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  1. RoflOnMyWaffle

    What made you UNHAPPY today!

    Woke up, still no Lotus on the driveway! The wait to find one is starting to get to me...
  2. RoflOnMyWaffle

    Yellow Elise heading towards Moors Valley

    Saw you heading that way, I was in a 370z if you noticed it. Was a first gen Elise if Im right - will check dashcam for the plate tomorrow!
  3. RoflOnMyWaffle

    What made you happy today?

    Visited @Jamie-BellandColvill today - thanks again for your time. Top class service from Jamie as usual, not pushy and happy to chat or let you get on with it. He lent us their Exige 350 demo with no roof. By far the best test drive I've ever had. The sound, the experience and even just a gentle cruise is an absolute dream. Did some 3 point turns and daily type driving and it works fine. The mrs is convinced now that its the car to have. Definitely worth the 7 hour round trip! Mrs wasn't too happy I ruined her hair haha
  4. RoflOnMyWaffle

    What made your blood boil today?

    I didn't challenge the rest because I didn't know enough about it to say with certainty Some farmers get paid more to keep their fields undeveloped and just as grassland than they could earn off of developing it for crops - very specific scenarios but it happens. Most farmers house all their workers too on site, not in a fancy dig or anything, just like a holiday caravan you see at the beach, but still, they do help subsidise their workers.
  5. RoflOnMyWaffle

    What made your blood boil today?

    Well you did sort of out the farmers as being to blame too, so yeah... thought I'd try and share a different side of the story.
  6. RoflOnMyWaffle

    What made your blood boil today?

    Can I ask what sector you work in? As I work in predominantly soft fruit, I can say it's not the farmers or the Europeans faults. Its the lazy bastard Englishman who get tired after an hour or two of working and demand a 15 minute tea break. The Euro's come here, work their arses off and get paid the going rate. You pick your target amount and anything on top of that is bonus, You pick 100, you get paid 100 worth. It's all simple and incentive is there. We have seen customers move off the ground grown fruits into table top systems purely because it's more efficient for harvesting and also attracts labour. Why bend over in a field to pick when I can pick fruit at normal levels. Their fruit also doesn't get trampled as often or eaten by pests. The real problem is the farmer gets paid next to F all for his crop, to the point where picking it costs him more money than he would get if he sold it in parts of the season where supermarket prices plummet, so they let it rot and use it for compost. Every farmer I deal with is a humble self made person, they give back as much as they can because they realise its a team sport. If they support the locals etc they support him so they can both grow.
  7. Very nice! Enjoy it, got the perfect car for it all. Hope she can cope with the heat - although they do seem to have great cooling
  8. RoflOnMyWaffle

    What made you happy today?

    Had the next part of my sleeve done, a pocket watch around my elbow. Happy to remember how little arm tattoos hurt vs ribs. Booked a test drive and appointment with Jamie at B&C for Tuesday ( can't remember if I've already said but still just as excited )
  9. RoflOnMyWaffle

    A31 St Leonards, Esprit S4?

    Think I saw a red one fly past, not entirely sure
  10. RoflOnMyWaffle

    V6 cup Nordschleife 7:48 full lap

    That is some crazy fast fun! Nicely driven is an under statement
  11. RoflOnMyWaffle

    What made you UNHAPPY today!

    Just had the scariest moment of my adult life - Thank god for my dashcam! I was driving home from the mrs, and my car is ice cold due to her being 6 miles away, so I didn't boot it onto the motorway as usual, plus there was traffic. Luckily I looked ahead and saw a car slowing down/stopping. I was curious, maybe he broke down or had a puncture. NOPE he missed a turn. Absolute gentlemans sausage turns around on the motorway, almost hits another car, and drives straight at me! I was just sat there praying "please dont hit me, please please " Luckily he just drove past me - Worst experience of my life in the last 10 years or so. Please, I urge you to get a dash cam, mine isnt great at night because its not been fiddled with for proper night settings, but cost me £150 all in. Was worth it.
  12. RoflOnMyWaffle

    Carbon fibre options

    (Deleted pic to save the thread from clogging up) Were they a complete replacement or just a cover? Look very well stuck on for covers! got any more pics you can PM me? I've had covers on my 350z, they did fit perfectly but was a black car so got away with it - the OEM ones you can spec from toyota for my GT86 were shite, white sticking out everywhere and not even "real" carbon, just carbon effect. The 370z covers I had fitted at a local wrapping company stuck them on well, but come lose in the edge and again are over a black mirror so can't tell too well.
  13. RoflOnMyWaffle

    Carbon fibre options

    Eltech Komo-tec Elise shop Same item 350 Front Panel EUR 450.00 EUR 0.00 £0.00 Y 380 Front Panel EUR 0.00 EUR 2,390.00 867 NOT CARBON Y 380 Wing EUR 0.00 EUR 0.00 £1,444.00 Y A pillar trim EUR 440.00 EUR 175.00 £427.00 Y A post buttons EUR 0.00 EUR 0.00 £146.00 Y Airbag Cover EUR 175.00 EUR 0.00 £150.00 Y Binnacle EUR 280.00 EUR 0.00 £190.00 Y Dashboard EUR 850.00 EUR 0.00 £358.00 Y Door sills EUR 395.00 EUR 409.00 £360.00 Y Engine Cover set EUR 0.00 EUR 399.00 £297.00 Y Front Cannards EUR 280.00 EUR 375.00 £363.00 N Front Splitter EUR 480.00 EUR 0.00 £805.00 N Heater surround EUR 180.00 EUR 239.00 £210.00 Y Mirror covers EUR 0.00 EUR 109.00 £94.00 Y Radio cover EUR 280.00 EUR 259.00 £200.00 Y Rear Canards EUR 0.00 EUR 0.00 £277.50 N Rear louvres EUR 1,400.00 EUR 0.00 £1,440.00 N Roof EUR 1,400.00 EUR 1,279.00 £0.00 N Side pods EUR 260.00 EUR 839.00 £439.00 N Side Skirts EUR 380.00 EUR 0.00 £676.00 N EUR 7,250.00 EUR 6,473.00 £2,555.00
  14. RoflOnMyWaffle

    Carbon fibre options

    I'm currently compiling a mini list of which suppliers sell what at the best prices... Takes a lot of work! If you buy all that, you're going to have a seriously lovely Exige! I agree though, get the roof! Eltech has one for £1400
  15. RoflOnMyWaffle

    What made you happy today?

    Picked up dads new car today, worst service I've ever had buying a car too. Was Ford in Orpington - can't pay more than £500 by card. Had to make a 4 mile trip to the bank, took an hour due to traffic and general bank crap. Utter madness but got it home and took it for a spin. Not bad once you stop trying to make it corner and behave like it doesn't weight 1750kgs or so. Even got 30mpg from the dealer back to Bournemouth area!