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  1. RoflOnMyWaffle

    Carbon fibre options

    I tried but he wasn't interested, I then suggest partial refund, as I needed the shroud as well as the binacle cover which wasn't explained - again nothing. So it's either strip car back to OEM plastic and get a half refund. Only the shroud could be returned as the other was bought in August and fitted... or man up and fit it and hope for the best
  2. RoflOnMyWaffle

    Carbon fibre options

    After my recent experience, I'm not looking forward to finding 350 Sport onwards carbon. If I had a V6 it would be fine. I too shall give up until someone else takes the plunge - gonna focus on other mods instead
  3. RoflOnMyWaffle

    New Member - Help on Exige Purchase

    Good Sell it and buy a real car 🤣
  4. RoflOnMyWaffle

    Carbon fibre options

    As you can see, they have been rough chopped on the ends to fit. Looks fucking awful. Was not done by me, and I will have to find a way of hiding this. Probably use piping or something. The fit isn't amazing, it catches in a few places, hence the odd side photo, but everything else lined up. It was picking between the tiny top panel being skew or the whole shroud straining and sitting odd also. Also note how the weaves flow in different directions. I will say I'm sure you can make it fit better with lots of time and effort, but after 4 hours in the cold of drilling, filing and fitting, I'd had enough.
  5. RoflOnMyWaffle

    New Member - Help on Exige Purchase

    Hi Phil, I don't think you'll find a decent "high miler" Sport 350 for less than £45k. So you'd be waiting a while, unless you want an Exige S. very similar package, but cheaper - personally I'd get a Sport 350 over an S ( in for a penny... ) So to me, your options are get a mint S2. Mileage isn't always indicative of condition. I've seen cars showroom mileage in worse nick than cars with 10k miles on em from other brands. Some lightly modded cars could be a better choice than a stock car, depending on how much you care for track use.
  6. RoflOnMyWaffle

    Carbon fibre options

    I will post pictures shortly, still fitting. I must say it does fit, just not quite plug and play like I'd hoped. Drilled hole - started small and worked my way up using metal drills carefully and slowly with a plank underneath to drill into to minimize splintering. Worked a charm. Filed the rest and can't even tell. I'll update with pics and highlight problem areas but I'd say I'm 75% happy with the fit. Note to self, calm down and think before raging on the internet!
  7. RoflOnMyWaffle

    Carbon fibre options

    Just thought I'd update y'all on my carbon nightmare from Elise shop. I was given a binnacle cover back in August for my birthday, fitted it a few weeks back - looks good, a tab wasn't quite moulded straight so fitting was a bit awkward but ended okay - reassmble the other trims and wheel... notice that the OEM piece actually sits over the top and looks awful ( pics below ) Speaking to Yvo, he said well I can either cut them off, live with it, or send it back. I fought for a refund, but didn't want to take my whole car apart to send it back again, so we ended up with doing nothing, and I had to buy the matching column shroud. It took over a week to even be despatched, after he said he'd check it against the parts to make sure it looked right and fit well. Fair enough I thought. Arrived today, started fitting it, then I noticed the issue. It says for V6 models on the website, so I assumed it would fit my Sport 350. I was wrong. The steering column shrough does not include a hole for the exhaust flap. I sent a pissed off email and photos to Yvo, who said basically just send it back and I'll refund you the shroud, but not the binnacle. Stuck between a rock and a hard place now - Either have a shit looking car - unacceptable - or risk drilling my own hole in the CF to make it fit.
  8. RoflOnMyWaffle

    What made you UNHAPPY today!

    Dads mustang went for a service. Done 2000 miles since new, now 1 year old roughly - 3 hours for a bloody oil change is taking the piss. Didn't move for the first 45 minutes or so - so why book me in at 10am and make it a while you wait service?? Price wasnt bad, I expect £300 for a service nowadays but even Ford charge £95 an hour?? Plus near £10 a litre for their oil. Definitely need to supply your own nowadays - in my opinion. Got a service for the Exige coming up soon so we can compare or cry together I guess hahaha
  9. I drive with my electronic ear muffs I use for shooting. Blocks all the wind noise, but amplifies other noises too when I want to. Rain was so loud because of it that I couldn't hear my music despite being much louder. Sounds dumb but the hearing damage comes from wind noise and prolonged exposure to loud noises. With them turned off its like putting your hands over your ears, muffled but still loud enough. Takes the edge off and protects your ears, without making you oblivious to noise. If I really concentrate I can hear the indicators at junctions etc but I'd rather just turn the headphones on/up Edit : the wind noise is mostly from a misalignment with the roof/window/seals. Dealer sorting it on the 17th hopefully
  10. Thanks bud All sorted. Matteo is working out a price and will have an answer tomorrow hopefully. I'll let you know what it came to, should someone in the future want one before they go live on their site - if they do!
  11. RoflOnMyWaffle

    What made you UNHAPPY today!

    Im just confused why you declared tyres as a mod?
  12. I don't know what he's working on hahaha he said my version would be ready around Feb as he needs to make moulds etc I dont like the rounded front, looks like an afterthought to me whereas the wobbly looks like it follows the bodywork. Sadly all I have is this from top down, otherwise I have nothing
  13. RoflOnMyWaffle

    Filter oil engine

    Where can I order this online? Want to compare prices with B&C over sourcing my own
  14. RoflOnMyWaffle

    Very new revised 220 or slightly older 250 Cup

    I believe the Cup Aero is seriously expensive - and rare to find - https://classifieds.the Personally I always go for a higher spec car but older over a new lower spec. The insurance is cheaper, which if you man math it, could reduce the overall cost. Speaking from V6's - the updated linkage from the S to the 350+ range was well worth having, as it can be improved on the S with a lot of fiddling but never quite as good, and costs a bomb to get right. Regarding colour, it's important, as its not an easy " oh I'll just change that later " Do some serious maths and work out what the total difference in cost is, then work out what the bonuses cost separately and go from there. As I said, I'd go for the higher spec if I could, but doesn't the Cup have the upgraded linkage already? or did they improve it again?
  15. Hey howdy hey! I'm exploring an avenue with Eltech to make me a custom splitter, and be the first in the world before they launch, but I need your help! I love the new 410 style with the built in winglet on the side, but dont like the rounded front, so I'm proposing the "old" style front and need someone to help photoshop it together for us. Unfortunately Matteos English isn't the best so I'm having a hard time making sure he understands what I'm after. I've got two pics which you can use as a base to see what I want to achieve, but obviously appreciate you might need different angles. Just to reiterate, I want the "M" (or W) style middle section of old and the flicking side of new! Good luck guys and gals, I hope we can whack something out and create a great product too!