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  1. Yesterday Went to a local car show in Leicestershire town of Hinckley been a couple of times in last 4 years I was fortunate to end up going into an area where 5 other Excel owners were allocated also a couple of M100 were in same, my picture shows, wish I had taken picture of the Excel owners lovely guys awful heavy rain didn’t dampen our resolve to stay the day but as the rain gave way to sun the crowds arrived. one of the Excel owners during the day had to help me out with numerous questions about my Evora as I couldn’t speak to several people at same time ! Lol Excel owner said to me at end of the day your Evora attracted a lot of interest, not sure if I was little embarrassed for the Excel owners ? 🤔
  2. Forgot to say how much I got charged as I had a weird invoice as I had other work done and then some charges which were discounted as lotus covered a part under warranty I think I was charged about £75 per brake caliper for the painting As it’s been a year I can’t see any paint wear so from my basic observations I got a decent job so happy
  3. Here the picture as I said central lotus did it via their people they used before
  4. Spotted you heading towards Leicester M1 this morning around 845 I was in the my partner Fiat 500 on opposite carriageway doing the school run, never seen you before are you local or passing through ?
  5. Would investing in a high quality car cover be a good option ? I don’t live by the sea although my other half is from coastal town and want one to to retire to coast ? However my car lives outside and I sometimes use a cover during very cold spells and in summer my car is subjected to tree sap and heat etc i also tend to wash the car every few weeks using decent stuff to keep on top of the contaminants affecting the paintwork, recently I tried my hand at car detailing. would maybe paint protection by professionals be another option ?
  6. I think mine are 10yrs old only issue I have noticed two loose a small amount of air of a two week period just a quick top up really and one threading is shot as I used metal decorative dust caps !
  7. Engine cover inc light up engine at night and through vents lol. I have been trying to get this done for two years bought a couple of light units which work at high temp but not got round to figure it out and I am very dim when it comes to any diy how did you do this ? Be fab if you can give a boost ! 👍🏻
  8. Dave you’re fantastic at how you turn your hand to any issue done a great job the wrapping can be a pain of job especially the sill and front areas due to shapes etc of course I paid for my car to be done but heyho 2 years later it’s still intact even after multiple wash , weathering etc
  9. My daughter started private school and the rather large car park and all the waiting areas are a mass of range rovers , various other suv , a few various Porsche, odd Lamo and a couple of Ferraris so what you expect from supposed high and mighty of the county. My Evora parked up and I try and keep to a remote spot as i Don’t trust the soccer/rugby mums driving to busy doing their makeup !! as I return to my car with daughter a young lad with his grandad shouting out it’s a Ferrari to which I replied no it’s more special it’s a Lotus ! To my delight the grandad said yes I told him it’s Lotus spotted the badge much Prettier than an Italian car , he then said to me I love your Lotus not seen that type up close wonderful shape car 🚗😀
  10. Cheers Dave i know I undersell myself but I would struggle however I have a mate who Mercedes lead technician so I hope he can help ideally I like to learn but need to have someone to keep a watchful eye !
  11. I understand that as the market was not very big the makers of such things only did a batch before pulling the out as not cost effective ? the US suppliers to my knowledge are the only ones on sale and I wonder if the market is not growing perhaps bite the bullet and purchase one now i am trying to save the pennies and balance off other work my car needs plus expense of forthcoming nuptials 😮 would really like one worry about fitting myself despite all folk here saying it’s a cinch but I am likely to get it wrong and cause more expense ?
  12. It’s like the question that has no answer ! ”Does this make me look fat “
  13. My 2010 NA no sports pack came with metal silver non painted and didn’t look great to be fair when I changed the disks and pads got my lotus garage to paint then yellow whilst in garage now car has a much better look and obviously better braking as I changed to drilled discs
  14. I think trying to find used BOE will be hard or rare ? I been looking out for one for 12 months I think it might be better to order one from US Greg’s and make use of it !
  15. Just wondering I watched a lot of olympics and viewed as much of the track cycling as I could I was wondering if lotus involvement in the Team GB track bike be now on reflection be considered a success ? it was a radical design when compared to others and it seems to have been well received by the riders and brought success however it was fantastic to see Lotus brand name on the tv chris boardman commentary referred to bike as a weird design and it another story in itself !
  16. Just been looking at some of my road trip footage and reminded me of an reaction at a petrol station an elderly chap who was fuelling his luxury type of camper van came up to me in the petrol station as I was paying. said to me lovely car shame you can’t carry a bike ? I said I could , he laughed he then said like to swap and similes I said I think I will stick to my car to enjoy the glorious roads ahead in Glencoe area 😀 as I left the shop a chap standing outside as you could only have a couple of people in shop any one time, said your daughter lucky to have her ride in dad’s car and bet it’s great to drive in these roads , as he was talking he was taking a picture on phone. got back in the car my daughter says dad there’s loads of people looking at the car what did that old man say to you as was ages looking at the car before going into the shop! I told her as we went on our way
  17. Cheers Tim yes my quote was full Monty instead I bought the car detail kit and supplies cost me £300 but I can do a number of cars or do mine every year
  18. I being using recently the glass cleaner but found this time of year for me I have to use the bug sap remover first I must be honest I do prefer the 2in1 rainex cleaner as it leaves a surface coating to repel rain water as well as cleaning
  19. Did the car detailer place have the car for few days ? Did they also do interior and any ceramic coating applied ? I got quoted £1500 was that similar
  20. Could be a sensor glitch ! My car being showing them for last few weeks and I clear them and they come back few days later? going to get car serviced early and perhaps get new maf sensor or have cleaned and replace brake switch ?
  21. Strange reaction there’s a chap I cant tell how old as wearing helmet but he rides a scooter past the house twice a day at least probably going to and from work. every time he goes past the house he paps his horn without fail strange 🤔😳
  22. On my recent Scotland road trip I was having to fuel up when I could I was filling to cut off and the range readout always stated 345 and this would start to reduce after a 20-30 miles of driving I was getting 30-35mpg on the highland roads but on motorway back home was getting 38-39mpg I had to use a variety of fuel brands including a Scottish brand not familiar I think called Gleaders ? Seems to run the car ok
  23. No traction light for the last two days I drove the car back from Scotland and during the hot spell going to wash the car in the next day and I wouldn’t be surprised to see traction light come back on ? I will get brake switch replaced but my lotus garage fiddled about with it a couple weeks and said it was fine ?
  24. I don’t know had car for nearly 4 years and I bet it was in car at least couple so I guess 4-6 years old maybe it due for a change ?
  25. My car did same as soon as I arrived at lotus garage no codes found and nothing in the history but as soon as I left the garage codes appeared ! Jinxed ☹️
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