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  1. Following on from my last post in here, I have a house inspection from the local charity/shelter tonight. All things going well I'll be getting a dog Now I have to work out how to fit the sodding thing in a car, my only car is the Exige and I don't want the dog in there ( most likely to be a Rottie, Bullmastiff or other Mastiff breed ) Maybe time to get an Evora *Man maths intensifies*
  2. The GRP lights have small indicators and I feel people won't notice them. I'm sure if I took the relay out theyd go back to normal
  3. I get rapid flashing, but I have a relay in mine. However I prefer it, passed an MOT with it, and makes it more noticeable I think
  4. I thought it was more to do with flow of gasses? Can't block it off or the engine will have serious issues. Much like revving the piss out of a car and sticking a potato in the exhaust, and duct taping it shut.
  5. Filled in and emailed off my dog adoption papers. Hopefully following a house check we will be eligible to adopt a dog from Staffie and Strays Rescue Waited years for this, now just need to be patient a little longer - already eyeing up where to put the dog bed
  6. I imagine it'll cut out some road noise/NVH once the sills and floor is totally covered?
  7. 100% But it's the whole process. Our house took over 3 months - no forward chain - took us threatening to walk away for them to finally complete. Lawyers say X isn't doing Y while Z says lawyers aren't doing anything... Brother is in the process of buying a new house in America, within a week he had pre approval for the mortgage, made an offer on the house, received and accepted an offer on his and should be complete within 6 weeks at most of the start date. Why can't the English process be so easy and quick?
  8. The contrasting black really ties the car together, but I wish it was gloss/metallic black. The soft black stuff stains and never looks clean/new. Luckily it's not too much work to fix the matt panels on a 350, but the rear mask might be more trouble.
  9. My start up procedure is simple: Crank engine untill it starts Push sport button Push exhaust button Push loud pedal once warm Smile. I know sport opens the exhaust normally but became a habit from driving without sport mode
  10. Just don't forget to get the exhaust override button fitted - with it closed it just doesn't sound right
  11. Biscuit and Tan are the most vile colours of leather and shouldn't be specced on any colour, IMO. Yanks seem to love em though and think they are luxurious...
  12. While I don't initially agree with the colour, I'm sure you can pull it off if this thread is anything to go by. Like you say, it's your car, do what you like.
  13. I reckon he's going orange with brown, seeing how much he loves my car!
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