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  1. I suppose we'll get to know more with the Lotus press conference at 10.
  2. Thanks for that. I suppose something good came out of it. The irony being that Rudy Thomann (who brought us the 108 and 110) was involved in developing the A110.
  3. Yeah, but... its still an Evora! Weren't Caterham meant to be doing a partnership with Alpine a few years ago? Eitherway I'm genuinely more excited about this than I am the Evija.
  4. And there we have it
  5. Hmmm and to think there's a Renault announcement today as well?!
  6. In addition to the 45th anniversary of the Elite and Eclat it is also 25 years since Chris Boardman won an unprecedented triple crown (Tour de France Prologue and Double World Championships) on a Lotus 110. Seeing as the 25th anniversary of the Olympic Gold passed almost without mention it would be a shame if other milestones aren't celebrated.
  7. Hello, Does anyone have any photos of the London Motorfair stand from 1993? There was a Lotus 110 on it except all photos seen are very grainy. Paul
  8. Hello, I represent the Lotus 110 club. As far as I’m aware there is one for sale I. Japan at just under £6000. They built less than 300 road bikes, and fewer than 100 mountain bikes. They are therefore quite sought after. Happily the club is represented on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and if anything else becomes available we will let you know. Alternatively you can drop me a DM and I’ll point you in the direction of our Japanese seller. Paul
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