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  1. HI Everyone Just want to say a massive thanks to everyone from the TLF that made it down to Gawsworth Hall last Sunday it was a cracking turn out despite the wet weather, hoping to do this event again next year and put it as a regular meeting for all Lotus Owners and Clubs. I would also like to thank Oakmere and JCT600 Lotus for providing both an Exige 430 Cup and an Evora GT430 🙂 Some photos attached from the day and thanks again to all the owners that came to the event
  2. until
    Hi Everyone Just a reminder about the Gawsworth Hall meeting on Sunday the 11th August starts at 12pm until 4pm entry include free access to the house and gardens at £5 per head and you can pay at the gates flyer attached All Lotus owners are welcome new and classic Hope to see you on Sunday Andy
  3. I just put some standard P-Zero's on the rear of mine as the P-Zero corsa's on the front of mine have plenty of tread on them yet, they seem ok in fairness but not bedded them in proper but will let you know how they fair I have been told by Pirelli there is not a lot of difference for standard road use "spirited driving" that is and sticking to the legal limits 🤥 If your taking it to the edge on track then you probably will notice it from the corsa's. Next set going to go for the AD08's all around I think but going to give the standard P-Zero's a chance first as I do like the capability in all weathers and I am not a garage queen 😁
  4. HI Tim Well last time I looked it was being Cheshire, I always thought the midlands was Birmingham, Stoke, Stafford, Derby, Leicester areas might be wrong though
  5. Hi Everyone I have arranged a Lotus owners meeting at Gawsworth Hall near Macclesfield on the 11th August it Is open to all owners from all clubs and I am hoping to make this a yearly event for the owners in the North of England with new and Classic Lotus cars attending Please find flyer attached for the event and if you are coming please just send me a PM or a post on the forum with your name, model and reg number just to make it easier for me and the organisers, hope to see you down there 🙂 Kind Regards Andy
  6. Hi Everyone Please find plan for tomorrow below anyone from the The Lotus Forums is more than welcome to come along 🙂 8.30 meet with Norlog Members at the Houghton Arms Withnell - Address: Blackburn Road, Withnell PR6 8BL We are going to head up to Gisburn and then up towards settle where we will join the A65 and head over to our next meeting point 10.00Am - Meet up with Mark my joint AO and the Cumbria Lotus Group at Café Ambio - Adress: Cafe Ambio, The Auction Mart, Crooklands, Near Kendal, Cumbria LA7 7FP Then a convoy up the A590 to the museum hopefully getting there around 10.30 Kind Regards Andy
  7. That's great news Slewthy Looking forward to meeting you and welcome anyone else that want to come along from the forum, we just love loads of Lotus 🙂 The more the better 🙂
  8. Be great to have you along... just trying to think of some good excuses for you... collecting parts is always a good one 😄
  9. Hi Everyone Next weekend the LDCLC "Lotus Drivers Club Lancashire and Cumbria Area" and NORLOG "Northwest Lotus Owners Group" are we are having a joint meeting at the Lakeland Motor Museum in Cumbria Sunday the 14th October it starts at around 10-30- 11am and all owners are welcomed members or not, its a end of season meeting so lets fill the car park with the cars we all love with a passion 😄 we also have full use of the courtyard in front of the Museum Please find link below to the details of our meeting below on the Lotus Drivers Club Website we all get discount on entry to the museum 10% with 10 cars which we already have and 20% with more than 20 cars plus the event will go ahead even if its raining as we just love to get out in our cars 🙂 Hope to see you all on the day Andy and Mark of the LDCLC
  10. Thanks Ramjet 🙂 We are quite a rare breed us Loti that's what makes it that all much more special I notice you are in Ozz one of my best mates moved over there 2 years ago to Brisbane he is fantastic with an airgun and a bit of paint 😄 Thanks to you all for allowing me to the group will keep you all posted on the forums with our meets lots of Owners in our area and getting so many positives from local owners like its great to have a local club starting up 😄 Anytime any of you guys are up our neck of the woods just let me know and come along Kind Regards Andy Lotus Drivers Club Lancashire and Cumbria Area Organiser 😄 Well done to you guys as well and Bibs for the Lotus 70th fantastic event hope it gets arranged every year from now on as its a great event for the owners Andy 😄
  11. Hi Everyone Thanks to the Lotus Forums for adding me to the community I am one of the Area Organisers for the Lotus Drivers Club in the Lancashire and Cumbria area we are relatively a new club at 1 year old but if there is anyone in our area that has a passion for Lotus and want to come along to any meetings just let me know or Mark Holmes my joint AO for the area. Our next meeting is at the Lakeland Motor Museum on the 14th October starting at 10.30 and its a joint meeting with Norlog (Northwest Lotus Owners Group) and all owners are welcome to come along the more the merrier members or not Please find the link below to the official webpage for the meeting I have added some pictures from our previous meets and ride outs we have had this year for you to have a look at we have done many cracking runs out this year and have a lot in the pipe line including Karting days and Scalextric days for over the winter Hope to see you on the 14th October Kind Regards Andy Smith LDCLC Area Organiser
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