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  1. Great car congrats,, i love your garage transformation too , lovely job
  2. Very nice, great photo too. Beautiful
  3. I’m in Godalming Surrey I’d be happy to meet you half way
  4. The 380 is a great car for sure, the sound of the car is awesome. If your budget allows I would recommend the 410 as it does and has everything the 430 has (bar the titanium exhaust ) and a couple of superficial air vents etc and unless your Lewis Hamilton you wont tell the difference.
  5. Anyway getting back to the post i personally don’t like the front canards . im also not a fan of the black plastic side pods on the 380. kwaka green is old hat , Riviera Blue is the future
  6. Listen mr keyboard warrior don’t try and disguise a dig at me cause I’m calling you out. i am fully aware of the spec difference between the 410 and 430. i personally specced my 410 so I am fully aware, pm me and I’ll send you my mobile number I’d love to speak with you
  7. I don’t see one at 410 money Copy and paste a link to one so I can see what you mean I personally think the 410 blows the 430 out of the water , price wise, everything is the same apart from the map. oh and the carbon side vents
  8. I disagree,, show me a 430 cup for similar money to the 410.
  9. I’ve owned a 380 and I currently have a 410 exige , I think the 410 has everything on it that you’d want on a 380 , full adjustable nitrons, chargcooler , gearbox cooler , more carbon I could go on..... i seriously looked at the figures with adding these parts to my 380 and it was a no brainier,,,, 410 wins all day long. the 410 is sublime go test one ,,, you’ll want it.
  10. 600 miles minimum I would say for first service, after that I would slowly push it on using common sense , I.e not on the limiter in every gear. common sense should prevail, don’t pussy over it , when your at 800 plus I’d start going for it..
  11. Yeah that’s what I thought when it arrived, it wasn’t what I was expecting, it looked more like a 70s Mexico blue.
  12. Lotus sent me a sample of Mexico blue as that was my original choice but it was much much darker than Riviera,even in direct sunlight. I'm glad I went with what I did. I agree with you though all those blues are stunning.
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