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  1. That is really helpful thanks. So I could essentially get most of the way there by adding some 2-ways to my V6s.
  2. Are you able to briefly detail what the handling differences are? Why is it night and day? Ive spent a while now toying with the idea of spending some of my hard earned, non-plentiful funds on some nitrons for my V6s. Still can’t decide.
  3. Shouldn’t it have better ride quality than your average hot hatch, if the damping is of higher quality and the chassis stiffer?
  4. A more rudimentary, analogue 600LT, for less than half the price. Ok, if you don’t worry about a composite chassis, why would this have to be over £100k? A GM LS2 V8 is about 30kg heavier than the V6 in the exige/evora. Not a game changing amount, but the noise and power to weight ratio, would be just that. I think it’s that raw, connected experience that Lotus drivers want.
  5. For the new car I think they should just follow and improve on the exige formula: good power to weight, great handling (low centre of gravity and connected steering feel) and good looks. It’s easy. Power to weight: reduce chassis weight with some more composites. Supercharged, aluminium block mid mounted V8 for 600bhp. Handling: more of the same. (But nitrons/ohlins as standard on all models). LSD as standard. Aero as per cup 430. looks: more of the same. Higher quality interior though.
  6. Thanks. Is there a setting on the 1 ways that would provide both better road compliance, and less body roll on track? Or is it just that I can change the settings easily?
  7. Is it worth upgrading to the 1-way over the stock suspension, or is it only really worth going 2 or 3 way? Also are these easy/cheap to get off come resale time?
  8. That’s a shame that lotus encrypt their ECU. I wonder why they go to the trouble of doing this, when some much larger manufacturers don’t. Maxi, it sounds like you have been really unlucky. No amount of ‘use’ should cause an engine failure on the standard tune. These failures do seem to be quite rare though, with a lot of people running at least 460bhp through the stock internals without issue. I’m in agreement that almost all of the KT upgrade packages seem over priced. Having a feel for the modification scene on other platforms (GT86/M4) I can say that bang for buck seems less with the KT lotus packages. I’m sure some of this expense is the large amount of R+D and the quality of the parts/labour, but some of it has to be their monopoly position.
  9. I apologise for getting your hopes up! I’m very surprised that nobody would offer this. If you sourced a smaller pulley yourself and said ‘I want a custom tune aiming for 460bhp’ would they still say no? Potential risk to a lotus tuner = they blow up your engine and they have to replace it. £7-10k?? Potential gain = breaking the Komotec monopoly in lotus performance upgrades by offering a far simpler, more cost effective and more easily reversible solution. Much more to gain than lose IMHO.
  10. Well driven, very impressive. Also, there was a white 350 you were chasing which was rapid. That thing can’t be stock surely?
  11. The solution would be seeking out the most reputable exige V6 custom tuner, then sourcing a smaller pulley, then telling them you are after 460-480bhp depending on what’s safe. We already know the stock exhaust can flow a massive torque increase (see TVS1900) and that’s unchargecooled. Then tell them there is an entire market of people with exige 410s/evora 400s who would be keen for a cost effective power bump into the high 400s without changing out their exhaust/air intake system which is fiddly, costly and harder to reverse. (Carrot) Then tell them you have an internet following and you would be publishing all your results, and the tuner company name online. (Stick)
  12. I agree. But people are talking about the KT460 being more bang for buck partly because it’s more powerful, when a simple drop in pulley size would get you there on any chargecooled lotus.
  13. Could you not quite easily get 460bhp or more out of any exige that is charge cooled from the factory with a smaller supercharger pulley and a tune? The answer IMHO would be yes. The stock engine internals are proven up to ~500bhp, so I don’t know why more 410/430 and evora 400 owners arnt doing this.
  14. Thanks. I try not to take the exige out if the roads are wet, but sometimes one gets ‘caught’. Im leaning towards Cup 2s now, if people with ‘standard’ exige suspension are still saying they are a significant improvement.
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