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    Evo x stage 2 tuned 430 bhp, Lotus Exige 380 sport ,bmw HP4 carbon,Triumph Daytona 675r, bmw gsa 1200
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  1. Looks nice, how’s the ppf doing , I’m thinking of just doing the front end on my new 410
  2. thanks for your thoughts and opinions, I have chosen the colour for my 410 ,ill post some pics up when it comes at the end of march.
  3. Not sure I agree there , my sky blue 380 was a stunner , people on the street would stop and take a pic. a fantastic colour .
  4. Yes I do want a GT3 but unfortunately I can’t afford one
  5. I’m debating between Riviera Blue or Kwaka Green on my new exige, what do you think
  6. They look stunning, could I have one please. send me you PayPal details and I will send the payment over, manythanks
  7. I’m selling my sky blue 380 sport ,low miles ,fully loaded if anyone is interested pm me.
  8. Hi Stewart, did you demo the cyan blue one at silverstone?
  9. I’m considering a 410 so I’m following your posts. Is the 410 any more track friendly than my lovely 380? i spoke to asalesman at one of the well known dealerships on Friday and he’s trying to tell me the 410 and 430 cup can get on most uk circuits without a problem mmmmm! I think he’s wrong . cheers Richard
  10. When you say the playground,of which I’ve seen a few people mention, which forum is that.
  11. 1, I have a micro fibre cloth to assist in de misting the windscreen. 2, Go faster to to stop yourself looking at any rattles. 3, i always like to wash and then go for a run to dry the car off. 4, use it, kane it, enjoy it..... hope this helps
  12. I have some very dear friends in your neck of the woods , in fact we have just got back from from a stay in Clarkston with the Mackenzies. Planning on doing the NC500 next year,,,,,, but on two wheels.
  13. Andy are you saying you've never had a little blat against another car on a public road? or are you having a little dig old chap! just for your info I've raced most circuits in the uk and many in Spain and what fun it was, you should ditch your pipe and slippers and have a go old boy.
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