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  1. Why stop there? Do "1 of xxx" not "number xx of xxx"
  2. What are you going to do for cruise control?
  3. I was in the work horse heading to Eastleigh as I saw you coming through Ringwood
  4. Finally finished a weeks worth of 3d printing. Ran out of black, hence the weird base, but will just spray it black. 60cm long from tip to tip.
  5. Holy crap that's a long quote. Is there a way we can cut/edit it?
  6. I used Capitalcarfinance for mine, beat the dealers and magnitude by some distance. I did a PCP - 5.3% APR. £50k purchase price £12500 deposit, 48 x £470 ish for a total of around £56k. GFV of £22k or so.
  7. Not for me sadly, I'd leave them silver or swap for black if they have a black surround like the door card - but you do you! Easily changed if you decide you don't like it
  8. My guess is the hit a speedbump and it shocked it? But I would walk away too - plenty of cars out there, unless the dealer are willing to cover the cost *obviously doesn't apply to private sales.
  9. Nothing worse than a pops and bangs Fiesta ST or Audi. So overdone and gross. 2 or 3 pops is my limit, thereafter it sounds like it's not running good to me.
  10. Nothing fancy, thought I'd have another attempt at some photos I took back in January, but never shared. Much better but still crap compared to an actual photographer but hey.
  11. I've bought a brand new car once in my life, whilst it was a nice journey and exciting, the £10k I lost over the 18 months wasn't fun! I wouldn't do it again, unless I was so well off that the £10k wouldn't bother me
  12. Personally I would take a different look at the question Instead of a new 350, for mid to high £60k's you're in the used 410 market, which I would feel more comfortable justifying. If you're looking at a used 350 there are some cracking deals around for mid £40ks to low £50k which are hard to beat for the value. following on from that I would avoid early 350s now as they are getting old and for not much more you get a much newer car, possibly even a face lift model.
  13. There wasn't much residue, but they are still stained/faded from 6 months of sun/wear. The residue from the Exige logo was a pain, took nearly an hour. I used an IPA wipe on the car and plate, then put 3 strips of double sided numberplate tape. Strong as anything, sticks fine.
  14. I personally think silver is the worst possible colour for the Elise and Exige ranges... followed by white. If it were my money I'd be torn between these two - Or if you like the colour (I don't) and want a true bargain... Having said all this, £65-£70k for a 410 is a right steal when you consider a decent spec 350 is in that ball park, commonly! 380s are in a really tough position now I think
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