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  1. Based on my mechanic, we found the PRV stuck open.. Fortunately this happened at low rpm. Immediately I saw the oil pressure light come on and slowed down, but it was too late.. I knew something was wrong, the metallic noise, so I towed my car to my mechanic where immediately he diagnosed a failed conrod bearing.. The bearing that failed was the one further away from the oil pump.. My mechanic said it would have been worse if a piston had seized.. The verdict was that the previous owner had not changed oil regularly and as a result the PRV accumulated dirt and got stuck open. Of course we replaced the PRV with a new one, and I also installed an oil pressure gauge, since the 2001 cockpit only has water temp..
  2. @Joey4420 when my Oil Pressure Release Valve (PRV) failed and my engine suffered from oil starvation causing a spun conrod bearing, I had to dismantle and rebuild the engine. I had to replace a lot of parts, including new oil pump, head bolts and head gaskets, which are not cheap.. Furthermore, the labor was going to be expensive.. So I decided I had my one and only chance to upgrade the cast pistons with CP Carillo forged items.. The price was right, and I decided to go ahead and do so.. My crankshaft was repaired and rebalanced based on the new pistons, and I am very happy now to know that my car has forged internals (the conrods are already forged steel, so is the crankshaft forged steel)... So, even though I work with stock turbo pressure (I rebuilt the turbos, fitted K&N air filters, deleted cats and muffler - just straight pipes, and put Sport 350 ECU) I am very happy to know that my car now has much stronger internals than when it left the factory.. Just think that you get your one chance to put those pistons.. Of course you decide, but this is my opinion..
  3. My understanding is that turbocharged cars like the Lotus Esprit V8 twin-turbo warm up their oil and water faster than Normally Aspirated cars... This makes sense because the two turbos basically work like heaters for the fluids of the car... In the winter months, November-March here in Greece, when I want to go for a quick spin in the evening after work I will usually choose the Esprit, because among the other reasons that make the car great, it warms up faster.. My Ferrari 360 Modena for instance, takes forever to warm up, and if the weather is cold and I don't plan to drive very far, it doesn't have enough time to warm up and therefore cannot enjoy a spirited drive.. In the summertime with high temperatures, thing work the opposite way... On warm summer days, the Lotus Esprit V8 is kept at the garage, as performance drops and there is likelihood of overheating when driving.. The Ferrari is more suitable to warm weather...
  4. Coming back to the Esprit V8 issue, I changed the rears with Michelin Pilot SuperSport 285/35/18 And now I am looking to change the front. Unfortunately Michelin does not produce 235/40/17 So I am looking between Michelin Pilot Sport 4 or Michelin Pilot Sport 4S (I think I will go with 4S which is the replacement for SuperSport) , but the size is 245/40/17 Do you think it is ok to go with 245/40/17 front as opposed to factory 235/40/17 ? P.S. There is a small chance the 245 Sport 4S are not available in my country... and I will have to go with 245 Sport 4... Is it okay ??
  5. Both DHL Greece (terrible way they handle business) and of course Brexit, which in the end will mostly hurt UK business... Already planning to buy parts for my Ferrari directly from Italy (before it was Eurospares) and Porsche directly Germany (before it was or Eurospares)... In the end 145 million customers might turn their back to the UK.. bad for business If the limit for tax/duty free imports is 22 Euros and this includes the shipping cost, in this situation the shipping cost alone is 25 GBP, so basically there is nothing that is exempt from tax/duty which is crazy... For imports from the US the same 22 Euros limit applies, but I know it is not including shipping... So basically the Greek government or Greek DHL messed this up...
  6. UPDATE on Brexit and DHL : Before I placed the order of the small Nylon / plastic part for the Esprit window (each costs 7 GBP) , I had done my research that anything below 22 Euro goes through customs without taxes.. So imagine my surprise when on Friday they call me from DHL to tell me that my order has arrived in Athens and I have to pay duties.. I explain to them that my total order is 14 GBP (I ordered 2 pieces of 7 GBP) which is below 22 Euro.. And then they tell me that I have to look at total cost including shipping, which in this case was another 25 GBP.. At that point I knew they were defrauding me... I asked for their supervisor but they declined.. So I asked them what I had to pay... "To begin with, you have to pay 45 Euros for the documents and fees...." As soon as I heard this I told them I don't accept the charge.. And they suggested they would send it back to sender free of charge.. I agreed and asked very politely the supplier to send it to me via regular ground mail, which would completely bypass customs as low value items.. The nerve of these people... Asking another 45 Euros for and order of 14 GBP.. Something that costs less than 2 GBP I would end up paying almost 90 Euro !!! Crazy... All this due to Brexit... Bad decision indeed...
