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  1. Tyre paint

    My problem is I don't trust them to stay white for very long. Keep us updated, I want to do it to my car - but only if it lasts more than 15 miles
  2. New Owner - Exige Cup 430

    I saw your car on B&C's Facebook page and sent it to my group chat. We all cursed you Very nice car, hope you enjoy it!
  3. What made you happy today?

    I've had the pleasure of being stuck at Cadnam roundabout for 3 hours. About to hit 0.5 miles moved... did 250 miles previously throughout the day with little interruption.
  4. GFWilliams Liquid Yellow, Slightly Modified, Exige V6

    Looking super good. Thats better than any (overpriced) Ferrari I've seen. Very jealous, the Mrs thinks it's now a good/comfy looking car.
  5. GFWilliams Liquid Yellow, Slightly Modified, Exige V6

    Actually prefer them black now I've seen it. Very nice car buddy!
  6. GFWilliams Liquid Yellow, Slightly Modified, Exige V6

    Very nice!! I think the red as is would be enough, without making it cheap. Saw an A class with coloured vents at Mercedes World, looked naff!
  7. Group chat - Whatsapp

    Then invite me so I can bombard n ruin it for you guys xD
  8. BC Forged Wheels

    Toxic green is so cool Not my taste in wheels, but I appreciate their performance, and set off against the green well! I'd panic about scraping the rear reversing like that though!
  9. What made you happy today?

    I went to Snows Lotus in Southampton, spoke to Michael - very nice guy! Had an absolute blast in their Exige S and have decided I definitely want an Exige 350 now. The 380 hurt my fat ass/legs the moment I got in, so that's a no no. He took me on a lovely country blast, both had some fun and a good chat and got so see some nice dealer stock - Feel guilty about not being in a buying position currently, but this cemented my mind in that I want one. A customer went hard into a corner in 3rd gear on a track day, hit the rev limiter and cause of the speed, had no oil. this was the result apparently!
  10. What made you happy today?

    Got a test drive at 1pm with Snows Lotus to compare an Exige S ( I wanted a 350 but they dont have a manual, so it'll do ) with an Exige 380. The main reason being, I love the look of the carbon seats, but not sure I'd find them comfortable on a longer trip, even less so for the mrs who doesn't appreciate the "rawness" of cars xD should be a good afternoon, luckily their Exige S is in a colour I don't like (yellow) so I don't have to worry about making a rash purchase
  11. Spec me an Elise Cup 250 or an Elise Cup 260

    I'd go with a bright crazy colour, burn orange or Daytona blue are my fave so far. Full carpet Alcantara wheel + sills Yellow callipers Airco Cruise control Sound insulation ALL THE CARBON!
  12. Group chat - Whatsapp

    We average around 150-200 messages a day, so just mute the conversation notifications and reply as and when Just an idea thats all, forum can be quiet sometimes
  13. Group chat - Whatsapp

    Hey guys, do any of you use or have a group chat on whatsapp for Lotus related things? I'm part of a group 350/370z's but they get a bit arsey if I'm off topic ranting about how amazing the Lotus is xD Is anyone interested in that? Not strictly Lotus related, anything car/banter goes
  14. GFWilliams Liquid Yellow, Slightly Modified, Exige V6

    @BatMobile To be honest, I try to do it more often but gently rather than more aggressively and infrequently - so I use just water and a soft towel/microfiber cloth and just gently rub it with a SMALL amount of water, it acts like a sponge n the wheel feels cold/wet for a few days if you use too much. I tried misting it and rubbing, seems to be good so far. Some places recommend using a soap or washing up liquid but I'd rather not!
  15. GFWilliams Liquid Yellow, Slightly Modified, Exige V6

    Very odd, the work I see from Jack over on the 350/370z forum seemed to be pretty top notch, considering his "competitive" pricing. I'm sorry you are not happy with the work, and the issues you had - I would be too! It seems as though he had not researched what wheel you were giving him to work on, or else he'd have told you in advance what needed to be done. The leather bits on your wheel are alcantara on my current car, and they don't stand up too well to having a hand resting on them for commuting - require cleaning once a month. Had there been yellow stitching I think that wheel would look ace!