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  1. Not sure of where in world you located but if in UK you need to consider the import duties cost? sorry I don’t have any knowledge on actual products you asked
  2. you have a button it would need to be operated by fob ? be a faff to have a key insert ? What was wrong with pull release ? Seems a little strange modification 😮
  3. I had my roof and sill and mirror wrap on for 4 years don’t know what paint is like under roof but I think not great however I probably Wrap again TBH I didn’t really research how long these wraps last but I go back to the original guys as they seem to have done a good job so far ! Happy with my wrap make it my own version personal to me I guess 😁
  4. I was advised that as I drove my car at a very steady once a week it wasn’t good so I now drive it a little more zesty but it’s a shorter school run now However when I can I try to take it on longer journey but still go at legal limits 😁
  5. As Steve says car doesn’t like a short start and I am wondering have you encounter bad fuel ? I started filling up at Tesco 99 stuff works ok but do wonder how good it will be in long term? with my basic mechanical knowledge would that reddex stuff be worth trying ?
  6. Many reference to cyclists and advent of wannabe Olympic or Tour de France riders has made roads a crowded place however where is it going when we have folk on these E scooters now going on roads at speeds I judge to be over 10mph ?
  7. I accept that be sensible choice but given the way the cost of living is going to get in the 12 months I am not sure I find an extra £500 floating about 🤔 I don’t intend to track my car so was just wanting to hone my driving skills so I can gain some confidence and for once get a real sense of speed without the guilt of breaking the speed limit !
  8. I wanted to do the Bronze but couldn’t afford that until next year ! looks like I have missed that now ? seems the half day is affordable but the other is going to outside of my price range gutted !😞
  9. Tony whatever help you can give is something just taken the young lad I have staying to a local hairdresser in village who offered to cut for free. He was so happy with his Ronaldo hairstyle ! It’s takes a little time for kids to adjust to new environment, however my lad after couple week seems settled he got his own PlayStation and with some reluctance on my side he been happily playing Call of Duty ( I guess shooting loads of Russians?) hopefully going to school after next half term break might create a new type of routine and order with prospect of making friends?
  10. Just back from a small former miners town of Swadlincote where they held a festival of transport parked my car and walked around the 100 odd cars motorbikes and camper van etc met a lovely guy in only other lotus an Europa who allowed me to sit in his car. I just bought some deep heat gel I needed it after sitting in Europa lol I was interested to see how many people kept having to look at the rear of car to identify the car ! Shows how rare and unknown the Evora really is 😮
  11. If you could this car ticks the boxes ? Don’t think you get a lower price car which doesn’t sacrifice something ? however only you can decide so respect your buying criteria ?
  12. Without being pushy or delving into your private dealings was there anything about the car that diverted you away ? Maybe something another buyer might need to consider or even someone wanting to sell could gauge an element in their sell ?
  13. Saw a newsfeed that Lotus are opening a new swish store in central London I think opposite the Ritz hotel ? apparently be a lifestyle type of dealership not going to be your regular car showroom place with old trade in cars in & around the shop ? Lol
  14. Yes I can see from your comments you have an abusive partner but I had the same to varying degree but the justice system still seemed to rely that the men were still having to prove their innocence in your case I think you’re giving someone enough rope ……. I had joined a family support group who not only support dads but also grandparents and other male or female relatives I was able to tap into their legal structure and basically half my legal costs but more importantly got the moral support
  15. Happy Mothering Sunday in Ukraine today all those mums who are worrying or lost their loved ones must be heartbroken going to local Ukraine centre today with our family !
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