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  1. Yes, I'm well aware of the limitations. A previous post had some work on a 'tube woofer' that fitted at the nose of the passenger seat....sounds interesting. It looks like I will start work on this next week. I noticed on the American site some guy was fitting custom made woof enclosures in front of the petrol tanks....bit extreme....another post had a custom upholstered sub box between the eats....looked good.
  2. Thanks....I take note of your comments on the tweeters. The RF baskets are cast and a very solid unit. Considering that the Lotus is not a very quiet car, picks up a lot of road noise....we have rather course style bitumen roads, will be interesting to hear the end result. I guess the tweets would give a far better sound location as well.
  3. C'or! could waggle that about a bit....nuthin' better than summit long and retractable I have a set of those ranging from about 6"-18" and also has three sections to join together....I find them handy for doing up awkward hose clamps.....but in this instance, I would rather use something small and easily handle with one hand....and it has a magnetic tip to retract the screws....not that I'll be re using them because the new drivers come with socket head screws....I just need to know the dimensions of the old drivers.
  4. Very good!....while you got the old speakers there, what is the dimensions from screw hole to screw hole and what dia. are they? My little chucky is about 30mm all up so, should go close I reckon....feeling more positive all the time I did think about fitting component drivers in the rear but decided to go for two way drivers instead. The original rear speakers were three way Jensen's.....they used to be a reputable brand 30 years ago! I have gone for good quality Rockford Fosgate 2 way drivers which have solid cones with butyl rubber edges compared to the crappy composite
  5. Shaun...I like the sound of that ....I have a Philips bit which I have mounted in a plastic drill chuck which is about 1/2" shorter than a stubby screwdriver and that shall be my weapon of choice. I've worked out that I can sit on thew centre console and manouvre from there. Did you find the leads were soldered to the original speakers? I found this on the rears....that's no drama.....piss farting around having to crimp connectors to the front speaker wires will be a PIA!
  6. Thanks again....I'm going to be a stubborn sod and see if I can do it with seats out and will remove binnacle as a last resort
  7. I would like to thank you gentlemen for your kind and informative responses. I intend replacing front and rear speakers with Rockford Fosgate 'Punch' drivers. The front ones, I want to retain the original Lotus branded covers ;o) I have developed a neat little screw attacking device which hopefully will allow me to undo the hard to access crews. All warnings will be heeded. No, all instruments work smoothly and well lit....this car has only covered 38,000klm. I will be documenting and photographing everything as we go along. I take it that the four binna
  8. Greetings, I have spent quite some time trying to trawl through forums but have not come across a definitive answer. I wish to replace the front dash mounted speakers and am wondering what is the easiest method? Looking at the situation, I would ascertain that thee speakers were installed before the dash was there a work around to replace them relatively easy?
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