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  1. Update : Almost disaster today !! 

    Hi to all !

    Today as I was driving at low speed I saw that the oil temperature gauge was showing zero and I could hear a noise like pulling metal cans on a string behind the car..

    I pulled over and saw that the adapter my mechanic had custom made and connected with special metallic hose was hanging under my car.. See photo.. If the connection broke, I would lose all oil with dramatic consequences..

    I immediated loaded the car and too it to my mechanic.. We saw that due to stress related to vibrations from the engine, the thick metal plate connecting it to the sump of the engine broke off !!

    We placed the adapter on the chassis with clamps and used rubber too for vibrations..

  2. I am very sad, because today I lost one of the rear center caps for the Oz Saturn wheels of my car.

    I just replaced tires last week, and the tire shop did not tighten the bolt on the center caps..

    I called them and told them what happened, and they are willing to pay for the replacement..

    Only problem, is that I cannot find one in the size of the rear 18 inch wheels..

    Anyone help ? Thanks !!

  3. I finished the installation of the turbo boost, oil pressure and oil temperature gauges.. They are very useful and easy to see.. I chose to put the most important, oil pressure, in the middle so both driver and passenger can see it.. The red color looks cool with the heater switch above that is also red.. What do you guys think?



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  4. Update

    It's been a while and I wanted to update you on my car.

    All three gauges are installed and work perfectly.

    I placed them under the stereo right in front of the gear lever.

    They look amazing.

    Left is turbo, middle oil pressure, right it oil temp.

    The oil pressure is usually around 3,5-4 bar

    When hot and idling it falls to 2,5 bar which I think is fine.

    The oil temp takes about 10-12 mins to get to 60 degrees C.

    The turbo gauge, the most I saw is 0,5-0,6 bar in 4th / 5th gear above 4000rpm at full throttle.

    I am beginning to think the aftermarket BOV blow off valves might be leaking air...

    Should I remove them ?

    Opinions ?

  5. Today’s update :

    So today all sensors and gauges were installed and tested..

    While the oil temperature gauge worked perfectly, the oil pressure gauge behaves strangely.

    At idle it shows around 1.5 bar and at 2500 rpm around 2.5 bar. The reaction time of this gauge is kinda slow.

    Is that normal ?

    The part numbers are

    For the sender : A082N4038F

    For the gauge : A082N4035F

  6. Urgent help need :

    So today we started installing the gauges

    The Oil Temp gauge was straight forward

    The Esprit V8 (1998) Turbo boost gauge has 3 connections behind labelled 1,2,3 and the turbo boost sender unit has 2 connections (can someone help me in explaining to the electrician how to install it ?)

    The same applies with Esprit V8 (1998) Oil Pressure Gauge , 3 connections behind labelled 1,2,3 and just 2 connections on the sender unit.

    Please help ? Thanks

  7. The are the original OEM Lotus gauges :

    They are missing the light inside

    But when you use a flashlight to check the instrument, the dials are red...

    The third gauge OEM Lotus is already green :

    (it is from older pre 1995 Esprit, whereas the other 2 gauges are from 1995-1998 V8 esprit.)

    All I need to do is figure a way to make the red gauges show green...

    Not sure if a green light will do the trick, as the facia of those 2 gauges is red...


  8. Ideally I would want all 3 gauges green..

    The two gauges that are missing lamp inside, have red filter inside, so when you illuminate them, they show red dials...

    If I put green LED in those gauges, what do you think will happen to the dials ? will they show slightly green, or red ?


  9. Gauge Installation Update :

    So we are finished with installing the sender units...

    We chose to create an extension with special oil pipe with 3 holes to install the Oil pressure sender for the gauge, the OEM oil pressure sender for the low-oil-lamp, and the oil temperature sender...

    Now it is time to install the Gauges...

    We realised that 2 of the gauges, the oil pressure and boost pressure have no light installed for night illumination..

    Furthermore, when you put light, those two gauges above are red...

    The oil temperature gauge has a light installed and it is green.

    Option 1) remove the green light from the 3rd gauge and make all 3 red 

    Option 2) find a way to make all 3 gauges green, as every other gauge in the car is green (most difficult but preferred option)

    Any suggestions / ideas ?

  10. With regards to the gauges enclosure, I explained to my mechanic that the Esprit V8 interior is Magnolia Creme leather, Black leather, aluminum (around the instrument cluster) and black satin plastic.

    So to add a small piece of carbon would be too much !! two tone Leather, aluminum, carbon, plastic... too many materials

    He thought I was crazy not to want carbon.. Everyone loves it...

    But I stick with my decision to go with black satin to make it as OEM as possible...

    It is more elegant, like wearing a nice suit with necktie and matching suit handkerchief... 

    When I told my mechanic my final decision, he said "why not put more carbon pieces to make it look right ?"

    I replied "sure, if you are willing to pay for this carbon upgrade in my interior and I promise I will advertise him.."


    He politely declined... LOL

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