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  1. The very early ones have the more massive plastic diffuser the way the GT430 was revealed instead of the later Elise looking plate work.
  2. Thanks! Briefly give notice when you pass by with your 340R next time😃
  3. Do it right or scrap it! ( … or you do it again sooner than later properly as I did ☹️)
  4. Elise S1 Standard - 22 years, 99.000 km Elise S2 SC - 13 years, 46.000 km
  5. Serious Days – 400 km Nordschleife and 400 km Spa – and the limit was not the car!
  6. To check the applied differences on our own we ran a GT430 Sport and a GT430 side by side on a race track with exactly the same Ohlins settings, same ride height and same wider wheels/tyres. It was amazing how much distance the GT430 Sport gained against the downforce dragged GT430 on longer straights. Of course, as expected the GT430 Sport was losing some time in high speed corners. But in our case the GT430 couldn’t compensate its additional drag with more cornering downforce. As always, there isn’t a general significant benefit for any track with fixed aeros. Race track characteristics seem to be pretty essential for the lap times of the two GT430 variants.
  7. Yours and Jimmy's information confirm my kind of "CoP" I can provide again (now corrected by the one doubled in UK) - here are the #1 - 8 out of 8 GT430 Sport:
  8. What are your best experienced Öhlins damper settings (Front/ Rear clicks counterclockwise from max COMP and max REB) in relation to certain race tracks?
  9. Hi Marius, congratulations and happy to have an additional Evora mate in Germany! Great choice ...
  10. to be found on German ebay
  11. We always bring our own cars and hire the race tracks through our car clubs exclusively for us for the whole day. The same we did with Spa-Francorchamps this week again.
  12. Great experience on the race track Anneau du Rhin where Mario Ketterer a former race driver teached me on an Evora GT430 how to treat this beast properly - still a lot to learn for me. Huge thanks to Mario for this incredible tutorial and fun!
  13. Spending an ACF-50 winter treatment it is worth admiring the magic components ...
  14. Prefer the original plastic diffuser a lot. It is much better integrated and serves the stealthy darkness of the rear. The later aluminum diffuser makes the rear restless with fragile Elise plate works.
  15. In deed, the GT430 Sport/GT430 story is a very paradox one. Before ordering my GT430 Sport I went through all the same considerations as The Pits did. The beautiful line and elegancy (the air vents in the front wheelarch you can not get rid of with a GT430) and the way I use it made me decide on the Sport. My dealer and I, we realized that there will be only a very small time window for ordering this exotic from Lotus factory with personal specifications. Therefore, I ordered mine immediately at beginning of October 2017. The prediction was that all the GT430s will be sold out very quickly and instead of buying a GT430 Sport which was considered to be too expensive for its power etc. the better deal would have been a 400. But as it happens a lot with forecasts the same here: In Germany about 10 new GT430s were hanging around on offer on the internet during 2018 with prices coming down. Still, you can find 3 of them (, one with only 32 km, another with only 50 km, and one with 1.200 km on the clock. Almost new cars after two years, but registered by dealers due to enhanced emission regulations in Germany from September 2018. Never a GT430 Sport I have seen on the free market in Germany, neither new nor used. The most grotesque thing is that my dealer could have sold two more GT430 Sport in 2018 to slowly woken up customers after production at Lotus had ended with the limited edition GT430. That’s how life goes! For me it was and still is the right choice independently of any market perceptions. It is a dream car for me and who ever owns a GT430 Sport, your are such a lucky guy! If you want one and get the very rare chance to get one - take it, you can’t do anything wrong with it.
  16. Here is a collection of the super rare Evoras GT430 Sport as far as I could find and trace them
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