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  1. hello guys how to understand the good faith of a test bench of a trainer ?!
  2. for E-dif what do you mean?! ... sorry but in Italian I do not know ...
  3. does the differential also go off?! ... it seems to me that if you have a dirty guide, something will happen ...
  4. hello guys, do you know if you can disable the controls on the 350 sport?! ... I do not say on the street but at least on the track, I find myself with the rear pads already worn
  5. hello guys today I retired my 350 sport after installing kit ecu remapping and air box kevlar by pb racing ... I think immediately improved the response to the accelerator with a deeper sound ... you hear more the sound of the compressor ... take turns with more ease ... this with a short road test ... we will see with a beautiful sunny day as it has increased the power with dry asphalt where you can push well ... in theory a gain of 40 hp?
  6. sorry I had forgotten, sometimes hard to enter the first or the back ... and sometimes putting the first the car moves imperceptibly forward ... if it stays so without other problems I would leave everything so ... I'm waiting for what he says lotus for guarantee
  7. Nessun problema,a volte da fermo non entra subito la prima o la retromarcia....devo insistere...a volte mettendo la prima la macchina senti che fa un colpetto impercettibile in non mi da problemi nel tempo posso lasciare tutto cosi
  8. it makes noise in neutral, if I press friction no noise ... from new car no problem ... from 6000 km starts little noise and now annoying
  9. hello guys my 350 sport with 12000 km has problems with the pressure bearing, soon will be 'to be replaced and I do not know if the warranty responds even if the car has 10 months. Did it happen to any of you ?! It seems a very fast wear
  10. Ciao Roberto....dove abiti?io sono di Rovigo...
  11. CCiao a tutti scusate se parlo solo italiano,sto cercando di sostituire: 1) aspirazione e mettere quella diretta e quale marca mi consigliate 2)cerco exhaust e non so se cambiare tutto completo e solo collettori e se usare catalizzatori hsg o delay 3)remapping ecu...komotec con file acquistato on line perché in Italia non c è rivenditore...o chi mi consigliate? 4) GEO per uso 50 track 50 strada....da diminuire il sottosterzo grazie ancora francesco
  12. Ciao a tutti sono Francesco di Rovigo (nord italia) ho 38 anni e sono un contento proprietario di exige 350 sport Orange...mi piacciono molto i giri in montagna e i track days...da un po' che vi leggo e trovo molto utile questo forum...scusate se parlo solo italiano
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