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  1. thanks, I will have to arrange an appointment, I hope they don't find any over-revs .... I struggle to sleep because of this ... the car is fine, no noise or drop in power, maybe a downshift is the cause
  2. you've tried? can you confirm me then my non lotus trusted mechanic does not read? sorry if i insist, but lotus is far from my house
  3. hello friends, can you enter with generic software in the control unit to read any engine overspeed? or do you need the concessionaire's lotus software? Greetings Francis
  4. hi friends, for a possible topping up of brake oil, which one should i buy off the lotus network ?!
  5. so to replace only the pulley need to remap the ecu? does the temperature rise, do you need an intercooler or is it not necessary? Bosch builds a water injector to decrease the suction temperature, does anyone know it?
  6. have you had any improvements? was the engine cooler?
  7. hi guys who of you use the EVANS 180 coolant? are there any contraindications? happy Holidays
  8. hello maxi-z your car is totally decatalized? have you lowered the engine temperatures much? and the performance? I would have intentioned too Francesco
  9. hi guys is it difficult to access the oil filter? what parts to take off?
  10. ciao amici che filtro dell'olio motore? toyota o loto? sono uguali o no ?! hi friends what engine oil filter? toyota or lotus? are they the same or not ?!
  11. Hi guys, where can I buy the same key for the 4-cylinder toyota to remove the engine oil filter? sorry, which site online? or is it equal to 4 cylinder toyota?
  12. I honestly with 400 I'm happy .... road car obviously ... I would opt for a water cooling
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