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  1. I be interested to know what the final cost would be from Silverstone ? My 2010 NA done 42k and I am not a hard driver or regular user it’s still goes through a little heavy traffic on days I do use it. i assume the parts even upgraded as others suggested wouldn’t be major element but labour would ? I have an independent guy in Leicester who labour charges would be less than dealership so might be worth me looking into this as future proof when my clutch pops ?
  2. Cdm2018

    Pyrenees trip

    I did the Lourdes tour around the Pyrenees some 12 years ago in scobby STi had a hoot going up the mountain roads I took the ferry across to Santander then drove on the Spanish side over to Lourdes then around the area and back to ferry. i fancy doing a similar trip but going to Fatima in Portugal as that northern regions of Spain and Portugal are largely unspoilt ?
  3. Saw you this morning 10am travelling south between J23-22 i was going north bound but not in my Evora first Evora I have seen in Leicestershire are local ?
  4. I am grateful for your insight little concerned about buying used as don’t want to find myself replacing again for any unseen issues or short lifespan ? Where did you buy your blueprints and bits from ?
  5. Any more info on these blueprint discs I am strongly considering Scotdave recommendation but this will be solely on price as my funds are really stretched due to have to also change front tyres soon
  6. Tony had a productive discussion with Paul at sandicliffe last week and I looked around the Proceed it was lovely car as mass produced car go but for my company purchase it’s list price was little too high shame however it was nice to see a good design features from another manufacturer which doesn’t fall into the snobbish brand factors dominating the car market
  7. Fair point on both accounts I don’t think I will ever venture onto a track but I do want & like the look of the drilled disks so will go with David’s suggestion but I hope these are around for a few weeks as my front tyres are the most pressing need and I will change these do the brakes near end of May and then change rear tyres by end of summer which will be in time for the MOT due in sept
  8. I looked at these as it’s seems to be go to place obviously these are more expensive than David’s suggestion the blue print disks are unknown as no mention on any threads so be reluctant to buy David’s suggestion looks promising the pads are pricier than I thought ?
  9. As I won’t be doing the job myself I will have to pass on the info to my mechanic who is an independent lotus guy I wasn’t thinking of getting 2nd parts it didn’t cross my mind ? How does this option David suggests compare to brand new parts ?
  10. I am looking at changing my discs and pads all round on my 2010 NA as fronts are worn and rears are not in great condition according to last service in Jan. I have regular discs but want to be put drilled/ grove type discs with appropriate pads for normal road use. has anyone sourced any other brands makes or is it a case of getting OEM parts ? Trying to be mindful of costs as I will need a couple of front tyres in the next couple of months so worried on my outgoings Thanks in advance
  11. Cheers Matty i have been window shopping around and black circles are cheapest also a near priced are Costco as I have a trade card but I think black circle allocated local fitters might be better ? I might just bite the bullet and change all 4 and then a piece of mind ? However I am conscious that I need to change front discs & pads so maybe doing the fronts only will allow me to sort brakes first as priority ?
  12. I assume it’s best to change all 4 tyres to single brand ? My P zeros in the front will be due in the next couple of months but the rears have more tread life so maybe another 5-6 months ? looking at reviews on u tube the PS4S’s are better but as I run 18/19’s I will have to get PS4’s as I am never going onto track I am only need road qualities
  13. Yes spot on winter time sun worst than fog as it’s suddenly can blind you for a few seconds
  14. Jai must be where you live ? Around Leicestershire rolling hills and country roads the sun can be blinding at times also have already had an accident when I couldn’t see a thing for a few seconds enough to run into back of a car doing a last second right turn into a single track road its a cap for now
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