Since I bought the my 2001 Lotus Esprit V8 the fuel gauge has been working erratically. When I fill up the car it is slow to show the full reading.. And after the last service the fuel gauge seeks to go crazy.. It will show zero and minutes later it will show half full.. Any solution ?
  11. Good point !! From my experience, overheating doesn't occur when you just let the car idle... In your example you are right that the fans kick in and it stays below 100 C Celcius, which is fine.. Overheating occur when you drive the car hard, lets say you hit 1-2 times full boost and THEN you get stuck in traffic... The water that circulates tries to cool down the turbos and the engine, and I think the system is inadequate in stop and go traffic.. That's the exact reason I put a fan switch to turn on the fan manually... It is my impression that the V8 cooling fans turn on too late, or do not work as hard as when you manually start them.. Just my opinion based on my experience...
  12. The V8 has a dual disk clutch without vibration springs... So it is a little difficult to use in stop and go traffic.. Most people stall the car until they get to know how to use it.. The dual clutch is fine in high speed changes (less rotating mass = less strain on the synchros) but at low speeds forget about it.. Furthermore, the V8 engine is indeed prone to overheating.. I guess the cooling system was not designed for warm climates or stop and go traffic..
  13. My opinion is to go for the V8 if you can stretch your budget and can find a good one. In any case, be prepared for 2 things : big time maintenance for the first year to get it all sorted (you basically replace almost everything as it is a 20 yr old car, but the good thing is that parts are cheap, just find a good mechanic that is going to be your good friend) and the second this is to forget about daily driver if you live in stop and go traffic... The gearbox/clutch is a pain in traffic and the V8 hates being stuck in traffic it overheats... Other than that, go for it !! The shape , the feeling of sitting inside the Bond car very special and the turbo rush will keep you up at night.. And the handling, it goes on rails !!
  14. After 9 months of rebuilding my 2001 Lotus Esprit V8 , my car finally runs well and this gives me the opportunity to refresh the interior leather and polish the exterior of the car. Here are the before and after photos.
  15. UPDATE : I just completed the 1500 km service after the rebuild and my car is running perfectly !! This service turned out to be more complicated than the simple oil and filter change. For starters, my car was leaking oil from the oil connectors of the hoses and my mechanic noticed that the front oil line that connects the two radiators was beginning to crack too. So first he replaced the front line and he insisted we replace the 2 main oil lines too. That turned out to more tricky but we managed to remove the interior transmission selector and get it done. Furthermore, the differential was leaking, which my mechanic fixed. And another issue I was experiencing was whitish/blue smoke from the RH exhaust. It turned out the turbo thrusts of the journal bearing were damaged. In the beginning we though it was attributed to metal shavings from when my engine broke. But the Turbo experts said it was oil starvation. This happened when the oil pressure release valve got stuck... They tried to fix the turbo, but it still smoked, so for the price of a repair, the decided to replace completely the internals with new. (See photo of damaged thrust bearing see the lines) Now the car is perfect... It does not smoke... My mechanic said I need to break in the turbo for 300 km. Basically no full throttle high boost... And finally, I jokingly asked my mechanic if he would rather A) get a mild dose of Coronavirus or B) rebuild my Lotus engine... He chose (A) and said he is packing to go to Wuhan China right away !! :-))) Hahaha
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