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  1. Would like to go, where can I find details of the event? Garage banner a great idea, love the design stunning!
  2. Hi would be interested in going, what time do we need to be there for?
  3. Thanks Chris for the message, I would like to join the club, are there any meetings held closer to Peterborough? As the A14 and M11 are a bit of a pain.
  4. Yes it was a difficult decision, the Elise S2 Type 72 was a very eye catching car, I would have liked to have kept it but it was time to move on. Haven't used the Exige very much at the moment because of the weather. Looking forward to the spring and sunnier, drier days and no salt on the roads!
  5. Hi everyone, I have recently upgraded from my Elise Type 72 to an Exige Sport 350.
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