  7. @v8GTmac1 Nice work !! Wish the gauge was more accurate, there was trip computer that showed remaining range, or the fuel tanks had larger capacity because I find myself very frequently at the gas station pouring in just 50 liters to be safe.. After the engine rebuild on my first long distance run, coming back I had covered 275 km and as I was approaching my house <3km the engine died and would not start again at the traffic light... I thought that the engine rebuild had failed, but I had just ran out of fuel... LOL
  8. @LotusFella Check out my solution : I bought from a pre-1998 Lotus Esprit V8 the Turbo and oil Pressure gauges together with the sender units, and for a 1995-1998 Lotus Esprit S4 the oil temperature gauge and sender unit... The first two the facia at night was red colored, white the third had green light... I could not change the first two colors, so i made the third one red too... I installed an extra pipe to install factory OEM low oil pressure sender, NEW oil pressure gauge sender and NEW oil temp gauge sender.. I didn't want to mess with the clean look of the 2001 V8 dash, so I installed them below the climate control switches.. Check out below
  9. @Bibs Just spoke with DHL. They said that my order will be processed through customs but anything below 22 Euros is free of duties and taxes... So this time I am lucky.. In the future I hope SJSpor**** and PN* open stores in Europe so that we don't pay extra taxes for larger orders...
  10. BOV update : So today I went to my mechanic and took out the BOV to check them. They seem to operate normally, but the spring was kinda hard. We opened them up and and saw that there was a blue spring. I called the distributer of Forge BOV and he said that Blue springs are hard and operate over 1 bar. He said I should go for Green Spring that opens around 0.6-0.7 bar. Before I go, my mechanic put back the BOV and we tested the car... Guess what ? They opened normally under Full Open Throttle. Check out the videos below. My mechanic said that I probably cannot hear them when I drive because a) I have removed the cats and mufflers so my car is too loud , b) when you put the luggage area panel and the engine cover back and close the hood, there less of a chance sound coming from the BOV. He explained to me that Japanese rice cars run 1,5-2 bar pressure with large BOV and that's why they sound loud... LOL
  11. @sailorbob guess what ? You were right 100%. This small plastic part was broken. If found it in the UK for 7 GBP and ordered 2 pieces, because I figured the other side might break soon. Add 25 GBP for fast shipping... and for 2 small pieces that cost no more than 0.50 GBP I am paying 39 GBP... Let's see now with Brexit if there are going to be extra taxes.. I hope not for such small value items... My friend that ordered parts for his Ferrari from Eurosp***** he paid another 35% almost taxes and VAT.. That sucks..
  12. @mike_sekingerjust came back from my mechanic.. unfortunately he doesn’t have infinite free time like me.. So he will do both the window and the BOV on Monday.. I’ll keep you posted.. Only good thing is that the temperature has fallen and it is ready for snow.. So the turbos are running very very well with lots of bang bang.. So I get to enjoy the car.. (Brexit is bad for us, because everything now gets through customs and we have to pay extra.. Lets hope I don’t have to replace whole window mechanism)
  13. @mike_sekinger thank you !! I am going now.. While I am at it I will remove the BOVs too, if my mechanic has time..
  14. @mike_sekinger I need your expert assistance.. Today something happened with the driver's window and I am going tomorrow to my mechanic to check it out.. Any advice how to dismantle / remove to door trim to check the window mechanism ? Thanks !!
  15. @mike_sekinger my close buddy insisted that I go buy softer springs for my BOVs and he gave me the address of the Forge importer here in Athens.. Since I have infinite free time as my businesses are closed due to covid, I drove there with my Lotus today. I showed the guy at the Forge shop my car and he offered to sell me 2 sets of springs (green, yellow, blue, red) for 30 Euro each. He said he does not sell individual springs.. But he insisted that maybe something else is wrong with my BOVs.. Maybe the piston is stuck.. He suggested that I bring the BOVs to him, which is difficult for me, since I cannot do anything mechanical by myself, need my mechanic.. LOL On a another BOV he has at the shop, He showed he how a functioning BOV should work. He pushed with one finger the BOV and used the thumb to close the vacuum opening to see if the BOV would stay open.. So I am going to my mechanic to remove the BOV and test them.. I asked if he could sell me the two kits of springs and allow me to return them to him if I don’t need them.. He said hmm no.
