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  1. Went to Salon Prive, not much else to say but wow.
  2. As the title, wanted asap, willing to travel 50 miles from Bournemouth or pay for courier - will happily pay new price of £200, assuming it's in good nick. To save time when people ask, they are on back order at the moment with no date, so a bit of luck has me hoping I can find one here.
  3. Got my photos from a shoot I did last week. They aren't GF good, but he's a beginner and I thought I'd help him out a bit - we all start somewhere!
  4. Lovely car, with a wave and thumbs up back no less!
  5. @MattmahopeI went for B6 Screamers XL43, with EB4 solid brackets I'm about 90kgs too, annoyingly it's my wide hips lol can lose weight but not bone - 38" waist, depending on brand. To be honest you're best off visiting Tillett, they have the whole range on display and you can discuss customisation with Steve. Not sure if they still offer this due to Covid but worth asking.
  6. @Mattmahope I placed the order yesterday, how did you know?! Hahaha Went for B6 screamers, in fa boy size.
  7. Completely forgot to update the thread, but I fancied being ASBO loud, so I had a local exhaust shop make up a backbox delete, with 4 inch tips. Yes it's stupid, but it's not permanent and can easily be switched back. On the flip side, it can actually be modulated by throttle input, and I'd say at 10% throttle/cruising it's barely different to the open valve of my stock box - just don't expect to hold conversation without raising your voices.
  8. Not sure if it's a myth, but would it be to stop the passenger from hitting the go faster pedal? Whereas for us it's only the clutch?
  9. This was the start of July. He's a French Mastiff, or Dogue de Bordeaux. @C8RKH I wish
  10. Dog hasn't eaten in 3 days, took him to the vet, official diagnosis is - he is fine, just being a dick! Relieved, but a bit annoying - however he is now a good weight, 47kgs when we rescued him, now sitting (on me) at 61kgs
  11. I think that looks pretty damn good, nice one!
  12. Thank you - From what I can tell its a VERY slight rainbow metallic, I need to wash it to get some pics. ( 3rd wash in 2 weeks, and over 500 miles ) No need to remove the claim, just mask it up well and use the curve of the clam to blend it in easily.
  13. There are some perks to the M25... not many. Still had some fun where I could, but my god that was a tedious 4 hours of driving! Silver lining I guess is the thirsty girl isn't that thirsty if you whack on some tunes and cruise control!
  14. Not the most thrilling photos, but I had some work done by Ken at KSD. Can't fault the guy. Front panel is now body coloured - got sick of the satin finish. It stains and marks easily, and don't like the look anymore. The rear was resprayed in F1 black so it has a nice metallic shine in bright light. I was torn between a fresh coat of proper satin paint, gloss black and metallic. Ken helped push me towards metallic, and we opted to paint the Lotus logo in body colour too. Very happy with the work and already planning on changing all the other satin to metallic, with body coloured w
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