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  1. Saw you and flashed my lights I was in my company Toyota so didn’t expect an acknowledgment and you passed me going north bound lovely to see another Evora are you local ?
  2. Welcome to lotus ownership from a fellow red Evora owner enjoy you will be Amazed at the car on the road and the reception you get from the public 😮
  3. I looked at every car outlet from lotus dealers to classic car market when I was looking 4 years ago there was a choice at my £30k and below segment however I think market changed significantly today and I think the cars both S or NA will be counted on one hand advice is too be patient but not too picky however I think if you really want an Evora you might have to alter your shopping list but at least you will start enjoying the car as soon as purchase
  4. I had mine replaced a couple of weeks ago and hey presto no more light even in wet ! going to miss that light used to be good companion ! Lol
  5. Cheers Chris I think I am inclined to do the ferry across to Spain only as it saves putting on the extra hundreds of miles on car and minimises the long driving for me? I think the route through France is not spectacular or even the Spain route but it’s a means to end
  6. Lovely car very rare and well loved mid I had money and was entering Evora ownership make the journey across the water to make a deal on this , shame I am not in market but would also need to avoid That area as I have an ex that lives there and we parted on bad terms many years ago
  7. Excuse my lack of knowledge but is the latch a very specific lotus manufactured item or is made in China that could be found in another car ? it sounds after all this time that’s there’s not a single latch left in the world ? can the part be made of these 3D printing things ?
  8. Plymouth is too far for me to get too hence its shorter crossing , I think Portsmouth Bilbao is longer as it stops in Roscoff ? my daughter has been on a couple cruise ships so has good sea legs and the drive from the port down to destination is about 4-5 hours , she will put up with that if she wants to go portaventura for the major rides etc
  9. That’s sensible option but I like to try and use my car and I had done this trip some 20 years ago but only went to Lourdes I did factor a couple of overnights at £100 a night brittany ferry shows Portsmouth to Bilbao 33 hrs trying to keep costs down the hotel at theme park is £700 for 4 nights not bad includes park tickets and half board so overall shade under £2k , a fly package with Jet2 coming out at £3k
  10. I had posted a message about going to Ireland this summer but my young daughter didn’t get over excited with notion of cold beaches and Irish folk songs in bars ! 😳 so instead thinking of going to drive down to Portaventura near Salou Barcelona do I drive via France cost approx £500-800 1600 miles 4 days travelling time OR go via north Spain ferry crossing £1200 700 miles 1 day driving but 30 hrs on ferry each way
  11. You tell that to the Cheshire / Chelsea tractors brigade or as I see at my daughters private school the Rugby/Soccer mums who think driving around in high position is must for their social status ! 😮
  12. My vote goes to this Evora and I am biased as I have identical red Evora but nothing like the extras this has ! I wish I was buying an Evora now as I would buy this as I can read the genuine love that’s given to this car although I feel guilty to take it away from such loving owners 🥲
  13. As title suggests looking into a possible road trip with my young daughter to West or South West Ireland next summer I know it’s long way future but I thought I test the ideas out if not will consider another option? I need to go to Dublin for the first day overnight as I need to visit cemetery to pay my respects to family member. I then have at least 6-7 days touring Ireland then head back to ferry bearing that it’s a 5 hour drive back home from port, so probably 8/9 days in total ? any suggestions ideas on possible routes locations places to stop etc ? thanks in Advance 👍🏻
  14. Hope you get the best price you can maybe this time is good for selling the car as prices seem to be peaking and there’s a bigger interest in lotus brand ? good luck 🤞🏻
  15. out of interest where are the side barge boards from I got mine from a guy who made them and sold on eBay unfortunately he decided a few years ago to stop and move down south to a farm I know some consider these to be dirt holders and a tripping hazard but I like the way it finishes the side profile of car
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