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  1. Now its well known on this forum that my other half detests the Evora and in my 2-3 yr of ownership we have one major weekend trip and about a half dozen short trips to shops however last Sunday went to B&Q so I had to drive Evora and knew it was going to be uncomfortable journey with all the screams and moans that I was going to get as I drove too noisy and too fast (ie 50mph) on dual carriageway I was shocked to hear her pointing out as we pulled into a Aldi car park that she saw a dad with his young son in pushchair almost fall over with excitement as we drove past them.
  2. Cdm2018

    In love again

    lol thought of that , have encouraged her to go with her best friend on girls weekend they done main places now
  3. Cdm2018

    In love again

    Sure thought of this however I would have to make up with another city break etc some other time and then I run out of annual leave and funds ?
  4. Cdm2018

    In love again

    My partner hates and has only been in my Evora a couple of times in the 2+ years of ownership so the planned weekend or summer road trips across uk and Europe have never happened and never likely to happen. she been driving my new company car a Toyota hybrid estate which she finds fantastic as you got to drive it very smoothly and efficiently meaning slow! I really only use my car for school runs and very occasional work trip to give the car a drive for longer than 30 mins
  5. Is this £260 for the part only and if it wasn’t how much extra for fitting etc also if your in uk where did you get the part from ? thanks in advance
  6. I had my Pirelli tyres for 20k plus but then I drive very very sedately so maybe hence I got the mileage I did ?
  7. I just purchased all 4 tyres last week I got from black circle front PS4 and PS4’s on the rears got £40 discount and fitted at a local tyre place where they told me one of my fronts had a slight buckle probably caused by a pothole or speed humps in my village ? I didn’t pay £170 for the front more like £200 so that’s fabulous deal as for the Michelin’s good tyres and perhaps I am good enough driver to notice or comment the upgrade difference to the Pirelli’s ?
  8. Not sure about cruise control seldom use it to be fair and I don’t have sport button just my right foot ! I read on a related thread about accelerator or brake pedal taking out a plug and reset it back ? i was hoping the lotus garage at my major service was sorting it but to no avail !
  9. As I swapped to pioneer apple car play my phone goes into the glovebox as there’s a lead to connect and charge sorted
  10. I have asked and am sure there is an answer ? I had a major service last week , had my lotus dealer look at my codes history as I informed them my traction light comes and goes dealer looked at it said they cleared it couldn’t see what caused it ? today car went for it’s MOT just before arriving at lotus garage traction light came on ? Car went through MOT successfully no light however lotus guys put laptop and cleared any codes , drove home and Traction light came on as I neared home ? So my question what can I do about this dam light ? Lotus guys said they never know why i
  11. For sure and I am aiming to ask the garage servicing the car to check and perhaps re-coat the black protective paint to keep it from rusting ? Maybe a learning point for owners to check or repaint it if they can to their oil sumps saves you £300 odd in having to replace it or avoiding major engine failure if sump was to suddenly leak oil away ?
  12. Car is back and runs fine sorting out the tyres tomorrow I have been told by central lotus I have two year warranty on the oil sump hopefully it will last a lot longer ?
  13. Yes booked at black circles on Wednesday I guess it’s a big hit at one go especially when cash is short still waiting for £2k from dam holiday company for flight refund like millions of others !
  14. Yes from being told it unheard of in lotus cars that’s two in space of a month or so ? I guess two out of xxx hundreds Evora cars is not high incidence to cause a national inquiry but still a little strange ? picked up my car yesterday and minus about £2.5k for the repairs to sump and starter motor , a major service & replaced all brake pads and discs , I guess that’s about right ? I still have all 4 tyres to replace next week £500 odd as mot is due end of month and car will fail due to tread depth !
  15. Wow Tony we must share the same devil on our back causing this bad luck ? From never hearing anyone who had to replace oil sump we now have two in quick succession ! saying that my dealer said they never heard of two starter motors failing within 18 months and then same about oil sump ! yes we can go out on hoon but knowing our luck we breakdown on a hill in Norfolk ?
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