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  1. Was in Ashby yesterday 8 Jan and spotted you parked up on South St nearly crashed as I was in my red Evora and it’s first time I ever seen another red Evora in my part of world are you local or passing through ?
  2. Likewise I drove a super car experience day and drove a 360 , Lamborghini , Nissan etc I didn’t like the 360 at all was a little tail happy at exits of corners and whilst the engine sound was to be hold it wasn’t overall a nice handling car that I imagined the lambo and Aston seems heavy the GTr was to clinical and it drove you rather than you drive the car. the car tutor who was with me saw my Evora parked up didn’t know I was owner and he praised my lotus saying he have that over all the other cars he used at the track and road ! Good enough for me
  3. Good one might use that as plan B ? my son think if we block off the vent then only need a couple of minutes of smoke should be able to tell where the smoke is escaping from all the tailgate edges ? I am driving home today from in laws so with good weather predicted on Monday will experiment ? still think I need to replace the boot seal but don’t know if there’s a specific size or is it standard seen a few on eBay at metre lengths I couldn’t get from local Parker’s car part depot they told me eBay was best
  4. I had Bibs and Andy trying that when we had the lotus day at Duxford I recall I don’t want the smoke to get into the cabin so might have to rethink the smoke test approach
  5. I am sure my infamous boot leaks are due to boot hinge alignment issues ? i am going to pop a smoke bomb in my boot and look at where the smoke leaks out to gauge what is the root cause of my leaks ? I had the boot stoppers adjusted and I recall the hinges when the car was serviced last year at Central Lotus but to no avail it’s still leaking
  6. Saw you in Melton town centre on Thursday I was driving a Ford loan car and waved nice to see another Lotus never seen you in the area before are local or passing by ?
  7. I had asked this question a year ago when my dealer warranty expired after some research and comments from forum members I concluded better to save the money in a fund pot and pay out of that rather than taking out a third party or dealer extended warranty. warranties Can be difficult to claim as the main things you want covering are not so to me it’s seems a pointless thing to take out. i have AA garage cover as part of my breakdown cover and this will cover parts and labour up to £500 so for some things it softens the blow a wee bit
  8. Update my son this evening did what Jai suggested he fed the cable back about inch only tried the boot and presto it opened ! now he says he hardly pushed in the cable but the boot has managed to shut and open with the fob ! so it’s a relieve and result just need to sort out the leaks I checked the carpet is not over the boot lip too much so it’s not causing a capillary action to pool the water but I think I will order some new boot seal and see if that makes any difference ?
  9. My son said he hardly touched the cable and it opened the boot will just open if I go over a bump so I can’t drive it ? i will call AA and see if they can work the magic
  10. Right pulled the cable behind the rear seats no problem my son said it need a tiny pull and boot popped open next dilemma the boot won’t lock now ? the key fob operates ok and can see the lower mechanism moving but not locking but it shuts however if I drove it and went over the numerous speed humps the boot will open me thinks ? any suggestions ? At least I can remove the damp towels and replace dried out carpets small blessings
  11. Cheers Jai glad I can close the boot, my oldest son who my resident diy / mechanic promises to look at getting the boot open and then reading the posts above going to attempt to do a fix Today will give the car a 15-25 min run to help dry out the boot, I had to leave a few towels in boot before which by now must be mouldy and smelling ? going To ask Central Lotus to get car service after Xmas and to try to sort out once and for all these leaks !!!!
  12. Question mug I pull the emergency release behind the rear seat can I close the boot still even if I don’t figure out the fault from the posts above ? if it’s a case that there is fault I can’t fix myself I will need to take it over to lotus dealer but I don’t want the boot to be unlocked open position I should think it’s like a swimming pool in my boot now as it’s rained so much recently
  13. Ok so if I pull the cable correctly and get the boot open is there something I can look for to determine why the boot doesn’t open ? is there some sort of electrical malfunction or will it be a mechanical fault ? At present I don’t need to access the boot other than putting the boot carpet back !
  14. Not pulled the cable as yet was hoping maybe the milder weather might free it up ? Wishful thinking
  15. My long saga with my boot leaks continues over the last few weeks with all the heavy rain etc my boot fills like an aquarium so last week decided to take out boot carpet to dry it out but did have trouble opening the boot with key fob however it opened a few days ago but now won’t open ? i thought it might be recent freezing temp so drove the car to get heat into the boot but still not opening ? any ideas ? I guess root issue is the leaks but now has water egress affected something else electrical ?
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