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  1. Cheers Tim yes my quote was full Monty instead I bought the car detail kit and supplies cost me £300 but I can do a number of cars or do mine every year
  2. I being using recently the glass cleaner but found this time of year for me I have to use the bug sap remover first I must be honest I do prefer the 2in1 rainex cleaner as it leaves a surface coating to repel rain water as well as cleaning
  3. Did the car detailer place have the car for few days ? Did they also do interior and any ceramic coating applied ? I got quoted £1500 was that similar
  4. Could be a sensor glitch ! My car being showing them for last few weeks and I clear them and they come back few days later? going to get car serviced early and perhaps get new maf sensor or have cleaned and replace brake switch ?
  5. Strange reaction there’s a chap I cant tell how old as wearing helmet but he rides a scooter past the house twice a day at least probably going to and from work. every time he goes past the house he paps his horn without fail strange 🤔😳
  6. On my recent Scotland road trip I was having to fuel up when I could I was filling to cut off and the range readout always stated 345 and this would start to reduce after a 20-30 miles of driving I was getting 30-35mpg on the highland roads but on motorway back home was getting 38-39mpg I had to use a variety of fuel brands including a Scottish brand not familiar I think called Gleaders ? Seems to run the car ok
  7. No traction light for the last two days I drove the car back from Scotland and during the hot spell going to wash the car in the next day and I wouldn’t be surprised to see traction light come back on ? I will get brake switch replaced but my lotus garage fiddled about with it a couple weeks and said it was fine ?
  8. I don’t know had car for nearly 4 years and I bet it was in car at least couple so I guess 4-6 years old maybe it due for a change ?
  9. My car did same as soon as I arrived at lotus garage no codes found and nothing in the history but as soon as I left the garage codes appeared ! Jinxed ☹️
  10. My young daughter used a house cushion for our recent road trip to Scotland and one of those neck cushions she seems ok on the 2-4 hour trips but then she 10 and so less prone to back problems etc must say my back , knees legs were ok on the trip and I have back footy knees and back !
  11. Fab will start with fuse and Hope it’s not the wiring below the outlet obviously in my time of ownership never used the 12v outlet
  12. During my road trip to Scotland I had to use the rear 12v outlet one in front of the rear seat. I plugged in an USB adapter to no avail tried it in my son car when I got home and it works so it must be the actual outlet anyone knows the fuse numbers or experienced this issue ?
  13. Hence I got a car audio company to sort my Kenwood replacement for apple car play pioneer HU the comments from audio fitter was what fikins had done this job as apparently my Kenwood unit was an upgrade option on the Alpine HU but wiring and connections were poor. anyway they sorted for & £75 fitting charge and I got 12 months warranty job done
  14. Yes I am hoping the interior trimmer used by my local lotus dealership is knowledgable of such products ? I suspect I will end up with a leather type of covering although ii hope it contains properties that prevent the deterioration from occurring again in future ?
  15. Just arrived in Gretna Green on stop over back home left the mountains and adorable scenery behind now 🥲 been epic and privilege for mr to drive those routes car was fantastic once I cleared the codes in morning by the time I get home tomorrow evening will have covered just over 1k miles that’s 4 months of normal driving for me . if anyone has never been up to these roads in their pride and joys , I would recommend so highly . even my young daughter didn’t complain too much she managed to enjoy the scenery but still watch her movies too. we want to put together a modest u tube video of our trip and in due time will get it edited etc and uploaded
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