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  1. Cdm2018

    Evora wanted

    I wrap it and you can now get this fancy liquid wrap which I understand also acts like a PPF think you can get it some fancy finishes as well as colours ?
  2. The ceramic coating only last about 18 months and this depends on how much weathering it’s exposed plus washing agents etc ? I guess every year if you reapplied the coating it keep the UV effects at bay ? it’s something even my dim witted self could do as I don’t want to let it get to the stage it was before
  3. The guy tells me ceramic coating he applied doesn’t need PPF he had a bitch of job removing my old PPF to get to main acrylic surface ? I was reading Gtechniq do a glass kit inc a ceramic coating for less than £50 I might try this in future ? I have some amazon ceramic stuff never used it might consider using this ?
  4. You will find life with a 10-13 years old car will bring it costs annually obviously the initial price will be guided by what you feel and possess is a value for money decision ? I just spend £1200 on C service and MOT and still need to spend another £500-700 in next few months £150 odd went last night to polish headlights for starters it’s a labour of love and the reactions I get for my ugly child is priceless ! Oh yes I have standard long box I am no Lewis Ham but gear changes are good enough for me
  5. I had to pick up a flight case for my wife’s blossoming DJ hobby and I had to pick one from an economical difficult part of the city late yesterday evening now there were a number of youths hanging around the shops corners so I started to get nervous as in Evora. pulled up outside the house and a young guy came to door and said he saw me in the car had to look at the Evora. As usual asked me what it is and responds never heard or seen one ! Anyway managed to get flight case into the Evora as I was doing this about three neighbours came onto the road , now I was getting worried however the guy told them it was Lotus they all gestured lovely car and I drove away from estate intact and safely !
  6. Had a punt with this local guy to refurbish my headlights bless him took nearly 7 hours , he coated some ceramic stuff which cured overnight and carried 2 year guarantee. results picture before and after , around £150 less than dealers so I guess takes your money takes your choice ?
  7. Test drive is paramount I drove from Leicestershire all the way to Southampton to test / purchase my car lack of service history could be down to Covid in the last few years but then I still managed to get my car serviced ? The clutch can be tad heavy when cold and I know mine does lighten up a little after 20 mins of driving ? back seats are really for small child comfortably but I have had my now teen daughter in rear for an hour trip to Alton towers she didn’t complain to much ! lol what’s you gut feeling ? If it’s not right then maybe look again ?
  8. Yep the taking out will be time consuming but my question is what major benefits in the final finish is involved ? I assume you get a better finish as leaving in situ means more masking and possible not getting to edges ? I don’t know my expertise is at limits ? I guess I can only get what I pay for ?
  9. Cheers Jai this local guy says he re lacquers the unit and he provides a 2 year guarantee ! I guess the process need to be reapplied especially as my car sit outside and in summer is baked as it south facing ? reading the difference it doesn’t seem to be major ? Other than price ? I need to get new rear discs and pads again due to corrosion effects and also my jet washers not working so need to be mindful of costs ?
  10. Just had my MOT advisory on headlights saying the uV deterioration is getting to be borderline ! so I have contact a local headlight restorer he wet sands lacquers etc in 3 hours for less than £130 I understand lotus dealers do a service for £300 need car for 4 days wondering what’s the difference in the processes to differ the £150 between the non lotus and lotus ?
  11. Air bag cover never bothered me personally I don’t look at it but I get it sorted when I get dash leather put right maybe look at the dash and state of leather as they prone to shrinkage but I suspect if you are buying from a member here it should be sorted ! obvious water leaks but I purchased from lotus dealer and boot leaked and still does !
  12. My battery is 5 years old and had two starter motor failures but still working although it’s got me little concerned as I am hearing it struggle on start up ? I am getting major service next week I will ask central lotus to assess the battery as I think it maybe that time to change ? I try to drive it once a week but I fear that might not save the wear and tear aspect on battery ?
  13. I saw you come up on outside lane just as I joined M1 off A50, I was in company car. first red Evora I seen for years out in wild been away in Scotland working all week so made me think about my red Evora been sat baking on the driveway all week! are you passing or local ?
  14. My experience was the sub and amp wasn’t even connected to main HU why I don’t know ? my son who did the work replaced the sub and amp as he found it not working no power dead completely he found a compact sub and amp combo from Halfords. He fixed up but he told me it really needed a custom housing to stop it rattling around as it pulled out connections but unfortunately he been ill so not physically well to squeeze into the back and spend time to sort it. I used it for a few months was good enough to supplement the front speakers but don’t expect a massive lift in sound quality I think replacing front speakers to Focals will be route to go ?
  15. My V5 say I got Sports Racer and it’s a 2010 ! Lol I know my ugly child will be pleased to be known as a sports racer
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