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  1. I found this video which explains very well manual vs electronic boost controller.. I guess I have the stock V8 ECU, since it develops maximum boost at 4th-5th gear.. Unfortunately for the time being, I've maxed out my budget for more car parts... so I cannot get the chargecooler kit.. By the way, since my Esprit already has an issue on warm greek summer weather (over 27 degrees, it gets hot...) and I have installed an on/off switch for the radiator fans, wouldn't installing a second radiator for the chargecooler worsen the situation up front ?
  2. @Barrykearley and now another turbo boost question.. My car is 2001 Esprit V8.. I recently rebuilt the engine with CP forged pistons.. Replacet oil pump, water pump.. Did top end rebuilt with new guides etc etc I have straight pipes, no catalysts, with K&N Air filter.. I've already done 2500 miles since the rebuild... And now I want to increase boost... Can I simply install an electronic boost controller ?? Or do I need to do more with ECU and fuel injectors etc etc ? Thanks !!
  3. Should the Lotus Esprit V8 show turbo pressure on the boost gauge when you rev it up to 6500rpm in neutral ? I have noticed the boost starts building when in 4th , 5th gear at Wide Open Throttle at about 3000 rpm... and gets to maximum boost around 0.6 bar at about 4000 rpm...
  4. Update : Almost disaster today !! Hi to all ! Today as I was driving at low speed I saw that the oil temperature gauge was showing zero and I could hear a noise like pulling metal cans on a string behind the car.. I pulled over and saw that the adapter my mechanic had custom made and connected with special metallic hose was hanging under my car.. See photo.. If the connection broke, I would lose all oil with dramatic consequences.. I immediated loaded the car and too it to my mechanic.. We saw that due to stress related to vibrations from the engine, the thick metal plate connecting it to the sump of the engine broke off !! We placed the adapter on the chassis with clamps and used rubber too for vibrations..
  5. @Mightymetro exactly that's what they told me... I was thinking about 3D printing aluminum if I bring them one rear cap for sample to laser scan, right? Any idea if this possible / cost effective ?
  6. I am very sad, because today I lost one of the rear center caps for the Oz Saturn wheels of my car. I just replaced tires last week, and the tire shop did not tighten the bolt on the center caps.. I called them and told them what happened, and they are willing to pay for the replacement.. Only problem, is that I cannot find one in the size of the rear 18 inch wheels.. Anyone help ? Thanks !!
  7. I finished the installation of the turbo boost, oil pressure and oil temperature gauges.. They are very useful and easy to see.. I chose to put the most important, oil pressure, in the middle so both driver and passenger can see it.. The red color looks cool with the heater switch above that is also red.. What do you guys think?
  8. True, they are almost unused but 10+ years old So I am looking to replace the fronts too, they just need a couple of days to arrive BTW, I drove the car with the Michelin Pilot Super Sport rear tires and it is day and night !! It sticks like glue and accelerates hard !!
  9. I think I will just replace the rear tires with Michelin Pilot Super Sport 285/35/18 and for now keep the front Dunlop 235/40/17 since they look good.. When the front need replacing, I will go with Michelin PS4 245/40/17 Any objections ?
  10. I am so confused... I cannot find anywhere the front size.. what do you guys think if I put Michelin Supersport 285/35/18 at rear and keep my old Dunlops for now in the front.. And in the future I put 245/40/17 Michelin PS 4 ?? (Instead of 235/40/17)
  11. Last night I had a flat rear tire on my 2001 Esprit V8. While I found a few options for rear, I am having difficulty in finding front tires for the Esprit. The 235/40/17 seems to be a rare dimension. My preference is in Michelin Pilot SuperSport or SuperSport 2 Any suggestions ?
  12. Why scared above 5000 ? If you fixed the problem, everything should be fine...
  13. @andyblackman777 yes this is true !! In fact I checked with 4th and 5th gear... The ambient air in my area was rather hot even at night... Around 27 degrees C... So I guess at winter I should see maximum boost of 0.75 P.S. My car is running decat straight pipes and sports air filter...
  14. @mike_sekinger thanks for your suggestions !! Excuse my ignorance, how do I check that my wastegate actuator base setting is maintained correctly ?
  15. Update : It's been a while and I wanted to update you on my car. All three gauges are installed and work perfectly. I placed them under the stereo right in front of the gear lever. They look amazing. Left is turbo, middle oil pressure, right it oil temp. The oil pressure is usually around 3,5-4 bar When hot and idling it falls to 2,5 bar which I think is fine. The oil temp takes about 10-12 mins to get to 60 degrees C. The turbo gauge, the most I saw is 0,5-0,6 bar in 4th / 5th gear above 4000rpm at full throttle. I am beginning to think the aftermarket BOV blow off valves might be leaking air... Should I remove them ? Opinions ?
  16. Today’s update : So today all sensors and gauges were installed and tested.. While the oil temperature gauge worked perfectly, the oil pressure gauge behaves strangely. At idle it shows around 1.5 bar and at 2500 rpm around 2.5 bar. The reaction time of this gauge is kinda slow. Is that normal ? The part numbers are For the sender : A082N4038F For the gauge : A082N4035F
  17. @ekwan you are too brave... I will simply make these three gauges red.. As for the turbo boost, do you have any idea why the turbo boost sensor has 2 connections behind ? what is each connection ? Thanks !!
  18. Urgent help need : So today we started installing the gauges The Oil Temp gauge was straight forward The Esprit V8 (1998) Turbo boost gauge has 3 connections behind labelled 1,2,3 and the turbo boost sender unit has 2 connections (can someone help me in explaining to the electrician how to install it ?) The same applies with Esprit V8 (1998) Oil Pressure Gauge , 3 connections behind labelled 1,2,3 and just 2 connections on the sender unit. Please help ? Thanks
  19. Turbo boost gauge from old model is indeed obsolute.
  20. I will try to use green light to see what the 2 red gauges show.. If I knew that, I would have ordered all 3 from the same era/model, even though I think the turbo and oil pressure from the old model are obsolete..
  21. The are the original OEM Lotus gauges : They are missing the light inside But when you use a flashlight to check the instrument, the dials are red... The third gauge OEM Lotus is already green : (it is from older pre 1995 Esprit, whereas the other 2 gauges are from 1995-1998 V8 esprit.) All I need to do is figure a way to make the red gauges show green... Not sure if a green light will do the trick, as the facia of those 2 gauges is red...
  22. @andyblackman777 faulty oil pressure sender... Replaced it with a new one.. No longer problem I also installed 2 more senders for oil pressure for gauge and oil temp sender for gauge.. plus turbo boost gauge.. plus no more oil leaks My car will be super soon !! All I got to do now is figure oil the color of the backlight of the new gauges
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