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  1. Guys, I checked the Lotus Esprit V8 owners manual about the low engine oil pressure light, and it says that the light comes on when the oil pressure is below 1.4 bar / 20psi ... Just for the record... Furthermore, it says that maximum Low temp oil viscosity should be 15w and minimum high temp oil viscosity should be 40. So my 5w-40 should be fine right ?
  2. @Mightymetro Looks amazing !!! Good job !! It would be interesting to share with us idle (cold/warm) and high rpm (cold/warm) oil pressure readings.. Also what turbo boost do you get ? 😉
  3. @Mightymetro so the Y-connector was a success, it works !! Do you think it will also work with the 1995 Oil Temperature Sender A082N6068F (instead of the VDO that you installed) in combination with the original temp sender of the 2001 Esprit ? I ordered it but I have no idea about it's size ...
  4. @Mightymetro I want to do the same thing too... The 2001 Esprit V8 ECU will use it's sensor for the Oil Temperature , and I also want to install the Oil Temperature Sensor from the 1995 Lotus Esprit A082N6068F in combination with the Oil Temperature Gauge A082N6067F from the 1995 Esprit. The reason I am doing this, is that I want to keep the interior factory look !! The oil pressure and turbo gauges will be from 1998 Esprit V8 ... So will this Y part work for me too , in order to install both 2001 Esprit Oil Temp sensor and 1995 Esprit Oil Temp sensor ? Thanks !!
  5. Cool !!! Thank you !! Let's wait for @Mightymetro for his feedback if this part works, so I can order it as well !! Thanks !!
  6. Bibs, sorry for that, I just cannot find the part with the images... If it's not too much trouble and if it allowed, could you just post the link ? Thanks !!
  7. Could you share with us the amazon link to buy this part ? Did you try it, does it work ? Thanks !!
  8. Very nice installation !!! I am looking into fitting the 3 gauges on the tray just below the windows switches.. I have a faulty fuel gauge and used it to try for size and it fits nicely.. Now all I need is to build a custom cover above the gauges.. Plus the order of the gauges is correct !! closest to the driver the oil pressure next turbo boost and further away oil temp I spoke with a Lotus expert and he said that even on the 2001 Esprit V8 there is a hole on the oil filter housing for the oil pressure sender !! Cool what did you do for the oil temp sender ?
  9. The sticking PRV cost me a fortune once.. Exactly one year ago while driving casually I downshifted 3rd-2nd , blipped the gas pedal, and at 4500 rpm suddenly I saw the oil pressure light flashing.. Seconds later I heard some nasty metallic noise.. Pulled over and towed my car to my mechanic.. Within seconds his diagnosis was a spun conrod bearing.. Three days later after dismantlying the engine, he showed be how 2 of the conrod bearings further away from the oil pump had spun.. He also showed me the stuck PRV that was the cause.. (I had just bought the car and changed the oil, low mileage car with minimal service records, probably previous owner let the car sit took long with old oil ?) After the rebuilt with forged pistons, new pump and new PRV, drove the car for 3 months and 2000 miles, and 10 days ago at low rpm I got the low oil pressure light.. switched the off and coasted to a stop.. Started again and no light, everything working normally. So is there a chance the new PRV has a design flaw ??? Or is it just a bad sensor ?
  10. Any photos of the gauge ? i think 10w40 is a fine oil... Remember the Esprit is turbocharged, and turbo cars need thin oil... I think (correct me if I am wrong) So who knows what the correct oil pressure in all conditions and rpm should be ? what setup did you end up using ?
  11. I just realized that the 1998 Esprit V8 didn't have an oil temperature gauge.. So I found oil temperature gauge and sender unit from older 1995 Esprit... A082N6067F - OIL TEMPERATURE GAUGE A082N6068F - SENDER for OIL TEMPERAURE GAUGE I plan to install oil pressure gauge (from 1998 V8), oil temperature gauge (from 1995 Esprit) and turbo boost gauge (from 1998 V8) with the respective senders/sensors... Or should I look for all three gauges from 1995 Esprit ? The graphics are very similar between 1998 V8 and 1995 Esprit... Opinions ? A) go with V8 oil pressure gauge , 1995 oil temperature gauge , V8 turbo boost or B) go with 1995 oil pressure, 1995 oil temp, 1995 turbo boost or C) go with V8 oil pressure, V8 water temp to be used for oil temp !!!! , V8 turbo boost
  12. That is very helpful !! Thank you Chris !! So, to start with the easier part, the Turbo Boost gauge, if I were to install a T-piece and the Turbo gauge trasducer from I 1998 car, then I could install I turbo gauge from a 1998 car inside my car and it would work ? The same applies for the Oil Pressure and Temperature Pressure... Let's say I could find a way to install a T-piece for the oil, I could install the oil pressure transducer and oil temperature transducer from a 1998 car , and then install oil pressure and oil temperature gauges from a 1998 car ? Thanks !!