  16. Today as I tried to lower the driver’s side window, it appeared like it tried to rotate and after 1-2 inches it got stuck on an angle.. It was possible to raise it again.. and after a few attempts if I applied a little pressure on the side towards to rear of the car, it would lower normally.. what is wrong ? Is it easy fix ?
  17. Every time I go to the fuel station it takes me for ever to fuel my Esprit V8.. I understand that the fuel tank is split it 2 tanks and there is a hose connecting the two, so it takes extra time for the fuel to move from one tank to the other.. Furthermore, I recently replaced the fuel gauge, but still it is fairly inaccurate when the fuel is low.. It shows zero and then jumps up to 10%.. Too risky not to fuel up.. I have never been able to put more than 50 liters, even thought the tank says it can carry 70 liters.. Also with 50 liter I can do around 125 miles / 200 km for aggressive spirited driving.. Highway it becomes almost double.. is this normal of too much ?
  18. @v8GTmac1 since you enjoy the videos so much, here are 2 new ones my friend took chasing my Esprit V8..
  19. @v8GTmac1 The boost drops during the pull because I lift the foot of the throttle pedal as the revs go past 5500 rpm to prepare myself for the upshift... The is little room left not to over-rev the engine LOL .. So I assume as I lift the pedal boost drops.. I am used to revving my cars, especially my Ferrari that revs to stratospheric 8500 rpm.. 😉 @cweeden The roads here are so slippery... there is wheel spin.. also notice the bang as I upshift.. It is explosion and flames from straight pipes LOL
  20. So basically the article says that at full open throttle there is no chance of air escaping from the BOV as the air pressure is the same before and after the valve.. If the spring is not strong enough the BOV could open at idle or part throttle as this can cause erratic operation of the engine or stalling.. I have to check 1) the connection of the BOV to the manifold and 2) the actual operation of the piston of the BOV Can someone explain the Open Loop vs Closed Loop operation of the Esprit ? Is it true that at >95% throttle openings it works as Open Loop which means it does not look at Lamda sensor ? Thanks !
  21. You are right I need to take them apart and check if they are working.. I say a small pipe that leaves the T-connector between the two BOV and goes somewhere round the intake manifold.. I will check with my mechanic.. By the way, is there any chance of BOV to open under full acceleration ? My understanding is that when the throttle body is open there is zero pressure difference, so no way to activate BOV.. is this correct ? And another question.. If I fix the BOV and they operate correctly, should I expect better response when upshifting ? Does this mean that the turbo pressure will build up faster after the gear change ? With regards to fueling, my understanding is that the Esprit V8 goes to Open loop when >95% throttle opening which means that it only looks at MAP sensor (not Lamda).. Is my understanding correct ? And when the engine works at partial throttle it operates Closed loop which means it check with Lamda sensors if mixture too rich / too lean.. Right ? (does this mean that if I fix the BOV, when I change gears there will be a "rush" of more air, the MAP will send more fuel, and bang of unburnt fuel will be more ??? I certainly hope so... P.S. I know this part is a little silly, but it just fun)
  22. I decided to start a thread about the Blow Off Valve on my Esprit V8. The previous owner had installed a set of 2 Forge BOV and it appears they almost the same as those sold on PNM. The problem I have is that I believe that in my car a) maybe the BOVs are opening sometime under acceleration (is this possible ?) b) they don't open when I release the gas pedal to blow off the air and allow the turbos to spool freely For a) I hear sometime something like a hissing sound.. not sure if it is the turbine spooling, the wastegate opening or the BOV opening.. If it is the turbo that's fine... If it is the wastegate, either the ECU is allowing it or my wastegate spring are going soft.. If the BOW is opening under acceleration (is that even possible?) then this is a problem.. For b) I put below 2 videos... the first is my car and the second is another car with similar BOVs... Check the differences.. Above my car, below another car with working BOV valves... Seem exactly like mine, Forge model
  23. I am positive that it is a piston BOV.. My mechanic cleaned them up and showed to me how they work.. I will try to find put more info about them and maybe changed the spring.. P.S. Happy New Year to all !! Today I was driving with fair cool weather and was getting lot of thumbs up from bikers and other motorists.. Guess they love the shape, sound and flames shooting show of the Lotus Esprit.. p.s.2. Funny fact of the day, in the Department of Transportation of Greece some “genious” put in the database that Lotus makes the Lotus Espiri, so all Lotus Esprit cars registed in Greece are officially called “Lotus Espiri” Hahaha
  24. Is there some test to check if my Forge BOV are working properly ? Do you know if they are adjustable ? Thanks
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