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  1. Thanks for the help. I trust the seller. I'll give it a go and report back with the results
  2. Has anyone fitted Evora 400 wheels to an S1? I currently have forges 18" and 19" wheels on S1 but have the opportunity to acquire a set of Gloss black cast 400 wheels (Front: A132G0193F and A132G0194F) for cheap. There is a suggestion on Lotustalk that the 400 wheels won't fit an S1, but with no explanatio
  3. I spotted a tiny tiny bit of peeling on one of my Headlights a couple of weeks ago. Incredibly just 2 weeks later, it looks absolutely dreadful. As I had a bit of free time, i decided to have a go at it myself. I'm mostly happy with the result and if it happens again of the other one goes, I'd probably DIY it again. As others of said, removing and replacing the headlight isn't that enjoyable (particularly the front screw). I loosely followed the "B is for build" method for restoring the headlights , with a couple of variations. 1) Started with 400 grit on a 3 inch sanding disc. I initially tried with 800 but it didn't cut through the lacquer well enough. I was careful to remove all the old lacquer with the 400 grit. I dried and cleaned it a couple of times which helped to reveal any spots I missed 2) I then worked my way up through 800, 1000, 1500 and 3000 grit. But I did all these by hand sanding. Reason for hand sanding was to avoid scratching with the edge of the disc that B is for build guy had, And it worked very well. By the time I was finished, it was all very smooth. 3) Polished with a mild abrasive polish and then cleaned. 4) Sprayed 3 coats of Halfords "bodyshop" clear lacquer, first 2 coats light, 3rd coat heavier 5) At this point, headlight looked finished, however it was quite textured - not a super smooth mirror finish. I'm not really sure why this was. I think maybe my initial coats were too light to maybe i should have lightly sanded between coats. Anyway, I found I needed to go over with the 3000 grit to remove the texture and then re polish. I probably could and should have gone down to 1500 and them 3000 for an even smoother finished. The end result was pretty good. If I was doing it again, I'd probably get some advice to try to prevent the initial texturing I had with the lacquering. Before: After:
  4. I got the dreaded issue of being kicked out of sports mode and traction control off until an engine restart a few weeks ago. As soon as it started happening, i couldn't complete a single journey without re-occurrence. I must admit I don't quite understand the relationship electronically between the brake light switch and traction control?? Nevertheless seems like from this forum, re-positioning / cleaning contacts / replacing brake light switch most commonly fixes it. As it's a cheap part, I started first with replacement. I ordered this one from the US, mostly because the Product Description read like a good prognosis of my issue. It was branded Saab / GM so may be the same part referenced elsewhere on the forums (i didn't check). If it is, I do not know if they have modified it. It was not as fat as the original part, but fitted fine and took all of about 2 minutes with zero tools. Counted the clicks (5) and checked length of actuator matched original. A week of use confirms issue is fully resolved. Nice to have a cheap DIY fix for an annoying issue.
  5. what a fantastic event. I had to make a sharp departure due to child meltdown so sorry didn't get to meet everyone. thanks for organizing martyn. The lotus pitch absolutely stole the show.
