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  1. I genuinely don't understand the point Yes, 3 point turns are annoying, but if they tire you that much just keep driving and make 3 left turns, or 3 right turns. When you're moving at more than 5mph the wheel can be turned with a single finger.
  2. And it does still look lovely, even on the back of a truck!
  3. I've fitted a 3.2 ohms resistor, is that close enough or will the light stay on?
  4. Hi guys, does anyone have any instructions for how to wire the B&G hub? Also am I right in thinking I use my 4 OEM bolts from the steering wheel to bolt the hub to the quick release? Sadly it came with no instructions that were specific for the Lotus. Also I'm not sure how to wire it up, obviously the resistor for the airbag but bar that I'm a bit lost. Sorry!
  5. May as well buy them new at that price, from SeriouslyLotus.
  6. After doing the fronts, I decided it was a good improvement, but I still lacked the full sound as it only came from the front - obviously. So being easy to install, I went ahead and installed the rear Focal 130s. First thing was to remove the Tilletts - and by god do I hate that front left bolt on the passenger seat. I managed to undo all the other bolts quicker than the last than I can the last bolt. but hey. With that out the way, it was time to remove the harness bar, harnesses, and rear panel. Very easy job, undo the two bolts for the bar, and remove the seatbelts from it. Then its time to remove the cigarette lighter part, with (what I think is) the sunglasses holder? No idea what its used for but its useless. One crappy screw holds it on but it also stops the bulkhead panel from coming out. Quick check to see if I had the wiring loom, which I did. So off came the panel, and out came the speaker blanks. Easy as hell to take out, the two screws either side of the maplight are plastic and only finger tight. So once those are out you just carefully pry the panel out and away it goes. Time for a good wipedown and speaker test fit. Now that the new speakers were in and working, it was time to wait. And wait. And wait. I dropped the harness bar off to be powder coated and brought a paint sample so they could match it, last week Thursday. Understanding it wouldn't be done that week he agreed it'll be either Monday or early Tuesday. No problem I said, so I called mid afternoon Monday, to be told he wasn't in that day, and to call tomorrow. Called Tuesday, to be told check back Wednesday, so I did. Called back late Wednesday, to be told it wasn't done, should be done Friday, today. Needless to say it was done, but I was sceptical. Colour isn't 100% match, being its metal and powdercoat vs wet coat with metallic etc. It is what it is, Im happy, you can barely tell.
  7. Can't believe my last post was November, but here we are! About a month ago I had some Focals fitted to the front, and a sub for the passenger footwell. I wasn't comfortable doing the wiring of the sub so just gave the job to Toby from Shocksaway as per many peoples suggestions on TLF/Facebook. Dropped off in the morning, came back mid afternoon and job done. Totally transformed my sound - which had a dodgy speaker since about since months in to my now 3 year journey. The passenger carpet covers half the sub so should keep it relatively clean, and Toby has assured me that the grill will protect the inners anyway. I'm hoping that the industrial grade velcro will be enough to hold it in place, but time will tell. The JBL sub is so potent it is on around 2/10 for power. Anything higher and it's actually chest thumping, which is awesome for such a small unit, but also not pleasant for me, passengers or general public when I drive around. Definitely money well spent!
  8. Thats your answer
  9. Might I suggest some DIY on that plate, cut the ends off so it's a shorter one?
  10. Just needs a pair of Tilletts and you'll be good 🤣👍
  11. Never come across that, so my bad. Although I remember a chap on here declared he changed from summer to winter tyres (or winter to summer) and got royally screwed by insurance 🤷‍♂️
  12. In short 1. Nope 2. It's not a mod, it's an option, so don't need to declare. They'll get confused and think you cut the roof off and all sorts, knowing insurance companies... 3. Nope 😅
  13. Just another quick shout out to Toby at Shocksaway - only 10 miles away from B&C service/Back on Track. Great guy, friendly and professional. Focals sound a fair bit clearer but the sub is really what made the difference as everyone has said. Still feel like the sound is only coming from the front (obviously) so I'm going to add rear speakers at a later date to try and make a more complete sound. I kept the old OEM speakers just in case anyone needs a spare or has a project - free of charge, just cover the postage.
  14. I do. Glad I did, almost had someone reverse into the front of me, would have looked like I rear ended them etc. Plus a few funny clips 😎 I have a 512GW, cheap and cheerful, but the newer ones are better. All I did was plug it into the cigarette lighter between the seats - it's always powered, and doesn't drain the car battery. As for the wire, tuck it under the passenger seat, then side sill trim, then up the left side of the dash. There's a groove you can push it into, and it's the only noticeable part. Then up the A frame against the windscreen, again has a channel it hides in. Might need some subtle black tape to stop it falling out but its almost invisible. Across the top of the trim, and I stuck mine behind the mirror as much as possible to hide it both from sticky fingers and keep my vision unobstructed. If you want any pictures let me know and I'll go take some, fair warning, it's not the cleanest install, but it also took less than 10 minutes and is easily removed and replaced.
  15. Surely anyone with a 3d printer could make them? Although the finish would be quite hard to get nicely done as it's so thin. Would most likely have to be made out of ABS too rather than PLA, just to be safe. I've seen PLA lose it's shape and go soft in cars left in the sun, albeit in Australia - but I once left my phone on the dash for an afternoon while working only to come back to find it wouldn't turn on and had an overheat error 😅
  16. I might finally be able to get more than 30 down and 5 up. Only £20 a month more than BT's best package in my area, yet it beams it from space!
  17. I find it odd seeing the 390s rear. 350 wing but 380/410 clam?
  18. My dad wrote off his car a few years back and was paid £4k above what the lease company were owed, so we pocketed that. No GAP. NFU Mutual gained a loyal customer since, and now insures all their cars and home.
  19. I don't understand why people want to sit below 70mph to save fuel. Firstly if I remember right, Mythbusters tested the drafting theory, you have to be within a foot or so for it to work, and the gains were pathetic vs the risk! Secondly, just drive and enjoy, when she says empty you fill her up, rinse and repeat. I know people who stress about mpg and it drives them mad when they "lose" mpg. You can get mid to high 20s effortlessly, or really try and get high 20s consistently - meaning probably 2mpg difference, which over 3000 miles (arguably 15 tanks and the average Lotus annual mileage it seems) thats £40 odd. Can you be bothered to risk that, and not have fun, for £40 worth of fuel, in a car designed for driving over all else?
  20. I took all mine off and painted them myself. Not perfect, but you'd barely notice - get a pro to paint them the proper colour and get a nice lacquer on it.
  21. Not much to say as I didn't see it in person but hey!
  22. Bloody flexi has a hole in it, MOT failure. On the plus side I get a nice new shiny Komotec pipe...
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