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  1. I think you are right, cause the facelift 350 at my local dealer has the same diffuser and made me question mine now lol
  2. +1 for gunmetal, makes it look more metal-like too instead of silver. Black would lose too much detail I think.
  3. Sadly not, but we were getting ready to buy a house together. I meant more like I pay for her phone, but naturally don't need it back and can't leave her without one. It's nothing major, just annoying conversations to have with both her and networks etc
  4. From a metallic owner - get burnt. Its so much more special
  5. Woke up to a text on Monday from the better half saying it's not working , and within 2 hours it had ended, and have spent the last 48 hours lost. Honestly can't tell you how many times I've checked my phone hoping for a message, or something - Radio silence. So after 5 and a half years, closer to 6 if you count before we were officially together, I'm back to being single. I guess it's time to start sorting any property issues, like phone bills and things of the sort. You know its bad when you can't even face washing let alone driving the Exige. This fucking sucks.
  6. Yes and no They checked it over 3 times, each time taking 2 hours of my time each trip, and todl i was fine. AA said the battery is knackered n won't charge - twice. Eventually took it back to Toyota again after making a fuss - I drove 4 hours up north non stop. grabbed some lunch, came back - wouldn't start. No joke, couldn't even power the wipers at full speed. had to turn it off and on again about 5 times. Finally snapped, dropped it off at Toyota the day after my trip, told them to sort it. Company lease - the moment I moaned it's costing my business money ( a bit of a lie, but still ) they were very apologetic, and magically, the battery was at fault. Shock horror! Huge fuss for minimal £££ fix.
  7. Yeah - I just started my Exige after being sat for near 3 weeks, was a weak start. My brother in law is a Master tech at Honda, they had this issue a lot, mostly on "keyless entry" cars. 2 weeks was about the average life of the battery. My GT86 had the same issue, called AA and Toyota out about 8-10 times before it was finally replaced under warranty.
  8. To loosely quote a Lotus dealer I spoke to about getting 380/410 parts on my 350 "... Lotus seem to price things like they don't want to sell anything "
  9. I was waiting for someone to post about this
  10. All I can say without being too crude is what a bitch. I hope she chokes on the taxes involved. Sorry it turned so sour. When my nan died (on my dads side) one of his siblings was there the day after clearing out the house taking what they wanted. Being split across the globe, nobody could stop them. Nan was in Holland, they were too. We are UK, the other sister in Canada and last one South Africa. Would cost more in flights than any monetary gain - so we settled on memories associated with specific items and shipped them. Luckily my nan spent what would of been inheritance on visiting us all. She was home maybe 2 months a year, bless her soul! Much nicer to have that instead of the money. I hope you get some karma and it works out better - but if not, just remember, you know where they live... and it's halloween soon. Be a shame if someone egged their house, aye?
  11. @GFWilliams has used both Royal and D:Class. There's a reason he still goes back to D:Class. Royal were okay on my 350z steering wheel, but seemed to struggle with the Lotus wheel. Buy cheap, buy twice.
  12. I was just thinking that if Lotus did the pair for £1200 it's not too bad. Steep, but you'd still do it. I think £900 odd is a decent price considering the quality.
  13. I find the engine heat dries the window almost instantly? Get yours hotter
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