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  1. RoflOnMyWaffle

    Blue Elise S1

    Saw you on my way to Plymouth, can't quite remember where I saw you, but hi lol
  2. RoflOnMyWaffle

    Deposit paid... new owner in Norfolk

    Did the sale not go through bud? Listed 20 odd mins ago 😕
  3. I too am interested, so just tagging in to follow along. Their description confused me somewhat
  4. I think this is next on my list of mods, doing a 3 hour commute gets boring and with my roof/windows not 100% wind proof I'm getting a lot of wind noise. Radio isn't cutting it anymore, its tinny and lacks any "quality" to it. Feels like I'm playing music through my phone! I'll adjust the roof and wndows more to try and save my ears, but this will be my next mod Probably just a sub for now, then maybe front and rear speaker replacaments too, if the head unit can take that. Thanks for all your input guys, definitely be using Shocksaway too. Not willing to wire things in myself
  5. RoflOnMyWaffle

    What made you UNHAPPY today!

    You should have been given a van! That's not even close to like for like!
  6. RoflOnMyWaffle

    What made you UNHAPPY today!

    So, the whole point of this thread is what made you UNHAPPY. Why do we keep clashing C8RKH? It was in no way personal to anyone, nor did I name what dealer this was. It was left as a moan. I get the #firstworldproblems, because yes it is a small thing to bitch about, but it's a fuss to me. I expect better service from a premium brand.
  7. RoflOnMyWaffle

    What made you UNHAPPY today!

    Yeah, but do you not expect more from an "enthusiasts" brand, who take pride in only making Sports cars? Like I said, I don't expect an Evora 430 or Exige Sport 410 or whatever, a base spec 1.6 Elise would be fine, and barely costs much more than this hybrid jobby. Either way, if this is a long term loan, I will be complaining. Don't care how dickish that makes me look, we deserve better.
  8. RoflOnMyWaffle

    What made you UNHAPPY today!

    Taking in a £50k car for warranty work and being given this hunk of shite as a courtesy car. Radar cruise control is the annoying feature, as well as being a hybrid cvt. Lots to hate, one unhappy customer. I hear B&C give Lotus as a courtesy car? I'm not saying I expect an Exige or Evora but come on, even a base Elise would be okay!
  9. RoflOnMyWaffle

    first drive home

    Not to be a party pooper, those are for V6 s and 350s. I measure the 380 cause I worried abour my drive, I got about 95mm but it was rushed and in a petrol station haha. The 380 has the protector under the splitter which makes it lower
  10. RoflOnMyWaffle

    first drive home

    I'm based near Bournemouth and did the trip from Manchester to home. All I can say is bring a drink, set up your bluetooth music and possibly bring some ear plugs if it's a long drive. Now this isn't because I'm a wimp, even my 350 isn't loud enough for me with the valve open! It's more the background noise, left with ringing in my ears after it for a few days! So look after your ears. As for speed bumps, I usually avoid them if I can, but you can negotiate them if you go slowly and are prepared. It's not THAT low, it's more about angles! Maybe bring a "normal" car to the speed bump and see how much space you have left? Usually going slow and sideways helps? Also bring some pain killers, your face is going to hurt from smiling and laughing at silly noises it makes it tunnels - pops bangs and roars.... I tend to slow down then speed up with windows open xD It's a lovely car mate, enjoy it and hopefully see you at local meets one day! Sorry for repeating what KennyN said, we posted at the same time!
  11. RoflOnMyWaffle

    Deposit paid... new owner in Norfolk

    Before you do that, pistonheads often relist. I've seen cars listed as " SOLD SOLD SOLD" twice. Happens quite often it seems, I doubt dealers do it on purpose cause of the hassle!
  12. RoflOnMyWaffle

    Deposit paid... new owner in Norfolk

    Very nice car, enjoy it!
  13. I had forgotten about this thread, having just used a big bottle and thrown it in the passenger footwell for the time being... I saw your message, got out the shower and now its got more links! An internet cookie for you bud, those are perfect. Not pretty but easy to get rid and move when not needed! Gonna try the eBay ones, cause I hate window sticky things. Almost got hit in the face by my dads dashcam day before yesterday when it came off xD
  14. They look pretty good, bar the way they mount - shame you lose cruise control, or am I missing something?
  15. RoflOnMyWaffle

    buying used..

    You can check the performance data on any car, gives you a thorough breakdown of how the car has been used. Things like time spent at certain RPMS, percentage of throttle used, launches - lots of things! I'd love a 380 exhaust on my 350, if you ever want to swap so you can track yours