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  1. Not sure where the stories about asking the Ukrainian family to leave has caused huge issues , the local authority for me visited is after 6 months to check we are continuing and there seem to be acceptance if we didn’t the council will intervene and house the family. we are in fact considering that young boy we may foster him as his grandmother wants to go back to see check on her husband as he in 70’s I guess anyone having second thoughts or other issues contact your local authority as they have a team dealing with a range of things that occur ! I understand that after one year we could rent out the two rooms to our Ukrainian family as a long term solution should government scheme finish ?
  2. My red Evora mistaken for Ferrari 9/10 times usually a kid shouts out but I guess any red fast looking car Ferrari name pops to mind ?
  3. To the very un-mechanical person my Evora on 61k still seems ok on clutch operation but was wondering if and when my clutch does go what are the things that could be replaced whist the clutch is being replaced ? As Phil indicated ?
  4. George it can be a frustrating event trying to work out wiring as it can vary or in my case didn’t exist so had to be added i know when my car stereo place fitted the HU they laughed at the state of wiring from the factory. I am making a great assumption but I think lotus regarded in car entertainment as low focus of their quality control ?
  5. Just talking to my son we think we binned the old amp and sub as it were in poor condition my son says the amp and sub needs to have a custom enclosure otherwise the units gets thrashed he yet to to this and once he gains his health he get it sorted he prob have to wait until spring as it’s very time consuming and takes effort also we have no garage
  6. My son did wiring up and he used a power from the boot but that where my knowledge ends I know he replaced the factory amp and sub from Halfords nothing special but the factory units were naff really needed to replace door speakers with Focal units but I haven’t funds and my son been very unwell for last 12 months so he can’t do any of the labour & I think a local car stereo place is about £70 per hour so too expensive
  7. I found that my sub and amp wasn’t wired up to anything from factory and previous owner didn’t even know
  8. I purchased the eBay ones yes a little short but it’s not major and they operate very well good enough not to smack the lotus tech in head as the old broken struts ! Lol
  9. I have a pioneer unit not got the latest wireless apple carplay but as a brand they are solid unit the speakers need to change to Focal units I stuck with stock units but replaced the sub and amp which made a difference but I think if you’re an audiophile then replacement of speakers and headunit is way to go
  10. Don’t tuck it away for winter ! Get out at the slightest day the sun shines 😄
  11. I assume this wasn’t cheap and was it colour and finish specified by yourself ? I was hoping to get my interior sorted but now need to get my teeth sorted and cost is close to £6k so it’s new teeth or new interior ? Lol
  12. My lights was off and on like a yo-yo until I had it replaced at my lotus dealership since then 12. Months ago only come on a couple of times and I think that was dampness or a downpour after dry spell ! I suspect if a dealers fit and set it shouldn’t be an issue again ?
  13. Looked at AT this morning 32 cars and I am sure 3-4 years ago there was at least 40-50 even at lower bracket numbers are smaller but I suspect there is a few more on sale as it’s now post summer and people think before winter arrives best sell ? I think unless I win lottery keeping my car especially when I parked up against newer Evora last week my ugly child got equal attention ?
  14. I attend this small town event over last few years normally a dozen or so classic lotus and odd modern this year however as I approached the entrance point I was in a little convoy of 3 Evoras the organisers grouped us as in picture and blow me a little latter another Evora was parked interestedly the 4 Evoras was almost a replica of the car evolution starting with my NA to S to 400 and finally GT 410 ! How bizarre apologies for photo upside down
  15. Ok Tony I will aim to ask if I can park at the church walk car park where we located last year if you ask the same we might get grouped together ?
  16. Hi guys the group I met up last year at the rainy show was pleasure to spend the day and chat all things lotus I learned an awful lot and was great way to pass the day hopefully see any of the group this Sunday ? I will ask the marshals if I can be parked up with you guys if possible ? clive in red Evora
  17. Hunter machine I will note this and ask at central lotus if they or their sub contractor uses the kit ?
  18. I hope so but I thought it was something that needs to be checked or adjusted every so often ?
  19. My car going to central lotus next week for a service I think I opted for A service just mainly as struggle this month with high living costs etc however I am thinking I need to look at geometry but not sure ? The car drives ok and it doesn’t seem to wander and my tyres look to wear evenly but in my 5 years I never had it checked ? I had the bushes changed about 4 years ago and seem ok still
  20. My check engine and traction light made an appearance on Friday evening when I used the car for 1st time last week. cleared it using my trusted OB reader and away I went on my way. I put the lights appearance as the last couple of days there was a few heavy showers so some water dampness got into something ?
  21. I kinda like the wing and if I was buying and seen the package included both wings be more tempting ! just need me sort of buyer to come come along with the money in their pocket
  22. Well done ! Love the wheels
  23. Hi nice to see you enjoying the drive ? are you local ?
  24. Fingers crossed then that my starter motor lasts for least the two year warranty I started to think I could maybe use that shower cap that covers the front to rear window areas it save me cleaning the glass at moment every time I drive it as it covered in tree sap and wasps at present ! 😞
  25. I think if you like it go for it and Its rather more interested in someone who has taken a different tack than the norm !
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