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  1. Thanks @GFWilliams and @Mattmahope for your replies. I guess I expected to see 380s in the mid/low £50ks given the price of the 410s, but there don’t seem to be any.
  2. I was actually thinking maybe if I could pick up a 380 for low £50s, then TVS1900 it, I’d have the best of both worlds. And also a ‘sleeper’, if that’s possible in a lotus exige. But anyway, thanks for your responses I appreciate it. Hopefully you’ll be back in a lotus at some point.
  3. Well no prizes for guessing which car I’ve got then! Do you know why they rattle a bit, and if it’s an easy fix? It’s just that I’ll soon be in the position where I need to decide whether to keep the V6s and maybe pop some Nitrons + shift cables + forged wheels, or trade in for a 350/380/410 depending on what’s about.
  4. Oh very nice! You must have thought something was wrong at first with the absence of rattles and wind noise when driving! I am looking for 410 myself, but need the prices to come down another 5-10k really. did you prefer the evora or exige 410?
  5. What did you move on to, and are you happy?
  6. I think you should test drive a 350. Other than the 4c, I’ve driven all of your previous cars and in my opinion the lotus handles better. I very rarely get any understeer in my V6s on stock suspension -> once you realise that most of the weight is on the back wheels, you can drive accordingly. Yes, some Ohlins would be nice, but what car wouldn’t be improved with these!
  7. I’ve said this before, but lotus should be able to make something in the £60k-£80k price range which could compete with the mclaren on performance. Lotus customers have already proven they are not too fussed about practicality/refinement. How much more would it cost lotus to create a new exige with a supercharged V8 for ~550bhp, but otherwise relatively similar to the current platform.
  8. The reasons why the exige fits the bill: 1) unlike a caterham, radical, atom etc you can still plausibly drive it to work or do a long road trip if you fancy. But, like those cars it still feels special and ‘racey’. 2) it catches the eye almost like a supercar for a lot less money. (Unlike a golf R, RS6 or an Elise unfortunately). This is because of the aggressive looks and the rarity of it versus a cayman/911/M car. 3) it performs like a supercar as long as you get a >400bhp version (‘almost’ if it’s a 350) for much less up front and running costs.
  9. It’s up to you but I wouldn’t want an RS6 as my ‘fun, sporty’ car. The lightness (at least 600kg less) and chassis stiffness of a lotus brings far more to the equation than just horsepower per ton. It’s About response to braking, cornering, and accelerator pedal. It’s also about mid engine RWD. How about a lotus, and a 330d estate?
  10. I think you should test drive hard a V6s (high £30ks) and then a 410 (mid £60s). See how significant you think the difference is, then amalgamate that with your own financial situation and planned use for the car. Keep the future value of the car (likely depreciation) in mind. To help all of us, I do wish one of the relative experts on this forum would come up with a quantitative measure of the actual difference in cornering speeds between the different models (standardised for tyres). What is the objective difference the extra downforce and chassis improvements make.
  11. I’ve never heard anyone saying an LSD can worsening the handling of a car. How does it cause understeer? I thought it was a matter of cost + weight + not needed because there is already a lot of grip, and there is some e-diff with the systems.
  12. Maybe the difference is the LSD in your car. The ability to get on the power earlier with more traction out the corner could make RACE mode too restrictive.
  13. I’ve heard about this too. I personally use Sport on the rare occasions I go on track. I also use sport for road, so basically, just sport!
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