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    The car has changed a lot since last year. Behind are mounted wheels and tires Hoosier 30 inches special for dragster . To fit, the chassis has undergone the necessary modifications. The car is really beautiful and impressive. The 17-inch wheels are left in front. Lotus is also equipped with a wheelie bar and electronic fire extinguishing system which is even activated by remote control!! Still, its driver is now protected by a powerful roll-cage.

    Lotus Esprit Sport 300 (chassis version).

    The engine is an eight-cylinder V-arrangement, 32-valve racing origin. It used to be used in endurance racing. Includes Total Seal springs, JE pistons, Arrows connecting rods, mechanical instead of hydraulic thrusters, titanium retainers, light alloy valves and double Kent valve springs. The camshafts are developed by Colombo Barianni, specially ordered. The clamping pins of the motor are made by Axion Design.

    Lotus is equipped with electrics of EFI Technology Euro6. This version also offers telemetry !! At any time, that is, all the indications of the car are transferred to a computer operated by a person away from the car. The same person, in fact, has the ability to make any adjustments he wants (turbo pressure, advance, fuel, etc.) from afar !! 

    To understand how important the Euro6 version is, it is enough to mention that the Euro12 version is used exclusively in Formula 1, Euro6 was used in the past in TOCA and now in BTCC, DTM and LE MAN, while Euro96 and Euro1 are simpler. Euro1 is used by the 8 cars of Messrs. Michalis Antoniou and Maki Nefraim.

    Axion Design in the past has developed other cars such as a Suzuki Swift 1300 Turbo with electric Euro1 and the BMW E30 Turbo of Mr. Dimitris Androulakis which wears electric Euro96.

    Power Supply - Introduction
    The motor is powered by an Aeromotive pump which is capable of 1000 Hp when injection is used and 1300 Hp when a carburetor is used. In the engine inlet there is an eight-valve with 16 injectors (2 per cylinder !!) with a flow of 510cc / minute each. The connecting rods as well as the imports are made by Axion Design.

    Gasoline - Tank
    Last year, ELF high-octane racing gasoline was used. This year, racing petrol of company 76 has been selected. The safety tank is of FIA ATL.

    Turbine - Wastegate
    The turbine is a Thumber Series by Turbonetics, has a 100 mm front impeller and is specially ordered from America. The canvas used is by Godzilla Turbonetics while the external wastegate is made by Axion Design.

    Brain - Mapping
    Responsible for the mapping of the Lotus brain and all Axion Design cars is Mr. Michalis Antoniou.

    The intercooler chosen is by Forge, a special order of Mr. Vitalis. Its size is like two intercoolers of a Sierra Cossworth.

    Exports - Exhaust
    Exports are self-made by Axion Design as well as the exhaust.

    The transmission is from Quaife 6 speed sequential transaxle with PowerShift capability and clutchless shifts, although this feature has not yet been used by Filippo. The flywheel is by Impax Supreme and is accompanied by a multi-disc by AP RACING.

    The launch control is used to start.

    For the difficult task of setting up, a front and rear Leda suspension has been selected which is height-adjustable and offers 24 steps in the adjustment of damping or hardness.

    The Lotus decelerates with Tarox brake discs and AP four-piston calipers.

    Safety devices
    As we mentioned at the beginning, the car is equipped with a competition wheel Engineering wheelie bar that will prevent it from taking off from the track. The driver is also protected by a self-made RIA Cage of FIA specifications and fire safety Safety Devices with remote control.

    As we know, in dragster races, weight plays perhaps a more important role than horsepower. Lotus currently weighs 1300 Kgr while in the previous race it was 1180 Kgr. The increase in weight is due to fire safety, new tires, inflatables on the wings and the wheelie bar.

    Here are some questions we asked Mr. Filippos Papafilippou.

    😧 Will the increased weight not negatively affect the performance of the car?

    FP: The car did not have a problem of power but traction. Of course we would have preferred the total weight of the car to be smaller. But the car had to be set up so that we could race at almost full engine power (900+ hp). In the last race of 2001 in Serres we were forced to run with significantly lower horsepower than the maximum of the car.

    😧 What do you expect and what do you hope for in the next match?

