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  1. Must say I would love to buy your sport racer if I was in market even though it be outside of my affordability good luck don’t see any reason why it wouldn’t sell at a very decent price
  2. I have similar on my S1 as I replaced my sub and amp , it’s tucked into the rear seats set halfway as becomes a little too boomy despite adjusts on the pioneer headunit
  3. Cheers Bibs I am waiting to get my brakes all replaced the car seems to drive ok I guess the code needs to be cleared after what ever checks need to done ?
  4. I just drove my car up M1 at leisurely pace and then just when at my destination the traction light came on ? its not shown for a couple weeks and I had driven the car during then without any issues ?
  5. Just wanted say hi you looked surprised to see me ? are you local I am doing my visit to my partner house for our socially distanced visit for walk in park/golf course your lotus looked fab in yellow And with top down so cool !
  6. Oops Said I was little dense about mechanical thing! It all Greek to me
  7. If this refer to the thing my AA man pressed then yes it’s located on left hand side and looks like a small plunger excuse my lack of tech but anything mechanical I get lost however I did watch the AA man simply press it and my car was able to restart and has never been issue since !
  8. I paid £1.099 at Shell for unleaded was tempted to fill up with super but opted for regular still had to pay £1 for 10 seconds of air pimp lol
  9. Ok just had an email from PJS a bit of trek to get to then as used them for before i am looking at getting the brake all sorted might leave it to my new garage a jag Land Rover who also owns lotus cars ?
  10. Bit confused took my car out today taken it on a steady journey up M1 and no traction light but did have tyre pressure however put air in the tyre no issues so with traction warning off is it ok or should I get the car checked but central lotus is still closed ?
  11. Hi Marc fabulous looking Esprit a real head turner and be fab to see another lotus on road in the county your much braver and talented than me to take on restoring the car but best of luck maybe during this lockdown you get a chance to spend some additional time on getting the Esprit up and running keep us posted on progress ?
  12. Does it make any difference if I haven’t sports button ? The car seems to drive ok I looked at the thread before but was thrown by the sports / cruise control issue ? It says the switch is an easy job but I am next to useless with any kind of spanner but my oldest son will have to be bribed to do it as long as it’s straightforward ?
  13. Drove my car on its once a week journey to see my young daughter over at my ex a 40 mile round trip been doing this last few weeks no issues until today , when I parked at my ex I noticed the traction control light was lit up ? when I drove home a couple hours later no warning light until halfway back ? any suggestions ? Not serviced the car as we were on lockdown but was serviced last year and done a about 5k wonder would be brake disc and pads wear have a bearing ?
  14. Cheers take your Esprit When sorted out towards Melton as the roads are epic go through Quiniborough then onto south croxton road up to B6047 then head towards Melton maybe turning off at Tywford and go towards Rutland I think TOP Gear used these roads on a few occasions ?
  15. Welcome Marc nice to see another lotus owner in the area, you might occasional see me driving around the edge of Rothley as I go up to Melton as I use the route when A46 is held up with traffic
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