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  1. Just for interest in terms of keeping this thread up to date for any future future owners (they may google the reg plate). I owned this car (with a different no. plate) from Feb'18 unilt Jun'20. Before I owned it, it had a new clutch fitted, LSD and gearbox under warranty by the previous owner. I did a few bits to it including: new starter, battery, cats, downpipe, air con regas, silver gearknob usual servicing etc. Recently listed it for sale and it's now sold.
  2. Yeh I will at some point. This is a temporary albeit slightly riskier short term fix.
  3. Went in today to remove the bank 1 cat. Managed to do it after much swearing and negotiation. Dare I say it wasn't quite a simple at the larini exhaust guide made out for various reasons. Anyway the news is the bank 1 cat was non-existent. There was no honeycomb left in there whatsoever. I just hope it all exited out the tailpipe! The bank 2 cat looks in fine condition. So even though I have a spare I don't think I'm going to tackle that one for now. I was also able to see that I already have a straight pipe where the 3rd cat should be. All in all a pretty good day of disco
  4. Yes - if it wasn't for that awesome post I don't think I'd be trying it! New secondhand cats arrived today and they look like new inside so hopefully lots more life left in them!
  5. Thanks, I've procured a set of second hand pre-cats from a 2015 car and a straight pipe to replace the 3rd cat. I know this isn't the best solution but for now it works for me at this time. A new standard manifold x 2 isn't much different from a larini or 2bular. I'm hoping no bits of cat have made their way into the engine but there are no obvious signs. So this weekend it'll be time to start work on getting the headers off and hopefully getting the new second hand ones on! I used for the OBD2 graph. Very handy to confirm a diagnosis like this.
  6. So, I did some measuring with my OBD software this weekend on all 4 O2 sensors to see if the main cats are bad. Looks like the cat on bank 1 is not functioning as it should (pics attached), whereas bank 2 looks ok. Long term my strategy is to get new headers with sports cats and possibly a Larini or 2bular exhaust. However, current finances just don't allow for that so in the interim I intend to work a short term tactical repair on the bank 1 cat (not sure what that is yet!). The third cat I'm just removing having already ordered a straight pipe. Couple of questions though... My
  7. Finished a track day a couple of weeks ago with and EML an a rattle. The next day all was fine with no EML and no rattle. Until yesterday when the car threw an EML which this time I managed to read: P0420 and P1302 came up so a swapped over no.2 coil pack to see if I could get the error code to come back after clearing the error. Right after this I found what I’m assuming is chunks of the catalytic converter on the drive (see pic). I’m guessing this is what was causing my track day rattle and eventually worked it’s way out and the cat is now slowly disintegrating. I’m just hoping this is
  8. Hi, sorry to resurrect this thread. Does anyone know if the possible fix from either Matthew or Cocopops managed to sort this? I've been having intermittent side light LED issues on the passenger side since owning my '11 S. Thanks
  9. Hello, Thought I would stop by to say 'hi' as I posted in the Evora chat group before I realised there was a intro section. I live in Surrey and bought this manual Evora S old link from here locally in Jan this year after it had received a new clutch, gearbox and LSD under warranty by the previous owner. Anyway, I've always been addicted to sports cars having owned 944s, 911, M3, WRX, Audi TT, MX5, MR2 etc etc. over the years. Have to say I'm only just finding my stride with the Evora and my motorway commute doesn't help. I plan to find more time to enjoy the car properly
  10. I also came from the V8 M3 before getting an Evora S albeit mine was an E93 (convertible). Agree with everything you say about the DCT and it's interesting to hear your comments on the IPS as I've not driven one. I always suspected it would be disappointing compared to the DCT in the M3. I really do miss those throttle blips on downshift though especially as mine had the 2.5 pipe exhaust mod! What I was really after was a white Evora S with red leather... I know I know.. (I loved the novilo fox red leather in my M3) my plan was to wrap the various bits to make it look like a sport race a
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