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  1. Actually, yes I'd really like that! I'll pm you now and we can arrange something - thank you!
  2. I've googled and found more pictures and will hopefully be sitting in some at the Sittingbourne factory on Thursday. Not hugely expensive either
  3. What a boring mini golf course, no obstacles or giant windmills??
  4. Okay, I definitely need to go check some out then! Thank you, I would have written it off without your help.
  5. Thanks for the insight George, I guess it's hard to find a seat that offers what I want, and fits in our little cars. Maybe I'm better off looking at the harness route, or something else to hold me in place? The B5 doesn't seem hugely different to the OEM seat but I could be wrong. I will fire off an email now and see what I can arrange.
  6. Thanks! I'll be sure to get in touch about a meet up, when I have the car back. Otherwise we might cross paths at an event, we shall see! My usage is 95% daily use haha makes it seem pointless but still a nice upgrade for relatively small money and really lifts the cabin look. Can you not use the normal seatbelts at all in the B6? I only ask as my mrs refuses to use a harness and I don't want mismatched seats. I personally don't mind, quite like the theatrics of it Did you go to a centre to try them or just order and hope you liked? Really need to try and dig up specs of the OEM seat and compare to the Tillett brochure
  7. Hi guys... Having just scrolled the entire GF Williams thread, I am now wanting some sexy seats. My issue with the OEM seats is I tend to fall out of them at the top, around my shoulders if I go around a roundabout "enthusiastically" - and I have thought of two ways to fix it - either get harnesses, or new seats. What I'd ideally need is a comparison of the 2 (or 3) next to each other, as its hard to visualise all the differences. I find the OEM seat fine otherwise, this is my only issue. From these photos ( thanks GF Williams ) I think they recline a bit more? I saw we are a similar height, and I'm worried about leg room too Does anyone know the angle of the stock seats?
  8. Apparently it was Starbucks on the A1 near Stamford
  9. A friend spotted you and sent me the picture.
  10. Why would you want some kit car Ferrari that doesnt even have matching exhaust pipes... *this is a shit attempt at a joke...
  11. @anewtoy I like your flag on the wing! Is it a decal? I guess it wouldn't work with the 350 matte wing
  12. I have people getting in my gt86 kick the side cause they aren't used to picking their feet up at weird angles cause of "low" cars. These people are exiled from the Lotus
  13. Probable will always rip off, unless its metal and chassis mounted. Even then I wouldn't test it. They have "No Step" on em for a reason!
  14. Got to see my baby all freshly painted and stone chip free - along with a certain snow plow. Also got some rather tasty carbon engine covers from @KJB. Good meeting you mate
  15. You message/email them. They have a catalogue but its not always up to date
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