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  1. Cdm2018

    Third Party Warranty

    Yes possibly but that’s what they are saying and I can only go what the company are providing me ? As for the cost it seems an average nothing to high or low but it always comes down to fine print in the cover ? i will make further enquiries but my Evora gets serviced at Central lotus this Monday
  2. Cdm2018

    Third Party Warranty

    Cheers Andy very insightful here’s an extract from MotorEasy they say I can use a lotus garage and they will cover labour rate if up to £145 phr “================================ n regards to the main difference between our warranties and others on the market are below: Covered from day 1 for any sudden failure, overheating damage and consequential damage We are the only warranty company that provide a free 20 point health check at the beginning of the policy Wear and Tear cover is included Any faults found at MOT and service we would look to repair under the warranty The claims limit is up to the current value of the vehicle There is no limit to the amount of claims you can make in any one yea ==================================== yes the actual wording of document is still be reviewed but the above extract provides a summary they are asking £582 for the year which I can pay in 4 monthly instalments
  3. Cdm2018

    Third Party Warranty

    I assume this is policy that Plenty refers to in the thread ? i will ask Silverstone to provide a quote ? As always with insurance policies it’s the fine print you need to be careful about !
  4. Cdm2018

    Third Party Warranty

    That’s interesting although not had a great experience in my couple of dealings with silver stone also they are a good 40 min drive still worth an enquiry I guess? Who are you using for your warranty ? And did the process for claiming was smooth ?
  5. Cdm2018

    Third Party Warranty

    Has anyone used these for an Evora ? my warranty with Snows is due to expire shortly and I did a couple of enquires and got a call from Motoreasy telling me they provide some wear and tear cover etc any comments or experience ? Never had a third party warranty
  6. Cdm2018

    Evora C service, how much?

    Dave thats seems to make sense however I am not capable of DIY but sure if I went to independent garage they would fit whatever items I provide ? I guess the same would apply to this aux belt it’s a standard Toyota part so to avoid the higher cost or long wait by sourcing it from Lexus or Toyota supplier seems no brainer ???
  7. Cdm2018

    Evora C service, how much?

    I don’t think my plugs are due as my book indicates they were replaced in 2016 and car done less than 20k? lookng at some comments it seems some people are buying from other sources and maybe they are certain of its compatibility or being guinea pigs which is brave ???? i wonder as a nervy lotus owner and not in the know if we could have a special thread of reference which could list proven parts used ? I guess this maybe controversial as it’s might make lotus parts look like we are trying to avoid their use but I see it that if a part is identical it’s prudent financial option given the current situation of pressures on everyday costs?
  8. Cdm2018

    Evora C service, how much?

    Central are adamant they read the lotus revised service bulliten and told me it wasn’t due ? They did also comment on the belts high cost and that they knew some people have located much cheaper but identical belts ?
  9. Cdm2018

    Evora C service, how much?

    Booked my car at central lotus for later this month central advised me the aux drive belt not due for change until 10yr or 100k which ever is sooner. the car having looked at the tiny green service book suggest spark plugs were changed in 2016 and hydraulic fluids in 2017 so it’s just a regular service unless the closer inspection on the day reveals anything missing ? Whilst there in workshop I can get the boot leaks sorted fingers crossed and the annoying knocking from rear of the car. generally I am happy and confident Central lotus will do the correct service and at a reasonable cost.
  10. Cdm2018

    Bittersweet Days

    Lee no words can truly be expressed at this awful time for your girls , family and yourself. all I can offer that time does eventually heal and allows some peace to emerge. i faced a similar issue when my ex had stage 4 over the last 12 months and I wondered how could I tell our young 6 yr old daughter but thankfully my ex has made some recovery. you will stay strong for your daughters that I know and Alex will always be with you God bless all of you 💗
  11. Cdm2018

    Evora C service, how much?

    So what belt are we talking about ? There’s no timing belt to my limited knowledge of the Evora and as my car is NA no supercharger belt what is this belt which increases the service upwards to £1k from £600? I am hoping to get my knocking from the rear of the car and to try and get the boot leaks sorted so was trying to get price to help get those above niggles investigated and finally sorted ! Just read the thread from Hangar 11 its quoting the aux drive belt ? Is this the belt which I was quoted a few hundred £££ for ????
  12. Cdm2018

    Evora C service, how much?

    I am looking at quotes for my first service since getting car last feb its 2010 NA done 39500 i rang silver stone who quoted me just shy of £1k as they said my 8th service is due which included plugs trans oil and some belt ? a couple of other quotes from one lotus dealership said they didn’t know which belt was required for NA ? An independent just told me to look at my service book and any other recipets to try and ascertain which items will need replacing then they can quote a better price ? Very confusing ? I can see a few hundred price variance ?
  13. Hi Pat hope you managed to sort out your niggles with the car? yes I was told it was just in but I knew from my watching cars on autotrader it been on sale for few months! sorry I don’t tolerate lies and it made me feel very uneasy ? My preference was always drawn to a red colour but I would have looked at others but the light blue didn’t make me look twice ? Shame but how’s it goes the fact also they said the price was already reduced and they wouldn’t budge however a few weeks later it was further reduced suggested an air of how honest the dealership was ? But I guess they are in business to make max profit however I walked away
  14. Cheers tech yes I lucky it wasn’t too severe and I am hoping to play footy by mid jan i will get my first service out of the way in jan them appraise the situation of buying in spares in case ? however my my youngest son looking to buy a Hyundai Veloster and he might need the Bank of Dad ! Lol
  15. Thanks Andy I am now forced to take things easy but lack of mobility in terms of driving is hugley frustrating so I had to resort to internet xmas shopping ! Lol i just wondered were these power flex significantly altering the ride quality ? Otherwise like you said go with stock parts ?