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  1. I am only envious of your French barn conversion sounds idyllic when compared to my Uk East midlands semi urban rainy boring box !l
  2. Yes Bruss in an environment you have the system might be luckily or by good choice a great set up however in my modest urban detached house converted garage my gains might be more modest and even if I spent £ks on high end equipment & cables etc I won’t be able to fully appreciate the upgrades saying that once my Hifi is rebuilt in next few week I know my vintage speakers will be highlighted as weak point but I will wait and see over a period of time ?
  3. Wow £2k ! thats a load of bucks and just in my humble opinion I wonder if there would be a massive audible gain given the factors I explained earlier ? its just a debate I am having with myself and local Hifi shop as I am currently rebuilding my home Hifi the gain I would actually hear if I would spend a few £k on upgrades wouldn’t be massive given the type of acoustics in my home and my hearing levels of mid fifties male means I wouldn’t pick up frequency ranges of high end equipment so in conclusion spending a few hundred extra £ on selected items might give me a better gain per £ however I totally respect and envy that your prepared to invest into what has made you happy Enjoy !
  4. Lovely install I suspect it cost a pretty penny ? i am an audiophile probably like many on this forum however I concluded the spend on improving a car system is defeated by the intrusion of the engine , road and general acoustics of a car. i did on my novice upgrade install sound installation on the sub area but haven’t touched door speakers which I like to replace with some focal but I need to use my money elsewhere nice job and anything that make the Evora a more pleasurable place to be is great
  5. I do ! its called a key and works ok although sometimes in dark it’s hard to see ! Lol
  6. Nope def not got that adjustment wheel in my 2010 NA so my dash must be faulty ? might stick a little led light somewhere to shine a little extra lighting ????
  7. Ok I am going to look next weekend when I drive the car as I am away at Fire Service College next week ? TBH I can’t recall seeing a wheel adjustment ???
  8. Wow my are barely noticeable all my buttons are ? I have to triple check my lights on during dusk to make sure they are on if I can’t see a reflection am I missing a setting or is my dash faulty ?
  9. My Mercedes mates who are workshop guys / managers told me to do it yourself they reckon if you get a good dry day and ideally in a garage jack up the car and carefully clean down the callipers and hand paint then leave to dry etc job done ! I have no garage so not DIY option , however seen a local alloy place offering the service for £99 per Caliper ?
  10. Not bought the pads or discs I have again been quoted by Graeme Goode in Leicester £800 all in to change to drilled discs and pads but I don’t know what parts they are using ? My son going to pop in tomorrow as he asking about sorting brakes on his Fiesta ST so will ask about my quote ? Paul what did you have on mind ?
  11. Has anyone used a garage or company in midlands area that has carried out the repainting of the callipers ? i had a quote of £500 plus to do this when I get the discs and pads changed they say it’s a long job around 6-8 hours for the actual labour but also whole process needs a few days to be completed so the car has to be left for a week ? not a job I am capable or doing myself so I need to outsource !
  12. I like that colour never seen it for your info Silverstone use a Signs Uk who are based on Hinckley to carry out any of their wrapping work. i had my roof and front splitter and side sills wrapped and the guys at this place were really good there’s a picture on a thread somewhere on here
  13. I had attended a local car festival last weekend in small Leicestershire town of Hinckley (where Triumph & Nobel are made ) there was apparently 1200 or so cars and bikes and other vehicles on display in town centre, my Evora was parked on on of the main shopping streets next to vintage Land Rover defender and a heavily modified Subaru it was lovely day so I stood next to car as thousands of visitors filed by the reaction of folk was intriguing people didn’t realise I was owner so I over heard the comments also folk were surprised to see my daughter asleep in the back as they envisaged the car as a two seater ! Lol but the comments were fascinating and I got to featured on a you tube showing I spotted today ! My 10 sec of fame
  14. I am taking my car for it’s MOT next week to a local guy who was one of the main mechanics for Storm Lotus from what feedback I got of MLOC members he is sound guy and good knowledge of lotus mechanical in and outs I would guess where he might lack is the state of art diagnostic equipment to plug into the car ? Otherwise I guess all the mechanical bits are regular to a decent garage? what I like is that he 15min away and he will sit down and discuss with me my service requirements and possible upgrades of brakes etc also in comparison to the dealership he will be 20% cheaper or more ?
  15. Not seen any this side of the county line ? Wonder if the owners are on the forum ?
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