  6. In fitting the decat pipe today, i found... it had already been done! Upshot is that there is a 2bular Evora S decat pipe up for grabs if anyone needs one. It's now up for sale on
  7. (officially adding Pete) 1. Martyn - Esprit SE 2. Bibs - Evora 3. ChrisJ - Turbo Esprit or Excel SE 4. top-plumber - unmentionable 5. Bazza - S3 Esprit 6. markw996 - S4 Esprit 7. JAWS - Evora 8. Rupert - Elise SC 9. Scott - Elan M100 10. Charlie- Esprit S4 11. Clive - Evora 12. Clivef -Elite or Elan M100 13. Lara - Elise Sport 14. Sparky - Esprit GT3 15. Stuart - Elan M100 16. Rizla603104 - Esprit S4 - the purple nasty 17. Robin - 82 Turbo Esprit 18. Paul - Esprit V8 19. Stephen - Elise S C/ Racer 20. Phil - M100 (LEC lotusflasherman) 21. Steve M - Evora IPS 22. internets - Evora 400 23. Andy J - Evora 24. Sizona - GT430 25. Dan E - Elan M100 26. Barrykearley - Esprit S4/S 27. Steve A - Elan M100 28. Steve (Jammy-pop) - 96 Esprit V8 29. Mark - Elise S1 30. NickS - Evora SR IPS 31. NickS - Europa Special 32. Karen B - Elise S1 33. StuartM - Europa TC Special 34. Jaydubya (Jon) - Turbo Esprit 35. TrevorB - Elan M100 36. SteveB01 - Exige 37. Philcool - Exige 38. Rob B - Excel 39. Chilidoggy - Esprit S4S (Maybe) 40. Kathryn - Elan M100 41. esprit22 (Chris) - Turbo Esprit 42. Exige_man - Exige S2 43. Lara-Lotus's Friend - ? 44. Royal - Esprit S4S 45. Muley (Jim) - Elan M100 (LEC) 46. Dave Coombs - Esprit S3 47. Emma - Elise S1 48. Andy - Esprit 49. Paul Saunders - Exige Sport 350 50. Mike Bloxham - Esprit V8 51. Pete - Exige S2 52. Warren - Evora S
  8. Thanks for the reality-check. Ben has agreed to sell my his old decat pipe and i'll have it fitted when the car will be in for it's Service anyway.. so i'll be paying a modest price and I will expect only a modest difference. I will record the before and after sound with some decent recording equipment and post the results here.
  9. @Benmac I'm in no rush so I would be interested if you are selling one. I'll pm you, cheers
  10. Looking at the evora model year / milestones page on the playground, I think 3rd cat was deleted all non-us cars for MY012, but never deleted for the US cars. So pete, I think you're already golden. I still would like some persuasion either way as to whether to do mine
  11. Hi Pete. The valve is in in the back box, which switches the route that the exhaust gasses take. It switches automatically to the more open (louder) position after about 3000rpm i think, but with sports mode on, it will always be open. So you can fit a decat pipe and retain the valve operation as cat is further north. It you wanted to change the back box and pipes, there are exhaust options with and without valve operation. Where it gets a little hazy for me is when and for which models, Lotus deleted the 3rd Cat as Standard. I'm sure it was deleted in the 2012 S, but I've seen posts / videos for folks in other parts of the world that have seemingly done the decat on newer NA cars. I'm sure someone here will have the answer to that.
  12. Thinking about doing the 3rd cat delete on my 2011 S. I would like just a little more ferocity from the exhaust when the occasion calls but don't want to completely overpower the supercharger whine and want to keep the noise level neighbour-considerate. I know I'm in the minority but i also like the look of the standard oval tail pipe and don't want the expense of complete new back box and pipes Looks like my current decat pipe options are Larini - £149 delivered (elise-parts) 2bular - £185 delivered (2bular direct) Any new advice / warnings from others that have had these fitted? Or other alternatives?.. or any reason I shouldn't bother at all? Thanks Warren
  13. interesting. so what was the purpose of the Campaign 2011/26 if they were replacing the door latches with exactly the same part?
  14. My car is a MY11 which clearly had some issues with the door latches , addressed during warranty by previous owner 21.01.11 @308 JCT Adjusted driver door release 16.02.11 @859 JCT Rectify rattle RH door inner 30.11.11 @3657 Oakmere Campaign 2011/26 door latch replacement Rectify passenger door not opening 23.02.12 @3703 Oakmere Renew driver side door grab handle 04.09.12 @12302 Oakmere Replace door latches (parts warranty) 26.10.12 @14082 Oakmere Renew passenger side door grab handle I assumed the Campaign 2011/26 was the replacement to the MY'12 latches. I can where a new hole has been poked in the foam access cover. Interestingly though I still have working door post lock buttons.
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