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    I guess from my perspective I use my car for school runs twice a week, 60 miles then occasionally at weekend , another 50 miles i can’t use it when at my partner house as her close is so overcrowded and narrow I am very likely to have an idiot dent it and drive off During week I use my company car as if not I could lose it but it makes sense as I get 60mpg for long runs around Uk so I guess that’s why we have a raft of lower mileage cars ? Anyway I want to keep mine and pass it onto kids so lower the miles at least they get to enjoy in the world of EV cars of future ?
  2. Cheers Bibs yes I should have argued the toss but the alloys cover I got from Snows looks like it just for accidental repairs so getting them to do a respray was pushing the limit of the cover however I think the next time I will stand my ground also the guy due tomorrow and I didn’t want leave it as the alloys were badly chipped when I attended lotus in peaks last month
  3. Yes I wished mine were done this method but I am stuck between a rock and hard place having to use the insurance company agents I am going to take a gamble and hope the spray technique they use will not suffer until a couple of years have passed as I need to get all brake disks & pads changed after summer
  4. Has anyone seen that Yani on Dave channel he has You tube channel where he reviewed a liquid vinyl application goes on like a paint but can be peeled off later if you want to change or restore back to original ? I am having my alloys re-sprayed to gloss black but not convinced it will be a great job as it’s insurance paid job so a man in a big van doing it? would have prefer to have it done at proper alloy workshop where it would been done properly but as alloy insurance is funding it I am stuck with man in van
  5. Excuse my utter ignorance can these be sold in UK if they don’t carry the correct compliance marking ? I would like these as my lights look a bit wired as they have a beige plastic surround but not if they are hugely complicated as they need further adaptions ?
  6. I am having the alloys re done in black gloss and then replace all disks & paint callipers yellow doubt she notice or think anything about the car unfortunately my partner as no interest in cars whatsoever she loves her little Fiat 500 Gucci but other than that she doesn’t go above speed limit by driving 5-10 mph below what in force for that road, she got speeding ticket last summer so now obsessed with her speed !!! Now I drive very conservatively so 30mph in Evora to her it’s too fast as she perceives your going faster ?
  7. Only thing I like and do all cooking always had to since bringing my kids up on my own get a little protective about cooking duties bizarre ? Anyway marriage adviser duly noted for future reference
  8. Lol thought of that too ! I think I am going to take the stand that the Evora is my sort of man cave / shed place of retreat I will consider a camper van when we downsize and kids are no longer around however my thought of holiday is a nice hotel with running bath and someone else does the cooking not into emptying the septic tank duties
  9. That thought passed my mind but ..... not yet married anyway just started the planning so this might be the distraction for next 18 months ?
  10. Wish I had the same reaction from from partner I am resigned to going in car when I am on my own or with my young daughter who loves it the thoughts of a trip into Ireland or Europe are a bit of pipe dream in terms with my other half , shame but all I hear is trade it in for a camper van much more useful ? Really
  11. Yes I had an insurance cover for alloys which I had never used and forgotten about ! I think Anthracite they called grey ? But as I said think I go with black thanks for your comments
  12. This is an insurance job so I am stuck with the alloy wheel company allocated with the job black was my first thoughts anyway so black against the red of body then yellow callipers it would look fab ?
  13. Lovely shape and touches of design innovation for the future ! of course I won’t be one of 130 lucky owners but at least it raises the profile of the brand wonder if this will be first steps then eventually lotus name appears back in F1 or even Le Mans ?
  14. Just has alloy wheel company they said the only options are silver or black I could ask the head office if they will buy in other colours but sounds like a right aggro so think I will stick with black probably gloss black with yellow callipers ?
  15. I assume I have the most basic wheels so maybe I can’t go for diamond cut ? I think maybe the the gold and yellow callipers might be too much of a clash my first thought was for a black semi glossy finish with yellow callipers but then I saw the gold leaf lotus choices choices choices !!!!
  16. Cheers Mik i think I will look at the colour options the alloy guy has at his disposal as I guess it’s limited to what they can carry ? I may ask the office if there’s a colour scheme options booklet I can review prior to actual day I am definitely changing to all drilled discs and pads in late August or early September , when I might opt for callipers in yellow
  17. Yes I fear my insurance people won’t stretch to that extent so I guess I am most likely left with just a regular finish I know they will have a colour pallet to choose from so it’s case of which one ? Bronze not seen this shade and it’s difficult to visualise that from the image on your message ?
  18. Wow you are so blessed and lucky not only have you great car but looking at profile a fantastic boat and live in a lovely part of the UK so envious welcome and enjoy
  19. That’s great info I am being quoted £80 so maybe just maybe I can ask for the diamond cutting ? I am getting more drawn to Gold as it’s a little more unusual and I guess it’s got that vintage / heritage look of the Gold leaf team livery ?
  20. Wow didn’t realise that type of finish existed (sorry I live a sheltered life) I can ask what is term used to get that finish ? I wonder if the alloy company tasked with the contract will consider it as I guess it much more labour intensive ? i will need to grab a more detailed picture to show the guy ?
  21. I have the insurance to use it pays for two wheels so that £130 back from £400 I paid for the premium anyway ! So in essence I am getting the alloys refurb for half price ! having looked on the forum pictures and on the internet getting a liking for the gold ? I remember my old Subaru Sti and it’s then classic gold wheels with blue livery was iconic
  22. I recently curbed two alloys trying to get around a broken down car in a car park (gutted) I was lucky to have an insurance cover so I called them and a few days later the young guy turned up at house. he pointed out to my alloys were already sprayed twice in its past ? The original was the silver then sprayed black then sprayed silver again I assume prior to my purchase from Snows some 16 months ago. now the insurance company alloy guy suggested a have them taken back to black and insurance will pay for two wheel and I pay for the other two ? Question ? shall I go for black (gloss or matt or similar) ? Or do I go for Silver be it dull or bright ? Or what about Gold ? Its same price whatever , I have Ardent red with black carbon effect vinyl roof and black silk sides & front splitter I am having the brake discs all replaced from plain to drilled and repaint the callipers possibly red or yellow ? Any thoughts ???
  23. Just done my step son prom evening at Brooksby Hall as we lined up to hall entrance there was usual a array of limos and a Lamborghini plus the couple of vintage cars and off tractor (this is rural leics ) the gathering of a hundred parents & family greeting their pride and joy to take the pictures for family album. as I dropped off I had my young daughter and step son girlfriend (in full party dress) in the back . The amazed looks as I off loaded the party out of the Evora and then the event photographer telling people to move out of way so he can snap pictures was a sight ! i drove away as the crowds all strained the gazes by which time they failed to notice the loud Lambo had arrived
  24. Hi and welcome to the forum yes the Evora section is a great source of info be nice to see a few pictures of car as a fellow red Evora owner ? i read you post on the trip to Ireland , must say it drew a tear as I have been meaning to go over the waters to pay my respects to my aunt and uncle who were laid to rest on outskirts of Dublin. Also I always wanted to see the country having grown up in mainly Irish community I used to attend all the church events including the wild St Patricks Day dances It’s shame my partner not a car person and doesn’t like going in the Evora so it’s a trip I will have to make on my own or with my young daughter ?
  25. I have never seen another Evora in a 30 mile radius of Coalville wonder if it’s a car going to Pjs or unit 4 or coming back ? So it’s a transient car and not local to these parts ?
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