    FP: Unfortunately, we can not test the car in real conditions before the race. So, in essence, we are running against ourselves and the problems that may arise. If the car withstands the start, we believe that we will get down well enough in less than 10 seconds ! An output speed of 240 km indicates this. However, the axles are difficult to withstand such horsepower.


  2. I asked around about this Esprit V8 and they told me that it produces over 1000 bhp...

    Talk about dragster Lotus Esprit cars...

    I found one guy that back in 2002 used to race his Lotus Esprit...

    Here are the pictures of his car : (It says Sport 300 , but the engine is definitely V8)

    And his best 1/4 mile time was 09,807 sec @   249,13 km/h 


  3. Let's all hope that it is valves/top end rather than bottom end issue..

    Nevertheless, now that I think of what I went through with the rebuild process of my engine, the two costs that were inexplicably high during the rebuild process were :

    1) the resurfacing / balancing of the crankshaft (very labor intensive / skilled process)

    2) the cost of the genuine OEM head gaskets 

    Especially the second one, because of limited supply from factory, I found that so much money just for 2 gaskets to be extremely expensive.. 


  4. I don't mean to scare you, and my mechanical expertise is limited, but my Lotus Esprit V8 sounded exactly the same when... it spun a rod bearing !!!!

    In my car it happened due to low oil pressure / oil starvation from a stuck open oil PRV (Pressure Release Valve).. I towed my car to my mechanic and almost immediately he made this verdict... 

    Anyhow, I recommend NOT to use the car anymore, until a skilled mechanic examines the engine...

  5. Hey guys,

    @mike_sekinger @cweeden @Barrykearley

    Check out what I found... This is a video of a friend of mine, who is a rally car driver, and back in the early 2000s he used to have a TV show in Greece where he test drove various supercars... Since we don't have any decent racetracks close to Athens, he used to take the cars to a go-kart race track LOL... Check him out drifting the Esprit V8 (not my car LOL)... I guess he is really pushing the internals of the Renault gearbox... LOL


  6. This sucks..

    I had a bad experience with a spun rod bearing in June 2019 when the Oil Pressure Release Valve got stuck and I momentarily had zero oil pressure..

    Immediately I heard metallic noise at low rpm and stopped the engine, but it was too late..

    I used the engine rebuild as an opportunity to install forged pistons..


  7. @cweeden

    Of course I want him to flash my ECU and I am ready to send it to him should he accept.

    It just took me some time to make up my mind between S350 and RED, and maybe he got lost his patience with me..

    I respect everyone here and I had no intention to upset anyone..

    Regardless, I am thankful to@mike_sekinger who already helped me once with the tool to drill the scotch key..

  8. @mike_sekinger

    You are right that in the beginning when discussing about S350 vs RED chip I was challenging every advice you gave me, because deep inside I wanted the RED, but I came to my senses and understood that the risk I am running with the RED is not worth it.. 

    With regards to the process of flashing, I completely accept your advice.. I know a thing or two about soldering boards, and I understand that if something goes wrong the whole board is gone... So I agree 100% with your suggestion of flashing the chip without removing it..

    P.S. I understand how you feel, because in the beginning I was skeptical about your advise... I am new to Lotus and I should have listened to you from the beginning... You are sharing with us your technical experience from many years of Lotus ownership, and instead of appreciating it, it is true I was challenging it.. So don't take me wrong, I didn't mean to question your expertise, I was just trying to convince myself with arguments why to go for the less extreme S350 mapping as opposed to the RED, which in my mind initially seemed more attractive..

  9. @mike_sekinger

    Thanks!! What about the overboost function ? The boost graph appears to go above the transient boost at high rpm..

    P.S. I am so curious to see how my car drives with the Sport 350 mapping.. It should eliminate the annoying lag in 2-3-4 gear at low rpm

  10. Out of curiosity, can someone explain to me what transient boost means ?

    Also, how does the turbo boost pressure go above the transient on the higher gears on Sport 350 ? Is this some sort of over boost function ? Thanks

    P.S. I have made my mind for the Sport 350, so no going back now to the RED...

    Since Lotus offered the Sport 350 with the same gearbox as the standard V8, it means that it stands behind this ECU, while the RED is risky...

    I am finally enjoying my car.. I did 300 miles yesterday, so I don't won't to ruin anything now.. 

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