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  1. I was taking the piss I can barely afford the Exige, but still make it work with careful spending
  2. I'll order a better car from the likes of Mclaren thanks, and pocket the change for trackdays Not a Ferrari fan, but neither is my wallet
  3. How did you get the new gauge cluster into an older car? was it hard to do? I want it, but knowing Lotus its gonna be like £67463528 to do!
  4. Mine is outside all year around - no issues what so ever, provided it's still used as normal.
  5. Sadly the rings don't photograph well, I've tried multiple times but hey. Got them made, really enjoyed the process and would thoroughly recommend doing it!
  6. Oh I know, the EX460 kit is eyewatering - but Komo stuff has always been well made and received. I do want more charger whine - one of the best noises around on an engine - but I think I'd rather spend the money elsewhere first. Thank you for your opinion on it, It's definitely on the list, but a bit further down
  7. How did you wrap it? I want to wrap my roof, lovures and wing. The OEM paint looks shit!
  8. It won't rust provided its worn, your natural oils will keep it from tarnishing and even polish it over time (Yes I'm ignoring your innuendo)
  9. Went to my delayed anniversary gift - blacksmith forging some rings Was trying to avoid the usual "precious metals" or crap gifts... so went out for 7 hours and physically made ours out of steel, with LOTS of sweat and love instead. Results aren't to everyone's taste but I liked the rugged look rather than a dainty pretty thing. I have more pictures but they're not as artsy - but show off the pattern better.
  10. I'm still looking for a decent carbon supplier myself, all the stuff I've bought so far has been a wide weave - which isn't as nice as Lotus supplied stuff. Next time you're near a car look at the Lotus carbon and then compare it to any wide weave stuff and you'll see what I mean. Until then I'll just avoid buying any.
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