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  1. I do like bananas , scratch my arse daily no TBH hourly before the jab ! Mind you been doing that probably since my childhood jabs ? Lol
  2. Well the deed done and normally I am petrified of needles however a very painless but also smooth process recommend to all
  3. Archbishop maybe has an underlining medical condition ? I only managed to get in a jab as my local service had finally been issued out with the link from the health authorities in my district. as I look after 100 plus care and nursing homes I have not been able to get to see them, so least if there’s a serious issue I can travel to the site otherwise I have been working from home.
  4. I am getting my jab tomorrow AstraZeneca and even got my booster date on April 1 ( April fools day Lol)
  5. Lol Andy I was glad to escape out of the marriage and keep my house that I owned so had a roof over my head ! My ex remarried two years ago and got a new sugar daddy , again I dodged the bullet when she asked me back some 4 years ago and I was and still am happy with my present partner who is lights years better person than my ex
  6. My divorce was walk away as my Ex had a couple of businesses and property so I only pay what the CSA calculate and then I have my daughter for 40% of the year which is about the max a man can obtain through the courts I still have to feed , clothe and take on holidays etc and yes my ex will never sit down to discuss a compromise she narcissist so not in her nature
  7. Congratulations hope you have many years of enjoyment as you did with the Elan. & Esprit
  8. I have no massive objections to private schools, the place in question I know about and it’s decent ethos also saves me about 30 miles and hour in travel. what I fear is my ex manipulating my daughter to get me to pay for the extras which can seriously mount up in school life ? I need to and will do take a firm stance having already discussed with my 9 yr old realities of life when in comes to money
  9. Yes read up on narcissistic people , I keep my contact to minimum however latterly she getting my daughter to call me to tell me about the school fees etc. I don’t want to go down the court route as it’s can cost and courts are not operating at present also cases take months for hearing to be arranged
  10. Cheers Andy & Barry for your thoughts yes private school don’t necessarily make good people when they emerge and I worry as my ex a narcissist the image of your child going to private school promotes her ego and it’s nothing to do with getting a good education as for my daughter she loves the Evora she told my adult sons that when she learns to drive it will be Evora that will be hers ! lol I will be writing an email to my ex clearly stipulating what I am going to contribute , however as usual my ex will ignore it as she does with court order , I remember she called th
  11. As I had high jacked another thread I thought I get some counsel and sense of reality from others? I have ex wife from HELL ! She is a narcissist and almost everyday bombards me with messages or demands ! However she outwardly appears to be Mary Poppins which is false persona It’s all about control and power she had control of our daughter she knows she can manipulate the court order as she gets two bites at cherry before court will get fed of her antics and in meantime it costs me £ks in legal costs ! All this stress and anxiety over the 8 years since the divorce as caused me to
  12. Sorry to high jack the thread I think I will start a new thread in general chat subject : Ex wives pain in my life
  13. Yes Barry but this woman is demented ! She stops me in lockdown from seeing my daughter which breaches the court order I secured ! She claims she shielding as she had cancer some 4 years ago. She even claimed she was diagnosed with sickle cell disease and this could be passed onto my daughter ? Oh yes i know it’s a genetic disease and my ex is white European I could go on but no I am not selling my car but I will make sacrifices to find my share of the fees as I don’t want my daughters mind being poisoned against me
  14. On a slightly dark reaction my decidedly dreadful ex wife commented at weekend that my truly extravagant lifestyle of owning a flash car , clothes , trainers etc which forms her regular arguments aimed at me this time centred around me paying more money to her as she wants to send our daughter to private school next year ! now I want the best for my daughter but here’s kettle calling pot black ... my ex has owned two Audi TTRs one in bright pink ! She now has Discovery and some weird jap k type car , lives in plus £1/2 million house with collection of miniature horses and goats
  15. When I bought my car it never made onto the website as I was ringing around various dealers and just by pure luck the car came in a few days earlier. so they didn’t get time to get car ad and pictures sorted before I had called , the salesman sent me a quick video 20 mins after my call and I was happy with what I saw as back then 2017-18 cars were selling at a very good rate in the used market. I gave the dealer £200 deposit subject to actual inspection which I did a week later
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