  13. On the 2001 Esprit V8 is there an extra hole for the oil pressure sensor on the block ? Can I use the combination of A082N4038F - OIL PRESSURE SENDER (1995 to 1998) with A082N4035F - OIL PRESSURE GAUGE (1995 to 1998) from an earlier Esprit V8 on my 2001 Esprit V8 ? Can I use the A082N4036F - BOOST PRESSURE GAUGE (1995-1998) ?? Does this work with a vacuum line ?? Thanks !!
  14. So I had a chat with my mechanic and we both agreed that we will tow the car to have an oil pressure gauge installed. The option are two : 1) My mechanic suggested a Gready multi function gauge that has its own sensors and will show everything electronically 2) A mechanical gauge for oil pressure and a mechanic gauge for turbo boost.. We will need to draw an oil line and a vacuum line. Ideally I prefer option 2. Do you know if I buy the early 1997-98 Esprit V8 oil pressure and turbo boost gauges, will they work. I want to make the installation look factory. Are these two gauges mechanical or electronic (do they have sensors and you just install cable, if so can I buy those sensors too?) On the 2001 Esprit V8 is there an extra hole for the oil pressure sensor on the block ? I think I read it somewhere... Or do I need to put T-connector ?
  15. I totally agree with you !! I will not take any chances... I will take my car straight to my mechanic.. no driving around
  16. You might actually be right... I was planning to take out the car tonight.. But all major damage to my Lotus has happened in evening hours.. So I will just take it to my mechanic to sort it out.. driving it up to 2000 rpm..
  17. A quick poll : I spoke to my mechanic about ordering the oil pressure sender unit that sends the signal to the low oil pressure light ,and he suggested that I drive around and tap on the instrument panel to see if I accidentally loosened any of the cables when I installed the replacement fuel gauge... He thinks I might have moved the cable a bit... He thinks that this is probably is not a true mechanical fault of the engine, rather a fault of the low oil light... The car has been preforming excellently... Should I take my chance and drive around a bit ? (If I do, I will keep it below 4000 rpm not to put too much stress on the oil lubrication system..) Thoughts ?
  18. I sure would like to have a chat with the guy that decided that that post 2000 Lotus Esprit V8 cars did not need to have an Oil pressure gauge, oil temperature or boost pressure... What was he thinking ? This is no Mercedes limo... This is a serious performance car where all attributes of the engine need to be monitored !!
  19. I have never installed any gauge before... Ideally, I was thinking that the best location for an oil pressure gauge and a turbo boost gauge on the 2001 Esprit V8 would be just below the stereo.. There is a small tray there and if one could make a support for the two gauges it would be ideal... Furthermore, I was thinking maybe the Lotus oil pressure and turbo boost gauges from the 1998 Esprit V8 could be installed there to make it look OEM.. Any opinions about the proposed location and using the Lotus 1998 gauges ??
  20. Thanks for the reply !! So in your opinion do you think there is actually something wrong with the oil pressure indeed, or is it just the indicator ? I recently opened the gauge panel to install a new fuel gauge.. Maybe I touched the cable for the oil pressure light.. Or maybe the oil pressure sender is bad.. I surr hope I have no actual oil pressure problems.. New pistons, new oil pump, new oil pressure release valve, new oil lines...
  21. Spoke with my mechanic today.. He said we should replace the sender unit of the oil pressure sensor...
  22. Hi to all !! It's been 5 months now I have been enjoying the Esprit V8 after the complete rebuild without any problems.. Tonight while driving at 3000-5000 rpm around town, at some point the low oil warning light came on !! Immediately I pulled over and switched the engine off, in fear of the worst case scenario that something is wrong with my car.. After a few minutes, I started the engine and there was no problem whatsoever... No warning light either... and the car drove perfectly... This is the second time this has happened... My car is a 2001 Esprit V8 without oil pressure gauge, so I have no clue what is going on... For those who don't remember, last summer my engine spun a conrod bearing when the oil pressure relief valve got stuck open, and the engine was starved of oil... During that time the low pressure light came on, and after a few seconds I heard disaster from the back.. This time, after the rebuild with new pistons, new oil pump and new oil pressure relief valve, everything seems fine... So could it just be a bad sensor ??? My mechanic suggested we find a way to install an oil pressure gauge... Opinions ???
  23. Hi to all !! I have been enjoying the Esprit V8 and been driving it with almost no problems... Over the last weeks my car has developed a small oil leak from the adapter used to connect the oil line to the engine block.. My mechanic had a look and tried to tighten the connection.. He also replaced an o-ring.. But it is still leaking a little bit oil.. He told me to bring the car again so that he can remove and find another male-male connector of the oil lines.. On Monday I need to make a 400 mile road trip.. I will need every 200 miles to refuel, where I will have spare oil to add if necessary.. From your experience, is there any risk oil losing enough oil for damage to happen while driving on the highway between fuel stops ? My mechanic told me that I should be ok, just check at the refueling if I need top up.. What do you think ? Thanks !!
  24. I am taking the wheels of my 2001 Lotus Esprit V8 OZ Saturn for refurbishment / repaint next week... The center wheel hubs the Lotus badge has complete discolored... Does anyone know where I can find replacement parts ? Or do you recommend buying stickers ? But will they last ??
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