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  1. I don’t won’t to get into deep political debate about central funding however if after a prolonged period of de-investment into an institute, times likes these can highlight failings ? then we are in my particular corner of care sector we are dependant on local authorities paying a realistic funding for the person to be care by our charity we closed a number places in the north as funding didn’t allow us to be financial viable and we were running at loss which as charity was putting other places at risk I agree more efficiency is always good thing but that can be also applied to many industries or organisations
  2. I work for one of the largest disability charity , I look after 70 nursing and care home across the north keyworkers in my charity do get paid just above national wage levels and I look at what they are asked to do , dealing with people with many complex nursing needs that NHS can’t cope with, made worse by the massive cutbacks in local government spending and NHS funding. i wonder if finally NHS and Social care sector will get the proper funding and not the issue being kicked into long grass under the banner of policy review which never gets started or completed ? I could go on but yesterday was emotional that people took time to show their appreciation but the frustration that my staff still work under difficult financial and practical constraints. Thank you everyone who showed their love
  3. Just watched the programme great watch and lovely ending I was intrigued by the guy who did the electronic dash displays , would love it in my Evora then at least I can see the speedo and warning indicators lights etc I wonder if he could do similar job on Evora ?
  4. Washed the car yesterday and noticed looking at front dash covering at bottom of windscreen the centre where it’s joined the stitching is coming apart looks a little unsightly but was pondering on any quick solutions ? i guess the long term is to get the all the dash recovered which I guess is not a cheap or quick job ? Though as short term answer is to try and mask the joint which is coming apart but how ? Tape looks a bit naff ! a small material piece in a triangle shape stuck down ? Any suggestions whilst the car is mainly sat on drive I could attempt a repair of some kinds Maybe just leave it ? But it does look untidy and makes Lotus can’t finish their cars properly ?
  5. This has given relief to many I am just trying work out which of our fleet are due MOT from now to 29 March hopefully not any but Sod’s law.????
  6. I am In call conference with our insurer this week to get their take as in the end that could be controlling factor as For the government guidance it is there as with other aspects it does become little unclear for certain situations for example this morning first rule for split families changed two interviews later !
  7. As one of my hats at work I’m the fleet manager, so I had been watching the news feeds from DVSA late this afternoon the press release stated that taking cars to garages was permissible as they are exempt businesses but they then went on to say it’s still under review as they may allow 3 months of suspension of MOT like lorries. so it seems MOTs are still required but reading in between the lines (which not great state of affairs) the relaxation of allowing flexibility could be applied in very near future? Watch this space
  8. Yes thanks Bibs it’s nice to know this as when life returns to normality I can go back to my lotus place or independent to see what they now will be quoting
  9. Something popped up on my works phone news items stating that lotus had released a new pricing plan for servicing throughout its range but in nutshell it’s prices were going to be around 30% lower the news site was American but it referred to UK being first to gain this changes the rest of globe catching up in near future checked my nearest lotus dealership nothing was mentioned so maybe still official press release is still pending ?
  10. Has this pricing changes Notification been put on hold ? I was looking to see if I can get my car serviced during the impending self isolation non essential travel only advice from Gov !
  11. Is the owner of this Red Excel on here ? I pass it every week for the last 12 months it’s cover been blown off and looks to need TLC theres a couple of older classic vintage cars on the drive way and camp van Be nice to know your on this forum probably seen me go by in my red Evora ?
  12. I like to know this pricing policy as nothing was on website on my closet dealer, considering a Independent jag Land Rover garage who is a lotus driver as they opened a new facility a two min drive from me and they wanted to know what this fixed pricing is ? Thanks in advance
  13. Thanks Justin at least I don’t have to blame anyone however I am sure the hundreds of hard working folk in Hethel are doing a fantastic job and we are all human so odd mistake here is just life !
  14. I was wondering is a plaque in every Evora car ? Just like to locate it and see the name ? Thanks
  15. Patience is the key and I know you had a look a time ago but this time round patience still a valuable ally I am not a big confidence type of person but if I had the bottle I would ask for what you want and see what the response is ? as many more experienced folk on here will know the car market at present is very slow and uncertain so any dealership are looking to offload their stock and it’s a question of getting to know or being close to the bottom line price ? Good luck
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