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  1. On 14/01/2021 at 20:29, omegaman said:

    Great Job. Question: What part of the ignition makes the key spring back from crank position? I'm putting my car back together and my key will sit in whatever position I leave it, including crank. 


    Also, the actual switch unit area where the lock slots into looks to be a different shape than the D shaped shaft of the lock. 

    I remember the spring being on the electrical switch side of the ignition. The electrics are quite easy to disassemble so should be reasonable to inspect and repair.

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  2. 11 hours ago, PhilW said:

    What is considered the front of the engine.  Coincidentally I put a cambelt on yesterday but the engine is out and on a stand.  I put the arrows pointing to  the front of the car as if the engine was fitted.

    Good point! I have looked around on the internet and can't find a specific convention. However I was taught that the front of the engine is where piston one is and according to the Lotus-Big-Black-Book-Of-Curiosity this is the one nearest the water pump.

  3. 11 hours ago, Steve4012 said:

    It says on the gates website there is no direction. The arrows are simply an aid to line up with pulley markings.

    Thanks Steve, there is the definitive answer! I think when I do this job again, I will follow convention as I know it would bug me seeing arrows pointing the wrong way and I would still have a tints y-wintsy amount of irrational doubt every time I see it😃

  4. On 19/06/2018 at 09:21, Paul Coleman said:

    Do the belts have a direction? I wasn't aware that they did.

    Here is a pic of the new belt with arrows pointing to the front of the engine. I dug the old lotus supplied belt out of the bin and there are no direction markings, however the text would be the right around if you were standing in front of the engine. I have always assumed that flat belts have a direction, guessing that when made, the belt would be layered in a kind of spiral and then cut to width so the layers would either naturally tighten or loosen in use. I have no idea if that is fact, just kind of feels right.


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  5. I've had it for about 20 years but it has been off the road for most of that. its nearly ready, but after renovating the carbs and it running reasonably well, I changed the cam belt and since (despite the timing being correct,) it is not running well at all now. I am hoping it is just an air leak or such. It could even be old fuel issues. Sadly when I bought this car, I bought a pup. over the first few weeks I found very poor repairs and replacement parts that clearly were not correct. When the gear stick fell off, I had to take it off the road and It has been off the road mostly since. However now the car is nearly straight and will be on the road soon. How do you find living with your Esprit? - M


  6. Thanks for your helpful replies Lous and Chris. I hava a selection of metric bolts at home and found that M10 was too small and M12 too large. Also the pitch looked tighter than the metric bolts I have. I was hoping to buy a useful bolt on the way home, however I have a set of Thread Taps at work so I can try different threads tonight in the hope it isn't a phantom imperial oddity ....

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