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  1. Yeah that’s what I thought when it arrived, it wasn’t what I was expecting, it looked more like a 70s Mexico blue.
  2. Lotus sent me a sample of Mexico blue as that was my original choice but it was much much darker than Riviera,even in direct sunlight. I'm glad I went with what I did. I agree with you though all those blues are stunning.
  3. Thanks,,,,, It really is a sublime colour that changes under different lighting. heres a better pic
  4. Yes I went for Riviera Blue , I love it , it looks rightly stunning in the flesh.
  5. hehe, that's me fu**ed then,, in my defence though I figured that hi viz ticked the health & safety box. p.s my new car has been delivered to the dealer and I went to see it today.
  6. Great topic, I’ve just bought the green sealy one. cheers
  7. I visited the factory in darkest Norfolk on Monday to see my new car in production and lots more. Guided by Scott Walker who seems to have Lotus running through his veins, it was a brilliant 3 hrs . thanks to Scott and Chris at Hoffmanns.
  8. That’s a nice little tickle , I find it best to smash my right foot down until those 3 little red limit lights arrive.
  9. Looks nice, how’s the ppf doing , I’m thinking of just doing the front end on my new 410
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