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  1. Just back from a small former miners town of Swadlincote where they held a festival of transport parked my car and walked around the 100 odd cars motorbikes and camper van etc met a lovely guy in only other lotus an Europa who allowed me to sit in his car. I just bought some deep heat gel I needed it after sitting in Europa lol I was interested to see how many people kept having to look at the rear of car to identify the car ! Shows how rare and unknown the Evora really is 😮
  2. If you could this car ticks the boxes ? Don’t think you get a lower price car which doesn’t sacrifice something ? however only you can decide so respect your buying criteria ?
  3. Without being pushy or delving into your private dealings was there anything about the car that diverted you away ? Maybe something another buyer might need to consider or even someone wanting to sell could gauge an element in their sell ?
  4. Saw a newsfeed that Lotus are opening a new swish store in central London I think opposite the Ritz hotel ? apparently be a lifestyle type of dealership not going to be your regular car showroom place with old trade in cars in & around the shop ? Lol
  5. Yes I can see from your comments you have an abusive partner but I had the same to varying degree but the justice system still seemed to rely that the men were still having to prove their innocence in your case I think you’re giving someone enough rope ……. I had joined a family support group who not only support dads but also grandparents and other male or female relatives I was able to tap into their legal structure and basically half my legal costs but more importantly got the moral support
  6. Happy Mothering Sunday in Ukraine today all those mums who are worrying or lost their loved ones must be heartbroken going to local Ukraine centre today with our family !
  7. I had the usual child abuser domestic violent stuff all thrown at me during my last divorce it took two former ex wives including one who is social worker to put forward statement of support that I was a decent father coupled with CAFCASS report which didn’t throw any doubts on me resulting in me gaining shared custody for my daughter. but I had to prove my innocence rather than the false accusations being thrown out on groundless basis this due to men being regarded as guilty first ! the truth will come out and children know deep down what’s going on !
  8. Sorry to hear of the frustration of trying to obtain an Evora in my earlier response I did elude that patience and relaxation of your choices will be required however the major factor of tiny numbers on the market dictate matters Not sure you can do any more other that a deposit on any new cars coming on market as soon as you know but you may need to travel distance to get any car ? I went from midlands to Southampton to get my car
  9. I used these people did a great job and reasonable cost
  10. Only thing about having your phone on holder and on display it gives an opportunity to some idiot to smash the side window and in vain hope your phone is in car along with any other valuables ?
  11. I just installed an pioneer apple CarPlay unit £250 , leave the phone in the glovebox and operate the touchscreen must safer and complied with legal aspect regarding touching your phone nowadays
  12. As Andy mentioned I endured a different experiences with two previous ex wife’s I am a sucker for punishment ! follow the advice from legal counsel and maintain the daily record keeping it’s a pain but required as the courts tend to still look to the male person having to prove their worth to a higher degree ?
  13. Deeply envious of the photo stock I really need to grasp the use of my DSLR camera and take it out of the bag and use it ! 😮
  14. Yes it was the spot I described hopefully the car is sorted and returns to the track 👍🏻
  15. As above I even tried that Yanni guy on tv hugely expensive and very long response also miles away I used a company one of my lotus dealerships used perhaps check with your local lotus place who they recommend
  16. Well my sponsored Ukrainian family have safely arrived at my home yesterday to say they are grateful and relieved will be understatement I am not looking for brownie points in heaven or make out I am some saint but I am only try to help these people the boy is a joy despite his personal difficulties and he picking up English day by day thank goodness for Google translate ! Lol
  17. Saw you about 1030am today I was riding my bike on the side sounded fantastic really envious never seen you in the area are you local ?
  18. Gave you both a big wave as I drove past didn’t expect to see two lotus cars the latter was on a back of trailer looked like being renovated ? I was on my way home after doing my environmental qualifications lol
  19. I think a regular car given their usage should undergo annual checks maybe just maybe cars which do less than 5k could go two yearly MOT ?
  20. I fitted these about 4 years ago now actually I tell a lie I didn’t fit them the company that did my wrap added it when the car was with them anyway it stayed on and I had no issues with these and I don’t think these were too expensive from eBay
  21. The Ukrainian family had left central region but it’s seems the Russians have been attacking the train stations and routes in the last 24 hours 😥 hopefully they will all make safely to Polish border by Tuesday early morning ?🙏
  22. Is the actual window moving and not correctly in full up position ? I get a window rattle when I put the window down and then put it up a short time later When I get to slow down or stop at traffic lights I put window down fully and up fully and seems to cure it until next time ?
  23. Likewise my wrap guys who do work for Silverstone Lotus just applied it over the PPF areas as I said done 3-4 years now it’s still in place looks ok it cleans up ok I have even applied a little polish to get a wee bit darker I am sure the shark skin has helped protect from further stone chipping ?
  24. Just heard confirmation in last 10 mins that the grandmother we are looking to sponsor has finally received her visa clearance ! My wife was on local radio yesterday and gave a rousing assessment on how poor this Home Office system has been , however the young boy the grandson is still not confirmed which means these desperate people still staying in their bunker until they have confirmed visas at last some light glimmers in the distance ?
  25. I did a wrap on my roof to hide some of freaky stone chip damage and edges that were peeling after 3 years it’s not perfect but the wrap does help distract the appearance likewise the shark fin helps mask the stone chipping
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