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  1. I know new buyers are looking for right car as buying a car like Evora is something you want to be careful selection but proud and enjoy the ownership. I must reflect that buying experience today is so different to that just two or even one year ago? my take is life is too short , if you want to wait for right car then be prepared to wait for possibly long time However if you can flex you options and be PDQ you get into ownership and enjoy the pleasures it brings !
  2. I have only tech pack but car had a different exhaust and then I recently added new cross drilled brakes all round , would like to add CAI at some point ? I am happy with my Evora ! And that what matters in the end
  3. I drive a company car just had a new Toyota Corolla hybrid in the last 6 months my tax bill has gone up a little but given I have a much better car than previous diesel Ford overall happy. my business mileage in the last 12 months has dropped dramatically but when I look at the regular cost of me running a similar car it’s way higher than my tax bill ? Also it allows me to run the Evora as weekend toy so makes sense to my situation
  4. Periodically I do squirt wd40 and seems to work fine ! maybe it storing up future issues but for now door pins seem happy enough ?
  5. If you could provide the eBay number or item then be helpful to place order in future for anyone thanks in advance
  6. As mentioned before by many Evora has gone a tad under the radar ? in some way I kinda like that ! I think he also looked as Noble a local company for Leicestershire but he didn’t realise that lotus did a larger car than Elise ?
  7. Had a couple of the major companies dealing with installing bedroom furniture coming to house to offer quotes. one chap who was a petrolhead spent 15 mins before knocking on the door gazing around the Evora later he asked me about it and mentioned he had looked at a Noble a few years back but never considered the Evora. after chatting he was going to look again as his interest in the Evora was more positive than the Noble 😀
  8. As Relic222 comments my daughter has been using the back she now nearly 10 can still fit but prefers to sit in front when it’s just two of us I think the rear seats are confined to passengers under 5 feet in relative comfort for shorter journey 5’2 or so but I had my son who close to 6feet in back for a very short journey
  9. Sorry Dan but I can’t do Thursday as I have my second jab which was supposed to be last week☹️ so I can’t miss the jab I have not heard back from Greg I can’t do Friday leaves Wednesday ?
  10. I have messaged Greg to ask about Thursday ? I am prepared to do the long day if I can learn and calm my anxious on doing the detail myself I have purchased a DA spent £100 didn’t want to spend too much in case I don’t master it ? if we can confirm Thursday I will travel down in my company car will you come down in your lotus ?
  11. Dan just looked up where Valet Pro are based and it’s down near Brighton. That’s about 4 hours each way for me
  12. Ok I will call Greg tomorrow and see if it’s convenient for him and his team ?
  13. Good idea I am on leave next week so if you can and Greg is free can kill two birds .....?
  14. Greg I might need to pop over and get a quick car detailing 101 lesson before I try my hand ? I am hoping for some decent weather conditions and that’s proving to be problematic
  15. I am about to embark on my journey in car detailing trying out first on partners Fiat 500 Gucci then maybe sons Hyundai before my Evora got my kit including DAS 8 scholl stuff however was considering if I should use ceramics or stick to wax ? Still anxious I don’t make a pig ear of detailing ? Just waiting for good weather as I have no garage
  16. Well Kevlar I think I will have to get lotus to sort ? I don’t have garage or axel stands etc and my mechanical abilities stopped at removing the back seats ! I assume parts cost is minimal but labour is biggest part ! I wonder how much perhaps call my lotus dealer
  17. My boot still not fixed just not got my son to read the thread TBF I never yanked the cable but I think in previous ownership might had been case however I think AA man might had on last occasion he might had pulled too hard ? how expensive would this fix be at lotus dealer ?
  18. Now I drove back from playing footy last night and only a dozen or so times I driven my car at night anyway I took the above advice and when safe to do so I opened up the acceleration ! Now I didn’t notice the red rings but I had to take my foot off as my exit was upon me but was wondering has my ECU learned my sub 5k revs driving style over the last year ?
  19. On the website you choose a level depending on your starting ability and where you want to get too ? I think start point is bronze level and I think it gives you insight into lotus cars handling and ability which I assume car is more than my own abilities it’s not exactly cheap but I think it’s a decent value for money , I was waiting for all the building work to be completed before booking
  20. I am still learning how to drive my Evora ! Lol Definitely going to book into lotus academy once everything goes to normal
  21. Sub £35k the glut extends to 2 cars as I wonder if the sub £40-35k is a common entry point of people looking to nip into lotus market ?
  22. Some time ago I had asked the same question to see if a retro fit of button was possible and recall its viable but costly ? so I am happy to go with what I have and enjoy my car my way I am still trying to get those red rings to appear 😮
  23. I don’t have sports button but I do enjoy using my right foot being employed to control the engine tone etc I am not a hard fast driver and TBF the roads now are getting back to regular traffic levels I think if I get CAI installed the tonal noise coming from car will be improved & acceptable for me !
  24. Lockdown restrictions being lifted to allow a drive out and weather forecast looking very good next few days Happy Days 👍🏻😀🚗
  25. When I had my car tyres fitted by ATS they were good in my estimation I asked them if they knew where the jacking points were and told them the manual was with the locking tool for wheels all in all the two guys doing it were decent so I guess it depends on what staff are employed ? I did ring them up the day before and checked with branch manager that my black circle order was on their system and they knew a lotus was arriving next day
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