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  1. GFWilliams Liquid Yellow Exige S

    Maybe I should wait til I'm more awake before I stare at a bright screen in bed Looks good with the black buddy - but I'm not a fan of the yellow!
  2. GFWilliams Liquid Yellow Exige S

    Is it me or did you upload the first picture twice? Seem the same to me, but I'm not experienced in Lotus cars yet
  3. GFWilliams Liquid Yellow Exige S

    Jack does both. You can collect in person OR you can pay a deposit and keep your wheel in/on the car whilst he trims a second wheel at his shop. When it's done, he will send it to you and you send your current one back to him as a blank - Be sure to check you're getting a like for like wheel, as some cars have different wheels through model years - My 370z being one of them! I can't help you with the removal though - It's usually fairly simple though.
  4. GFWilliams Liquid Yellow Exige S

    Knowing Jacks work ( not speaking of their site ) it will not only look good, but feel even better. Enjoy
  5. Exige key

    Oh crap, sorry!
  6. Exige key

    Not usually one for car shaped keys, but these are a big improvement over the crappy Lotus one - or should I say Ford?
  7. Pictures wanted - All Colours!

    Thank you so much! Really shows how different is is compared to my other pics I have so far. I will be adding them to the forum archives!
  8. The Official Lotus Colour Guide!

    Right guys, I've made all the threads on Imgur into a list below to make it easier to view what you want, without clogging up the forum It's all just links to albums, but you can save the and view the photos separately too - If you find more let me know and I can always add them in!
  9. Ardent Red

  10. Aqua Marine

  11. Having read around and spoken to a few people, they can be dailied quite easily. I have managed to secure a 48 hour test drive, but am waiting for a good time with the mrs and work. It will be my daily because I can't afford nor do I see the logic in running 2 cars
  12. Aspiring owner - Not for a while :(

    I have a clean license, no points, no claims, no accidents. Just age/postcode lottery I guess.
  13. Pictures wanted - All Colours!

    What colour is that? Looks lovely
  14. Ever wondered what exact colour Lotus has made? Trying to settle an argument which of the 1274564 different shades of orange that car was? WONDER NO MORE! Within this thread lie the very answers to all your problems. Pictures have been taken in a variety of lighting scenarios to try and give a more accurate account of which colour is which. We will be adding more as and when we get the pics, so if you guys can all post in the relevant threads, I will save them and add them here.
  15. Aspiring owner - Not for a while :(

    AIB struggled for a week to get me a price, couldnt even match £3500 quotes I had I'm afraid.