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  1. Hi, sorry i just noticed this. Changed the master cylinder to the 0.70 version and it worked first time.
  2. Just want to say thank you to everyone that helped, can is back to running like a dream and getting used
  3. That sounds like it could be the problem. Tried bleeding the clutch again last night with no joy still. Will get a 0.70 master cylinder ordered. Never thought it would be the wrong master cylinder with it being a 1988 but to be honest this car seems a mix and match of everything so doesnt suprise me totally.
  4. I will give bleeding it that way a try
  5. Yeh my mistake it has the renault transmission
  6. I am looking for a bit of help with the clutch on the 1988 esprit, i have searched the forum for help but havent seen any ( probably missed it ). A few weeks ago the slave cylinder popped a seal so had to be changed. It has been a saga trying to get everything changed over. The slave cylinder that was fitted was a totally different one ( seemed to be one off a land rover defender ) so had to get the original spec push rod which i was hoping would solve the problem. Fitted the new master cyclinder, slave and large bore pipe and now the car doesnt want to select reverse without crunching. I have checked the settings on the fork adjustment and the rod on the master cyclinder to what the service manual says but stll no joy. Had a try again last night, thought it could maybe be not bled properly. Finally got it to work fine in reverse and then wouldnt enetertain the thought of going back into reverse. Parts : PNM large bore braided pipe Willwood 0.625 master cylinder Side mounted slave cylinder Am i missing something obvious? Thanks in advance Marc
  7. I went back onto fallout just after the update, a lot better than it was. Has made the lockdown a bit more bearable haha
  8. I think it may be a simple case of me expecting to much from the handbrake. The esprit has been the first ( of hopefully many ) old cars that I have worked on so still learning about the good old ways
  9. Thanks for the replies everyone Thats great steve. By the looks of it the original cables are still in place so looks like i will need to swap them out. The joys haha
  10. Hi everyone, I will apologise in advance, I have searched the forum and internet for the answer but cannot find it, so if it is out there already, my mistake. The final big piece in the 1988 esprit project is to get the handbrake to work efficiently enough for an MOT. The rear brakes have been converted over to the Brembo calipers from a v8 at some point. the manual I have got for the 1988 esprit shows the standard caliper. The bit of information that the manual gives is a MM value from were the caliper should be measured and then the slack taken out of the cable on the adjusters. I have searched high and low and cannot find out if there is a similar value for the Bremebo rear calipers? The other random thing is that where the handbrake cable fixes onto the lever on the caliper there is a spacer. Should this be there? I can get the handbrake to hold but it is easy for the car to power through. Even tried in anger to wind the adjusters to the tightest possible and it still will pull through. To add I should mention that both calipers have been refurbed and working. Thanks in advance, Marc
  11. I took the plunge and got it. I like yourself kimbers play it solo. The map is so bit that i have only came across one other player online. I see what you mean about the food and water. Its a very slippy slope if you forget to collect water and food. After playing it, its a decent enough game. Good fun exploring and finding a moleminer when you are out of ammo haha
  12. There has been alot of good and bad things about the fallout 76 game. Anyone getting it?
  13. I ended up going for a mishimoto catch can. Its nice and compact so easy to fit in. For some reason it wont let me upload a picture of the instal the now. Its mounted on the side of the air filter cover. A hose with a valve runs from the bottom of the catch can to bottom of the frame so i can access it easily. Only time will tell if it works, fingers crossed.
  14. Hi everyone, I thought i would share the progress of the lotus esprit 1988 restoration project. It was never supposed to be a full restoration project. More just a tidy up, then one thing led to another and alot of money and parts down the line it has become a restoration. I am looking after the mechanical things and the old man is doing the electrical and interior side. Big job to do: - Exhaust manifold repair - rear calipers refurbished - full suspension re build These big jobs led to lots of smaller side jobs. Picture of how it was at the start. Not bad on the surface. But the mechanical side of things needed alot of TLC. One thing let to another. Front spring was burst bit in taking the hub off the lower ball joint fell apart. This lead to finding out all of the bushing bolt has corroded to the bush sleeves so had to be cut out. This then led to wanting to change the upper wishbone bushes and ball joint. O ly to discover that the upper wishbone stud was solid inside the mount. After lots and lots of heat and force the pin came out. All front suspension components have been changed. The lower wishbones had to be changed after the balljoint collar was found to be enlarged so wouldnt accept a new ball joint and hold onto it. Much better now. Thanks for reading. Lots more to follow. Any advice, hints or tricks greatly appreciated. Marc
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